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Desolation: Welcome back Elites of all Colors

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Desolation: Welcome back Elites of all Colors

Post by Melvin Louie-Leon on Mon Apr 22, 2013 4:48 pm

Desolation: Welcome back Elites of all Colors

Story by: Melvin the Tyrant King

Co-Writers: Listed CF's (I'll get back to this)
Things weren't always that simple. Matter of fact, nothing was ever simple. Sure, if you looked at the surface of something - be it an idea, or thing, it may have looked simple. But if you actually studied it, and understood it - looked for it's meaning... you'd realize that things were anything - but simple.

A long time ago, a fleet of scientists, banded together with the most Elite of Military Officials. Their goal was rather simple, and it was a goal that truly had deep, and fucked up meaning. The Goal was to make it - so that humans didn't have to die in war. They were going to be Bio-Engineered. Meaning they would take these human soldiers, and equip them with parts, or "add-ons" that would ensure their survival. As much as possible. They would then be trained, in every form of self-defense, every form of combat... and they would be expected, to remain loyal to those they worked for. Imagine taking a man, and giving him machine-made wings. Imagine another man, a soldier - firing at the man with those wings.

Now imagine the winged man - blocking the bullet fire, preventing his body from any damage, from the man shooting at him. This was their goal. To give their military a means of new defense, that would guarantee them victory. Great idea right? Sure... why not.

But here's the things they weren't telling you.

These scientists, these "Leaders" (the scientists and Military Officials' names when working as one unit), were using these Bio-Engineered Sub-Humans, to eliminate enemies. In other countries, and possibly - on other planets. They would go in, and extract the very life from other areas, with the goal of completely taking it over. Most people don't think that going for such a goal, that is World Domination, is possible. But surely, it is.

What they're not telling you, is that they're not just taking "of-age" men and women into their Militia. They are taking boys, girls... children... and using them in warfare. Many a time, a male and female were taken in by the Leaders, as were their youthful kin. They were then raised in captivity, and went through absolutely horrifying affairs, to make them into what they are now. The Leaders were getting closer, and closer to their mission each passing day. They began to have no morals, or restrictions.

The Facility. Such a bland name for something. So simple. But was it? Was a place where the Leaders kept their captive projects.... simple? A place of torment, training, and violation.... did that name really make it simple? Everyone that lived within the area of one - was surely terrified of it. And they had right to be. For from within it horrors became reality. Things turned from advanced, to super complex. And life seemed to dwindle on the wants and desires, of the Leaders who seemed to control.... everything.

Marching within the city... were the Knights of the organizations. We call them Soldiers now. They are the men dressed in black almost SWAT gear, armed and dangerous. They are marching through your city, to keep you safe... and to make sure - that none of you ever leave. Within the city are houses, apartments... buildings. All of them are Facility-regulated. All of them have floating machines, called MECHS, that are watching you.

"Watchers" they call them. Or special cameras with circular glowing discs, that rotate and record whatever it is, that the people of this city are doing. They hover around, and immediately contact the Soldiers, if anything should happen. Around the city, just below these machines, are walls. Some of them connect, some do not. They're stationary, and normally closer to the Facility itself, to ensure its best protection.

If that's not enough, there is an "Elite" team, of Colored Militias, called the Colored Elites. These people are made/altered with the most advanced tech, to serve the Leaders to their greatest accord. Of course though, not all of them agree with the Leaders and their tactics. These people who turn Bio-Engineered, have painted hair, and belong to their "matching color" team. They do NOT work with other teams, and in fact, most of them, don't even know what team work really is. Why that is, is because the Leaders send them in, mostly alone - to carry out their missions. It saves the Leaders fuck-loads of money, and the Elites are so advanced, that they really don't need each other all that much. There is however, one team - that truly works together.

They're called the Blue Elites. But, we'll get to them later.
"The people that survived these drastic changes were freed by a scientist who believed that they deserved to live out in the world with the rest of humanity. So he freed them, and died by the law not a moment after their massive escape. The lot of these "beings" were considered Sub-Human since they were original human just given strange ....things. And I say "things" because that's what they are called now. Not even deserving of a name by the people that captured and bred these humans into horrible creatures. By force or by birth they were brought in, raised in a petrifying captivity, and forced to submit to tons of testing, radiation, and other fucked up things that makes their fucked up world go around." - Anon (Desolation Original RP post quote)

So what happens to the people that don't want to be tormented, and forced into being these Bio-Engineered entities, that are more computer than human (other than mentally - most times)? Well they rebel.

Oh, I dare say, this gets rather interesting.

If you're lucky enough to survive, one of two things will happen to you. There is a land known as the Abandoned Region. This is a mass of several lands, where old dead cities lie motionless. A land where everything is desolate, and falling apart. Now what could a place, like this offer? Well, if you're a captive that got away, often called a Fugitive or a Stray, you are normally exterminated. However, if you make it here, to this Region, you're considered lucky.

Remember, nothing is so simple. Not now, not ever.

For beneath these Dead Cities, are the Underground. What is the Underground? Well it's a place in-fact, that's well... under the surface of the earth. How far down? Unsure. No one has ever truly uncovered the entire lair of the Strays. Here, Ex-Leaders, Scientists, and humans (without add-ons) - work together to do what they think their "God" wanted. To live, naturally, and without altering the body into machine. Here they pretty much exist, and work together, to reclaim Leader technology and use it against them. With the help of several Colored Elites who have abandoned Leader ways, and the stolen Leader MECHS that they have altered or restored, they can better stand a chance, against these Masters of Destruction, that are Leader forces.

The Strays' goal is simple: Take down the Leaders, and stop this madness.

They know the truth about what the Leaders are doing. It's wrong, and everyone should become aware. But the Leaders are strong, stronger than the Strays, so the Strays have to try 666 times as hard to overcome this enemy, as the Leaders do, just to take you down.

So tell us then, who are you, Leader or Stray? Bio-Engineered or human?

Don't worry, we'll get to who you are. Just make sure, that you know, who you want to be.


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