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What in the 666 FACKS is a Siter?

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What in the 666 FACKS is a Siter?

Post by Melvin Louie-Leon on Sat Mar 30, 2013 12:25 pm

Well motherfucker I am glad you asked.

A "Siter" is someone who belongs to ANY of Blu's websites. She runs a string of them, but has retired for the most part. That means she's not going to be doing edits for everyone, and that means that she's going to be around less. It's her business. But I have claimed most of her Sites, and though she's here helping me out, I have chosen to open a new Site to continue her legacy.

A Siter is just someone who has an account here. And it's so much more.

You know you're a Siter when any of the following occur!

- When you get spammed by the Siterz Cats Unite Page, the I am Not BATMAN or Melvin Page, the Hideout page, and any of the ones that line up with the Ragez Ultimate Hideout Logo

- When you know what the levels of RP are, and when you know that the King is a facking grammar NAZI.

- If you say FACK instead of Fuck.

- When you start to feel sorry for Chris in every single RP.

- If you're terrified of LY and that fackin knife of hers.

- If you've ever gotten a special edit from the Goddess of BLUENESS

- If you're on the Siterz Ship List, or were a part of DILDOSHIPPING.

- When you refer to yourself, your family, and friends as "The Fleet"

- If you know what Oblivionz actually stands for/means.

- If you were involved in a massive flame war with 666 people on failbook defending you honor, your pride, and stature. Or if you were massively hated on, onto to have a Siter give you a hand and join them.

- If you're non-judgmental, and have been judged your entire life.

- If you serve the same Tyrannical King, who worships a Colored God.

- If you know the majority of the Circle Fucks, and have made good friends with them. Or if you are glued to fucking Skype reading all the intel about their lives which seem to be strangely interesting for no apparent reason at all.

- If you're obsessed with YGO and have all modded OC characters (seems to be a trend).

- If you have been blasted to YouFail, FB, the String of Sites, or any major website dancing like a fool with the Tyrant. Or if you're drunk, crazy, tied up, and having the strangest Skype conversations about Melvin's Project.

- If you have watched Melvin's Project and laughed more than 69 times in a day.

- If you know the King's real life name (which is ironically my Site Name Here imeanwhat XD)

- When you start to refer to every thing as perverse and unsanitary. When you use the term "THE D" for everything.... or when you start to notice that Drake's the only person other than Tou, brave enough to ride the T.

- If you know what the "D" and the "T" even is.

- If you know that in real life, the King actually does have a tail, aka: elongated spinal cord.

- When you start to notice that everyone's named after a color, like: Blu, Red, Pink, ect.

- If you're hated for being a Siter, and you have no idea why that mattered in the first place. Or if you're deemed a label (such as the word Siter) when really it's not making you any different, it's just a place you can be yourself...Yet you're hated for it for almost no reason at all.

And last but NOT least!

You know you're a fucking Siter when: no matter what happens, you always strive to be yourself. You know you're a fucking Siter when nothing gets you down, and when you become unafraid to stand up for your team, and others around you. Or just friends of the Siterz, or just giving people a motherfucking hand when they're having a shit day.

Worship the Tyrant's D.

Just don't touch the T.

We're not a Cult, but if we were we'd make yours look like shit.

-Melvin the Motherfacking Sinner.
:::King of Oblvion:::


Overlord of the Fleet - bow to your Tyrannical King, motherfuckers.
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