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[ Blu and Limey RP ]

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[ Blu and Limey RP ]

Post by Raphiella Blu Azure on Sat Apr 20, 2013 4:16 pm

A girl with blue hair would take a stroll one day, rather aware of the fact she was all alone. Then again, when wasn't she alone. Everything in her life seemed to prove she'd always be on her own, fighting and fending for herself. Carrying nothing other than a small dagger, she walked out under the sunshine, into a deep forest just outside her city. Normal kids her age were at home playing video games, but she - was out being one with nature.

The girl's name was Raphiella Azure, but most people called her Blu, or just Raphi. She attended school like the lot of the other kids, well more a college than a school. But time had passed and she'd stop going, more or less taking classes online to avoid people. She had a few friends, but nothing serious, more just people that wanted to make sure she was still around. Or something. Who knew. Today however, was a Saturday, and she decided that being out with the wild life, was more important than shooting some person on a video game.


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