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Welcome to Oblivion... specifically the 9th Ring.

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Welcome to Oblivion... specifically the 9th Ring.

Post by Melvin Louie-Leon on Sat Mar 30, 2013 12:12 pm

Well since our lovely Bluey has decided to retire, I have decided to become her legacy and continue to lead the Site from where she left it off. I bring on a new Site that is open to everyone and all of my fans. I allow enemies in of each other, and turn them all into allies. For we are the Siterz, and we grow stronger every day. We will not judge another, but Hell hath no fury to a Siterz who is judged by another outside of the Team.

Here, everyone's a Siter. Which means everyone will get along, because unlike Blu, I'll actually fucking bash the shit out of you. On FB, YouFail, wherever we are, I am in charge. So bow down to your King when he speaks or he'll smack you.

When you're here you work without chains. But let me tell you... I will put them back around your necks so fucking fast if you piss me off. I'm not a "neutral" person like she is. I'm a complete and total FUCKING DICK and not afraid to admit it.

But whatever. So here's what I posted to FB, figured it had a place here:


Thinking about opening the newer Site up to everyone. Or just making a global Site where everyone can be a Siter. I'm sick and tired of this ousting people, this judging everyone, ect. A Siter isn't supposed to judge ANYONE. They get hated on for standing up for people. But let's keep it that way, and not turn into the monsters we stand up to fight. If I make a new Site I will blast the link here. I can't promise it won't get hacked, or that my profile won't get defaced for it. Which is fine. Most people are jealous of us, of me, and of the Hideout Godz. But I can promise, that if anyone joins, and if they join with their enemies, that after a time, they probably will turn into your best friends. And if not, then just stay away from them and don't start shit. People don't really get banned, but any whining will get both sides banned. I'm a fair King, til you set me the fuck off >.> Anyways. I'll think on this and talk to the Circle about it. Because in all honesty I miss RPing, and I miss creepin you guys and talking shit to everyone XD not that I don't do that anyways, but yeah. Fack that shit. You'll have to make your own signatures this time around though, the Hideout Goddess has retired from her days as Site God. Which means I'll own the Lair, so you'll all be fucked if you want shit done. LMAO."


Overlord of the Fleet - bow to your Tyrannical King, motherfuckers.
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Melvin Louie-Leon
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The Tyrant King Of Oblivion

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