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Adventures of Ancient Japan

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Adventures of Ancient Japan

Post by Sesshomaru on Mon Apr 15, 2013 1:55 am

Chapter one
Side note: I am not responsible for any insanity that happens here

The night was calm and the sky was clear. The moon was shinning brightly as it made the water on the ground shimmer and glitter. The stars sparkled in the black night sky only lit by the moon. The wind was calm and steady as it blew slowly. There, standing on a cliff, was a tall male, fair skin, long silver hair, gold eyes, and a stone cold facial expression. The male's name was Sesshomaru and he had his companions, Rin and Jaken. He would stand there and just sort out his thoughts as the other two waited by the campfire to rest from a long day of walking. Sesshomaru was never the one to care for another in any way because he never cared for anyone other then himself. Sesshomaru was always seen walking around at night so no attention can be brought to him. How he hated attention and how females would run to his aid.

As Sesshomaru stood there, he scanned his golden eyes around the scene and it looked like he was on guard or something, but really, he was looking out for a demon that he dreaded. The name of the demon didn't have the right to be in his head. The demon's name in his head is, Naraku. How Sesshomaru hated him and how he hates to be used like a stupid dog. The thought of this pissed him off. He let out a sigh then turned on his heal to walk back to the small human girl and his imp companion. The demon walked silently to a tree and sat down only making sure to see if he can still have the others in sight. At night, in this forest, who knows what will be lingering about. There are all sorts of demons and spirits out and they are always following him around because of Rin.

Sesshomaru just sat there and looked up at the sky, thinking about what will happen at the next town they are heading too. The last town almost freaked out and hid on them because they heard a lot of Sesshomaru and how he is a full blooded demon. Of course, the male didn't care as long as he has Rin a good place to stay and get some shelter and food. Sesshomaru never really would show any remorse for others, but the girl was different. No matter how bad he would treat her, or how angry he will be, he will still have a soft spot for her. He never showed it around Jaken, but it was like the little imp already knew about it.

Just as Dawn was about to light the earth, Sesshomaru heard a noise. Instantly he stood up and rushed to Rin, guarding her. He looked around and growled low hoping it was just a forest animal. The foot steps were heard getting closer and closer to their spot. He listened close as he laid next to Rin, pulling her close to his side. The small girl woke up of course and was scared, shaking slightly in his grasp. The demon growled low again and glared at the spot where the sounds are coming from. As he knew they were close. He stood up and faster then the eye can see, he knew it was a demon, so he pulled out his sword that can slay a demon with one blow. With that, the demon was dissolved into thin air. He placed his sword away and walked over to the other two, before continuing on his way. The two stood up and ran after him.

"Lord Sesshomaru, that was amazing!" Rin smiled sounding excited.

Sesshomaru looked at her through the corner of his eye and looked ahead. "Don't get to excited. I only did what I had to do."

Her smile faded and she looked down as Jaken ran up to her. "Don't worry, Rin. Everything will be alright. No need to get sad."

She just nodded to Jaken as they tried to keep up with Sesshomaru. The three reached the end of the forest and Sesshomaru sighed softly as they started off, trying to stay off any roads so no one will attempt to take Rin away from him. The thought about that made the demon dog pissed. He clenched his fist and growled to himself. Rin felt that Sesshomaru was pissed, so she grabbed his hand into her small one. Once he felt her touch, he calmed a bit and looked down at her. The small girl looked up at him and smiled softly. Jaken was a bit taken back by the fact that Rin was always able to calm the demon down so fast. I wonder how she does that so easily. I mean, before it took forever to calm Lord Sesshomaru down. The little imp thought as he watch the two walk side by side. He walked behind them, only a few feet away.

The road the three where one was abandoned so, there is no one there to take the small human girl at his side. The imp on the other hand, the demon didn't care to much for because he thought he was useless a times and rather annoying with Jaken's talking. He only keeps Jaken around to make sure Rin goes into a safe place, out of harm. The small girl kept Sesshomaru's hand in hers as they walked. The male didn't even bother to move his hand from hers. As they neared a small abandoned hut, Sesshomaru stopped and looked around, sniffing the air, making sure there was no demon around. "Stay here" He ordered as he walked ahead. Rin did as she was told and stayed with Jaken running up to her. Rin of course felt slightly worried and scared for her father figure.

"Lord Sesshomaru is going to be okay, Rin." Jaken said with a soft tone to his voice.

Rin looked at him with sad eyes. "I know, Jaken, but I always worry about Lord Sesshomaru. I try not to worry about him to much, but I end up worrying anyway. I hope he will be alright."

Jaken felt a little saddened by the words of the little girl, but the feelings changed when Sesshomaru came walking back. Rin smiled and ran over meeting him half way with Jaken following behind. Sesshomaru nodded once and turned, heading back to the small hut. Luckily it was big enough for the three of them. Jaken went off to look for fire wood and food as Sesshomaru sat there, outside the hut with his legs and his arms crossed. Rin was inside and she sat there on the little mat that was on the floor, to be what seems like praying. Please, let Lord Sesshomaru be protected along with Jaken. Don't worry to much about me. She looked up and then laid down on the mat, curling into a ball, slowly falling asleep.

Outside, the sun was going down as Jaken came up with the wood and a few berries he found. Sesshomaru growled at Jaken. The small Imp ran off to the small river that was a few feet away from the hut and caught some fish. Sesshomaru sat there as Jaken lit the fire and started cooking the fish. The demon stood and walked into the hut, checking on Rin. He took his mokomoko and placed it on Rin to keep her warm. He walked back out and sat in the spot he was before, closing his eyes, meditating, just to make it look like he was asleep.

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