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[ Writing Dirty - Hideout Contest Story ]

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[ Writing Dirty - Hideout Contest Story ]

Post by Chris Rupel Arclight on Sat Apr 13, 2013 6:13 pm

The Deviant grabbed the boy and gripped him by the throat. The boy gasped, and went into a shocked state of mind, but tried to keep calm so that he didn't hyperventilate. He felt the other's cold, right hand slip under his shirt, still being gripped with his other hand. The boy with the gentle eyes looked into his Keeper's eyes, their gaze meeting under two entirely different conditions. The boy's eyes, were filled with love, and kindness.

The want to be loved and held through all those sleepless nights. The Deviant, his eyes... were filled with rage, hate, and fury. He seemed to wish for nothing more than to take the life of the other male, who was strangely taller and older than the Deviant Keeper. As the boy felt his Keeper's grasp loosen up, he cautiously put his arms around his Keeper, and nuzzled the side of his face, gently, and lovingly. The Keeper seemed amused by this gesture, and his hands went to his boy's waist, and pulled him closer. As their bodies touched, the Keeper pulled him backwards, and together they fell backwards onto the lower bunk of their bed.

The Keeper put his right hand over the boy's throat, and leaned down and kissed the kid hard. His mate had long beautiful hair, that fell all over the bed that they laid in. The Keeper, a true Deviant with spiky hair, and harsh eyes, grabbed his mate's neck tighter, kissing him harder and then stopping to nuzzle his lover's face. The boy with the long hair seemed to like the notion, and smiled at his Keeper, and returned the gesture, as gently as possible. His Keeper was rather rough, and it made him nervous, because he knew what was coming soon after all the playing around was done with. The Keeper only had one thing one his thoughts, and the boy knew what it was very, very well. So he played along, dreading his Keeper's forceful lust that he always seemed to become ravaged with.

The Keeper bit down on the boy's neck, and his sharp teeth tore into his skin and caused him to bleed. The kid with the long hair winced, and covered his face, somehow wishing that the pain would subside. But it only worsened, and eventually he just cried and begged his Keeper to stop biting him so hard. But that seemed to only twist his mate further, and he tore off the boy's clothing and grabbed both his wrists and pinned him down, hissing violently, yet somewhat playfully, flicking his tongue between his pointy teeth. The boy squinted at the gesture, and somewhat cowered, cold and naked, laying in nothing but the bed sheets that were covering the bunk. The Keeper leaned down and gently kissed the side of the boy's face, and the boy's expression changed. There was hope in his eyes that perhaps the Keeper would be gentle, but in his heart he knew that it just couldn't be. He gently reached up and touched his master's face, his pale fingers tracing over his Keeper's lips. He felt so privileged to touch him, to hold him, to kiss him, and to love him.

The deviant with the spiky hair peered down at his boy, while feeling his gentle touch against his lips. He slowly undid his pants as he kept his eyes on the boy, who frowned ever so slightly as they got closer to each other. The Keeper tried his hardest to be gentle with the boy, but each time he thought about it, he just wanted to tare something to shreds. It was as if the thought of being pleasant, was enough to twist him into some sick sadistic fuck that just needed to control everything between them. It didn't help that the Keeper had a strong distaste for males, and his boy was indeed from the gender. The Keeper's eyes narrowed, and he reached down and grabbed the boy with the long silvery hair. He pulled him closer and then to him to turn away from him, so that he could give the boy what he "deserved". To the Keeper, because the boy was a male, he deserved to be punished, and a punishment the Keeper would give him. Though he loved his boy, deep within his evil soul, he still carried out the abuse, time and time again. It was a never-ending cycle, and it would stop for nothing.

The boy hated how the Keeper harmed him, and begged for a different punishment. He said that he would do anything, so avoid not being able to sit for a week. The Keeper hissed at the boy, and immediately the pale kid put his hands up defensively to avoid getting stuck in the face. But the moment his eyes met the Keeper's - it happened anyways. The boy's master hit him several times, until he was in tears, and until his eyes were blackened. He didn't fight back, whatever he had done, he had deserved it. Somehow. He knew in the back of his mind that it was wrong, but he could take it. He told himself that almost every, single, day.

The Keeper was evil, cold, and devious. He grabbed his boy by the hair, sat up, and pushed his head down and demanded that he do whatever he wished, and of course the boy cautiously agreed. The boy with the long hair would do whatever his Keeper wished, not because he was afraid, though in part it surely was, but it was also because his Keeper, was the reason he was still alive. The reason he existed still, the reason he lived, and the reason he breathed. He would do anything for his other, and he was proving it the entire time he was thinking it.

The evil Keeper was flushed in the face, about as twisted and filled with the twinge of delight as his boy was when their lips were pressed together. The Keeper ran his fingers through his lover's hair, looking down at the shimmering coloring in his hands, and in his lap. He gently patted the boy's head, and then just slowly ran his hand over his shoulder, getting the boy to stop and look up at his Keeper once again. The Keeper wore a smirk, and he put his fingers beneath his lover's chin, and brought him closer so that they could kiss each other softly. The boy still in tears, his Keeper brushed the hair from his eyes, and kissed his face, then gently put his arms around him, and pulled him closer to him. The submissive male ran his hands through his Keeper's hair, and gently kissed the side of his face, feeling shivers go up and down his back as they touched. The Keeper randomly lashed out and bit him, not too hard, more just to get him in place, and to keep him from moving. He released his jaws from the boy's neck, and then nudged him with his face, to lay down. The boy obeyed nervously, his long hair all a mess over the bed.

The Keeper forced himself into the boy, holding him and biting him feverishly as he gave into his carnal instincts to dominate the kid. The boy that he claimed as his over and over, hid beneath his silver hair, the pain still never subsiding each time he entered him. He froze up and it just made it worse, so he cried and covered his face, feeling his lover's arm go around him. He gripped the other's arm and squeezed it, his eyes tightly shut as the tears of pain fell from them down went down his cheeks. The Keeper told him to breathe, and to learn to relax, but it never seemed to feel any different.

No matter what he did, his thoughts went into overdrive and he focused on the pain way too much. He tried to do what the Keeper asked, and pulled at his own hair for a moment. The Keeper fucked him hard, and grabbed his hair, yanking it back harder and harder. The boy laid there and played his role, in the taking of the vile behavior that his Keeper so often indulged in. Though it was painful, the boy did not object, because he got the Keeper to himself. The Keeper never did anything with anyone else, making the vile behavior somewhat sacred. It was because of this, that the Keeper would never loose his boy. He was smart. He would give in little by little, offering the boy more and more kindness, in exchange for the ability to ravage and harm him, use him and abuse him.

After the Keeper stopped the art, a time later, he backed off of the boy, and cradled him in his arms, and nuzzled the side of his neck. The Keeper kissed him gently, and wrapped him in the sheets, so that he didn't bleed all over the place. He put his arms around the boy, and kissed his forehead so gently, that the boy forgot about his own misery just for a moment. He didn't want to look too shocked, but as the Keeper spoke to him, apologized to him... and told the boy he loved him... it was rather hard not to. The gorgeous property of the Keeper wiped the tears from his eyes and sniffled, but wrapped his arms around his Keeper, and held him tightly, their chests touching as they embraced each other.

The Keeper absent-mindly ran his hand through his boy's hair, occasionally scratching his head, as he started to doze off. His eyes were starting to close, but he was awake enough to make sure that he kissed his silver-haired lover, on the lips, gently, as if he'd finally felt the same kindness that the boy had showed him for so long. He somehow smiled, and then kissed the bruised cheekbone that the boy had from his Keeper beating him, and then he gently rested his head on the pillow and drifted off into dreamland. His beautiful boy played with his Keeper's hair, until pain and exhaustion set in. He wrapped his arms tightly around his Keeper, and then fell asleep in his lover's arms. The boy might have been in agony, but he was happy that he was in his Keeper's arms...

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