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Writer's Theme: Random Shippings!

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Writer's Theme: Random Shippings!

Post by Chris Rupel Arclight on Sat Jun 28, 2014 10:12 am

Hello everyone it's Chris here! We haven't done a fandom-off in FOREVER - so. I'm going to post up rules for you guys here, and then you may begin. This week's contest is going to be on Random Shippings. So if you want to participate, you and one of your "shipping partners" will be written about. You may opt to collaborate a posting, however, it's not required. Please ask permission before "borrowing" characters as well.

What are we looking for?

All this stuff:

- Proficient in spelling/grammar (wow, didn't see that one coming lmao)
- Detail orientated; no 1 liners or 1 paragraphers (MUST be a MINIMUM of 5 paragraphs)
- The title of your shipping (I.E. For me and Salvation it's #OBNOXIOUSANGELSHIPPING)
*MUST say which ship your doing top of the post
- Must mention any and all writers involved so all get credit/ must mention if you borrowed a character
- You may include a picture of the shipping partners but it's not required (no porn -_- jfc)
- Posting must happen between 6/28/2014 and 7/05/2014
- Anything goes (as long as it's just words be as descriptive as you wish)
- And of course ~ have fun with it!

Alright that should be it. Rules are pretty basic. Winner of the contest will pick the next Theme that will be written about. Admins who participate in the contest (like myself, Mel, Blu or Sal) will NOT be included in the votes and their writings will only be "example" material so there's no bias. However, they may choose to vote on who did the best! So get writing! Happy shippings~


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Re: Writer's Theme: Random Shippings!

Post by Raphiella Blu Azure on Sat Jun 28, 2014 11:23 am


Pairing: Christopher Arclight x The Sapphire God

/ Collab Post between Blu & Chris /

Story: (Warning: about to be totally innocent in 3..2...1....)

It was in the dead of night, and Raphiella was surely not asleep. No, instead she decided to wander through the Castle, her right hand dragging her fingers along the wall, as she moved through the old corridors of the fortress that was her home. Every so often, she'd pass a torch, that protruded from the wall locked in its tight holds. The flames seemed to dance as the girl with blue hair made it through the hall, going from her Tower, to the Tower of an Angel.

Chris never really slept, insomnia being a plague atop his nightmares. He sat at the edge of his bed, the moonlight streaming through the massive windows onto his silvery hair. His pale fingers reached up and took a piece of it, playing with it nervously, and running it along his lips. It wasn't until someone appeared before his doorway, that he noticed he wasn't the only one still up. To his amazement, his large, blue eyes, would fall onto the one standing in his doorway, wearing nothing but blue from the hair on her head, to the nail polish on her feet. Smiling sweetly, the boy rose from his sitting position, and walked over to the girl, eager to hug her and kiss the side of her face. He enjoyed the feel of her soft touch, and had a strong appreciation for her gentle touch. He invited the girl into his room, and closed the door behind them.

Raphi waste no time and hugged the taller male, then he led her back to bed with him, and together they dove beneath the covers, laughing and playing around. Chris knew Raphi to be quite ticklish, so he laughed and poked her sides until she got him back and made him giggle. Though he was a complete mute to others, this girl had the rare honor to hear his voice, and touch his face. When they were done fooling around she snuggled up to him, wrapping her arm over him tightly, knowing he loved the feeling of protection from another. With a deep sigh the boy smiled to himself, and gently began to play with her hair. Scratching her head, then eventually behind her neck and ears - it was easy to see how much she enjoyed this, with her soft growls and animal-like sounds.

The girl peered down at the boy a while later, climbing onto him so that she could lean down and gently kiss his face. She started from his cheek, then went to the side of his face, down to his neck. The boy would eventually whine, gently lifting her head to his lips.

Everything about Raphi seemed sweet, though the boy knew she surely had a very dominant, fierce side to her. Christopher however, was the opposite, one of pure innocence and fear. As their lips gently touched, the boy could feel the girl lean into it just a bit more, her tongue sliding from her mouth, lightly touching his lower lip. He breathed out slowly, softly and cautiously, opening his mouth so that she could kiss him deeper. With a slight whine, he reached up and wrapped his arms around her, being taken in by the rush that went through his body soon after. His heart began to race, and his body felt like a thousand butterflies were inside ready to bust outwards at any moment.

Kissing her was an honor, since she belonged to another, as he did. Raphiella kissed him harder, now running her hands through his long hair, and lovingly getting closer. Their bodies were pressed together now, and the male began to arch upwards, unable to stop a sudden throbbing, that came from below his waist. Raphi could feel him against her, and pulled back from Chris, who blushed and embarrassingly looked away turning red hot in the cheeks.

The girl only giggled though, leaning down to the side to kiss the boy's cheek and neck somewhat roughly, feeling him stiffen beneath her. She slowly crawled off of him, and whispered for him to lay on her, pulling open her robes, so that he could see her perfect body. The silver-haired male blushed deeply, and did as he were told, softly kissing the girl's forehead, trying not to notice as she removed the robes from beneath them. The boy felt her hands go to his back, her long nails scratching him just enough to feel extremely good. He cautiously started to take his robe off, until she helped him and tore it off for him.

Nervously he went back to laying on her, feeling himself pressed between her legs, just before that special region where they'd unite. Chris did not enter her however, as he was too fearful and concerned he'd hurt her. Instead he waited for the feel of her warm hands, which pulled him closer, and invited him into her. A slight whimper escaped his breath as he leaned down to kiss her, feeling her grasping onto his hair and tugging it a bit roughly. He couldn't help but love it, and panted between kisses.

Raphi pulled Chris down onto her, and whispered into his ear, telling him that it was alright, and that together they could be. The silvery hair of the other fell down the sides of his face, as once more he kissed her, before taking his shaft into his right hand, and pushing it inside her. The male was rather large in that area, despite his fearful nature and habits. As he felt the girl beneath him welcome him inside, he slowly guided himself into her, feeling her tighten around him almost immediately.

For a moment or two, he just moved the very tip in and out of her, making sure she was ready, and taking every precaution so's not to harm her. The girl bucked her hips into his though, and he slid in harder on accident, but it caused her to moan, so he decided he could go all the way into her. As he did so she grasped onto his hair, kissing him roughly while he forced his way into her further. She was so small and petite, he was sure it'd harm her, but shockingly, she only seemed to want him more. Now, it would be his job to satisfy her, that much he knew right then. In his ear he would hear what her demands were, and his heart would skip a beat due to severe euphoria.

Moving in and out of her the boy would gasp and wince, her feeling so good around him, that loosing control was apparent. He pulled himself back from between her legs, and gently whined and nudged her until she turned over. The girl fluffed her blue hair and put it to one side, then got onto her knees, her backside a bit higher into the air before him. Knowing full well this girl had a Wolf in her heart, the male made the choice to fulfill her perpetual desires. Nervously gripping her hips, he entered her again, this time it feeling a bit different - a bit better even. He watched as the girl arched her back, basically making it obvious she would take him in as far as he could go.

The male mounting the female pushed himself into her firmly, then began to slide in and out of her, trying to keep a steady pace. The feeling washed over them both, and soon the girl would tense up, the moment almost near, when she would climax all over him. The silvery-haired boy leaned over her, going further into her, as he leaned down and gently bit down on the right side of her neck. Chris noted how she was much smaller than he was, and he held her close as he gave the girl what she wanted. Raphi continued to growl, gripping onto the bed sheets as the moment drew nearer.

The female could feel the throbbing shaft deep inside her, moving back and fourth up against her most sensitive of spots. She arched her back for him, guiding him over the spot again and again. Her heart seemed to slam against her chest, while she panted along with him. She told the boy that she loved him, and that it was okay to take her completely, so without question Chris did, grabbing a handful of her hair. The boy roughly pushed into her now, going into her harder, and harder still. The female continued to buck her hips for him, riding him just as roughly in return. By now she went from panting to moaning, howling even too.

Knowing that he was doing a good job the boy held her down, still cautious so's not to bruise her. Giving it everything he had he jerked further into her, hitting her hard, deep, and with larger thrusts now. It wasn't long before her howls were longer, and then suddenly she gasped into a deep moan. Pushing deep into her passage and keeping himself there, the boy could feel his lover climax, her body throbbing and contracting, multiple times around his large member. She came hard onto him, and he pulled back and stuffed himself into her again, feeling everything she felt - until he gripped onto her and cried out as he came inside her.

Chris panted hard, shaking, and still super deep into the girl's body. He laid atop her playing with her hair, while the two of them panted, and throbbed just a bit longer. When he was done leaking into her, he slowly pulled himself out of her, six of his ten inches covered in white. She gasped as he pulled himself out of her, probably still sensitive to his touch. The boy then laid down on his back, pulling her into his arms, still panting. He close his eyes for a moment, then re-opened them when he felt her lips press to his. Raphi was so beautiful, he smiled, and enjoyed the satisfied look on her face. He nuzzled her back when she playfully kissed and bit his neck, then together they laid there catching their breath.

It would be hours before their Keeper got back, though surely, the Keeper would find them sound asleep together in Chris's bed.


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