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Looking for someone new to RP with >.>

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Looking for someone new to RP with >.>

Post by Chris Rupel Arclight on Tue Jun 24, 2014 6:35 pm

I'm kinda bored and have nothing major going on until this kid comes out of me... even then I'll be home 24/7 (due to the nature of things here), so I'll be free constantly anyhow... so I just kinda wanna RP. Either with someone new or someone I don't really get to RP with often. Now that Mel is blind and doesn't really do much I can't really write with him unless I'm doing all the typing for him. And he kinda doesn't wanna do that for right now... so I'm at a loss with tons of skill and no one to share it with XP. I'd ask Bluey but she's busy working >.> so yeah idk.


Ehhh not much. Proficient in spelling and grammar was always the big one. Able to write their own character plot, not rely on the GM to do everything. Can run the RP or share, doesn't matter. I don't often do 1 x 1's but I would be willing to for the fun of it. No 1-liners please, I was taught never to write less than 1 full paragraph, so I should request it in return in the least.

Characters will be based off your main character used or yourself (I write as myself).

Can be fully open-world or just confined to a section (I.E. A school, kingdom, country, w/e).

Smutty or non, don't matter to me. My character has a habit of landing himself in bad situations so if it's good for story, bring it.

I'm on GP or FB so we can plan it out over chat or right here. I don't normally do it over the site just FB since it's faster for replies when it comes to questions on plot, ect. Can be a short RP or one that goes on for months, don't care. Just let me know what you're thinking of and I will attempt to meet you halfway if not better than half ^^. I'm a great writer but don't expect me to fix everything. Must read all posts, ect. Group or 1 x 1 same rules. Ideas? Post here. Thanks!

-Christopher <3

Chris Rupel Arclight
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