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Dancers of Dusk

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Dancers of Dusk

Post by Fenrir on Sat Mar 08, 2014 3:16 am

Alright so after 6 years and two blotched attempts (both my fault) let's see if I can finally get this right. (yah no this will probably end badly).

Name: Hiro Uesugi
Alias: Ion

Race: Human
Alignment: Neutral

Age: approximately 300 (Immortal)
Height: 5' 4"
Weight: Roughly 130 pounds

Ability: Able to release a black liquid from the pores of his skin. This liquid can be shaped and hardened into simple objects, surfaces, structures and tools that Ion desires. In its hardened state the material is near to indestructible.
Preferred Weapons: Light Melee.  Will summon weapons based situation and surroundings.  

Bio: Disgraced son of the Uesugi clan, Ion has lives by a twisted code of honour. Often wandering the world as a vagabond Ion see every new culture and people as a means to increase his influence and power.


(Not to worry Ra the self absorbed asshole is also popping in occasionally....because that's what assholes do >.> )
Name: Raal
Alias: (The Wandering) Pilgrim

Race: Genetically Altered Ancient
Alignment: Lawful Evil

Age: Immeasurable (Mortal)
Height: 8' 5"
Weight: Roughly 700 pounds

Durability: Generations of experimentation have resulted in an impressive resistance to most forms of damage.

Ability: Able to tear apart the fabric of reality creating portals through time and space.  If he ventures to the past or future an alternate reality is created, preventing him from interfering with the timeline of his reality. (much to his disappointment)

Preferred Weapons: Scthes and daggers

Bio: No one is sure (not even Raal) of just how old he is or even how long it will take for him to grow old and die. Pilgrim is narcissistic and brutal . his dealling with others often ends poorly ending in undeserved bloodshed.
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Re: Dancers of Dusk

Post by RA on Sun Mar 09, 2014 2:36 am

I havent RPd Aura in forever

Name: Aura Amun

Race: demon
Alignment: chaotic Neutral

Age: ancient
Height: 5' 3''
Weight: Roughly 130 pounds

Ability: Has a sort of fire magic and blood magic. (I'm too lazy to wrie this all out and I barely remember her character so I will make it up as I go)

Bio: Daughter of Dracula, wife of Rhea (divorced sorta) long troubled mysterious history


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