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[ Blu and Vice OOC ] Adventures of the Past 1 x 1

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[ Blu and Vice OOC ] Adventures of the Past 1 x 1

Post by Raphiella Blu Azure on Sun Jan 12, 2014 8:42 pm

So this is going to be a story-based RP between myself and Vice. We already know our characters very well, so we're going to run the Angelics theme, just play our characters at a younger age or something. I think we have an idea based upon something he was already writing. So I'll do the starter, and he can reply whenever. But yeah. My first RP aside from Photons in a while lmfao!

Bluey's CS!

[ She will probably appear a bit younger than this but the appearance is ideal ]

Name: Raphiella Blu Azure

Nickname: Blu

Type: Purebred Hybrid


Height (in standard form): 5' 3''

Weight (in standard form): 102 pounds

Alt formations:

Lives: The Scalen Clearing >.>

About: In-Story.


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