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Insanity of the innocent soul and the generious soul

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Insanity of the innocent soul and the generious soul

Post by Marika Serenade Wolf on Mon Jan 06, 2014 4:13 am

Meeting Lil Miss Rarity

The sun, warm, bright, making the day like any other day. There were people out in the streets in this small happy town greeting one another, setting up their stands to sell little odd and end things to make a living. One of the people, were a tall country girl named Applejack. She would sell anything apples, like Carmel apples, apple pie, apple crisp, ect. She was smiling as her blonde ponytail shined in the light. Sweat was running down her fore head as her little sister smiled big and proud. "Wow sis! The stand looks amazing!" said the orange haired little girl named Applebloom. Another small little girl, with purple hair, tanned skin and riding a scooter, was racing toward the two apple siblings with speed.

Scootaloo was the girl's name and she was the most boyish girl you can meet in this town. "HEY GUYS! WATCH OUT!!!" she shouted as she lost control only to run into Applebloom with a big thud. They both fell and Applejack laughed and helped them both up. Scootaloo laughed and dusted herself off. "Sorry you guys, just Sweetie Belle wanted me to come get Applebloom for some crusader mission!" She said with excitement.

Applebloom's face shown light and sparkles came into her eyes as she looked at her older sister, begging to go over to Rarity's. Applejack smiled and nodded. "of course sugarcube, just y'all be careful now. Don't get hurt." and once she finished, they got onto Scootaloo's scooter and raced off to Rarity's place, which wasn't too far from where they were, so it was a pretty short ride for the girls, but once when they got there... Things felt, wrong to Applebloom. Scootaloo of course, paid no mind to this feeling, so she ran inside with her scared friend behind her.

Once the girls walked inside, the room was dark, the curtains closed, the place seemed cold. The girls looked around, scared. "Scootaloo, there is something that ain't right here. We should get goin'?" said the shaking small child holding her friend's arm for dear life. As the two walked deeper, the slightly older, Scootaloo, was silent. They walked to the back room and it was pitch black. Not a light in sight, until they saw a white glow. The two girls were confused as the only sound in the room, was their breathing and Rarity's humming.

Scootaloo stepped forward, slow,y taking any caution to what would happen. "R-Rarity? W-Where is Sweetie Belle?" She asked with a shaky voice to the older female. The purple, curly haired woman was humming to herself, sewing something, with a dripping noise hitting the sewing table as if she was doing it by hand. The two looked at each other, the best they could and then back to where the other female is at. They didn't dare say a word as they saw a figure sitting there, sewing something. The girls gulped and walked toward her and as they approached her, she stopped all she was doing and looked up.

A smirk so evil it could scare anyone that had no fear. "Why, hello darlings. How may I be of service to you this morning?" Rarity said in a cold tone. This scared the girls as a flicker started and the lights came on. The girls gasped as they saw the devilish sight of Sweetie Belle's insides were everywhere. Her stomach, heart and both lungs on the desk. Small and large intestines were on the floor with a pool of still hot blood surrounded them. Applebloom closed her eyes, shaking, scared of this female that didn't even look like Rarity. "Whatever is the matter girls? There's nothing out of the ordinary here." said the female stood, wearing long white dress with three blue diamonds on the sides. The dress was covered in the two girl's friend and the older woman's younger sister.

Scootaloo and Applebloom shook in their spots as they watched Rarity walk toward them. They walked backwards as she walked forward. The small orange haired girl slipped and hit her head on the floor only for her friend to run out in fear. The purple haired woman knelled down and picked the small child up, just to place her on a table. She smirked as she cut off the small girls yellow dress, slowly making the young girl, nude. She took leather straps and tightly placed them around her wrists and ankles, making sure that the little victim won't go away. the room once again went dark, once when night falls, the fun will begin.

The sun was getting lower and Applejack along with everyone else that had stands were getting things together and going home to rest for the night. As for Rarity, well, the fun with Applebloom is going to begin. The woman stood in front of the body smirking devilishly as she took a scalpel, lightly cutting small gashes into the child's chest. She also grabbed chains with hooks attached to them, putting the hooks through the holes. Then the purple haired female placed two more on her stomach area, making sure they are placed there tightly. Once they are in place, she then waits for the small girl to awake from her dreamland. A groan came from the little lips of Applejack's sister as she slowly awoke from her long slumber. The only light coming into the room, were from the window where the moonlight shown. Applebloom was confused and started freaking out when she felt blood from the holes that were made, hearing the clinging of the chains. The girl's breathing was heavy, shaky, and was full of fear. "Where am I?" asked the frightened child.

A laugh came out from the darkness, scaring the girl even more, feeling the blood rush faster. The clicking of high heals were heard as she stepped forward. The two looked at each other as Applebloom felt the pull of the chains get tight, and feeling the pressure of cold metal on her chest. She closed her eyes, scared as she felt blood come from the insertion that was being made. the longer the insertion got, the more the skin tore apart. The child cried, screaming, begging, pleading for the pain to stop. The woman standing over her had a hand on her victim, holding her down as this happened, all to feel the blood run to her fingers.

The chains gotten tighter and tighter, the last thing Applebloom saw, was not only the pale female, but another female with piercing blue evil eyes, pulling on the lever that held the chains, and after that, her vision went black, then her breathing stopped along with her heart. The two females that killed this little girl was Rarity and none other then the happy Pinkie Pie's sister, Pinkamena.

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