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Abduction of the Heart

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Abduction of the Heart

Post by A-chan-Medium on Fri Dec 06, 2013 3:27 am

AN: Before I post this, I have no idea if I'm putting this in the right place. I know it's the story section but yeah, if it should belong somewhere else, please let me know or something ^^; Also some of the events that take place in this story have actually happened to me in real life. But that's only like 10% of the story. Everything else is pure fiction Razz Enjoy ^^ oh and this will be UC. I'm tired and I will be adding onto it when I get my chances Razz

Have you ever been asked if you believe in aliens? Little green martians running across the lawn to kidnap your baby or even a heavenly beam from your ceiling, lifting you up into a flying disk? I'm not talking about any silly movies either. Aliens. Are they real or not? Why must we be chose between beliefs? I've had my own experiences in life and I know what to believe. They are real. They are always watching. It started two years ago..

I was never born with a red eye and golden eye. Nor black hair and rainbow streaks. I was born as a normal teenager with mid-length dark brown hair and green eyes. I had bad relationships with my friends, boyfriends and even with my own parents. I had a small car, not great to use and was really cramped, but it got me from point A to point B. I even had a little job at the local Goodwill 18 miles away from home. Martha was always nice to me about helping the elderly through the front door, seeing as how the automatic function for the handicap won't work. School was boring, as usual. Most of my friends ignored me, so they never really would have noticed if anything happened to me.

My parents on the other hand, are too cautious about me. If I make a wrong decision, they must force me to correct it. Especially my father. I'm a mistake in his eyes. For my mother, she's weak and loving to me. She always wants to see me smile. My brother moved out a few years ago, joined the military and got married two or three times. He's like a hero in my eyes. He's always wanting to help those in need, heh.

So, yes. I've always lived the normal boring life any teenage girl would have. Most girls would probably pray and beg to whatever God they believe in to send an angel to 'save them from this boring life' or for some kind of magical star to reign down and make them famous or whatever crap a normal girl would think of. Being as a normal girl, I also thought that way. Wished for someone to save me from what I went through each day of my life. I only got something different.

It was night time when I first saw it. Walking with my friend Brianne from a Halloween party of the Rocky Horror Picture Show on the University campus, we strode through the parking lots slowly, talking about how fun the party was. It was my first time going to a party like that. Most school parties I've been to in the past really sucked and I always left before any 'special event' occurred. But this one was at least decent to me. So walking through the parking lot, around some time from 1 am to 3 am, I gazed up at the sky while talking with my mom on my cell. It was a completely clear night and there was no one driving by. Pure silence. A light breeze of a chill roaming around us. And the first thing I see in the sky is the moon.

The moon was full. No clouds. A completely full, bright beautiful moon. With a crooked black bar running right through it. Wait a moment, that doesn't sound right. I stopped walking and asked my friend if she could see what I saw. We stared at the moon for 5 to 15 minutes. The black bar was moving, very slowly, to the right. I noticed that it wasn't only a black bar either. From the Earth's horizon from my sight, to the moon, and then off from the moon and out into constant stars, I saw light. Like a beam of sunlight. It would collide with the black bar. And as the black bar moved off of the moon, it turned into the 'sunlight beam'.

I explained what I saw to my mother, seeing as how I still had my cell phone on. Thinking back to it now, I wish I had taken out my camera. Anyway, we just stood there watching the bar dissolve into a sunlight beam. Many questions ran through my mind. What was that thing? Why was it so large? It went on and on and on into the far reaches of space! This couldn't be of human technology. Yes, I know there are space stations we have made into Space, but I highly doubt they were THAT big.

This bar. Why do we see the moon? The moon reflects sunlight. So...what stronger than sunlight? Whatever that thing was, it wasn't from the Earth. So...was that an alien space craft? It's the only wise solution I could think of. And how right I was, damn it.

Months later, my father became even more aggressive with me and my mother. He'd come home with a 6-pack of beer, plop down on his couch and start chugging after setting the television to football. My mother would beg him to tone down on the alcohol and he'd bark back with an argument on her addiction to cigarettes. They'd fight about anything. Mom's cigs, dad's beer, financial BS. The usual. Sometimes he'd get worse than just in a yelling, pissy mood. He's throw his plate of food at the wall, he'd toss his remote control at our feet. Things like that.

I use to always beg and cry for them to stop arguing. I'd fall to my knees and get thrown into a mild panic attack until I'd eventually pass out from lack of oxygen. But as years went on, I finally got tired of it. After I got a car, I'd argue with them, groan and then go for a little drive. It helped.

I shouldn't have ever left that night, however. I never got a chance to return to my home for 8 months since I left.

I remember I was driving towards a city that was about 30 minutes away. My parents were fighting about my love life, apparently. I really didn't want to have anything to do with that. After all, my love life is my own personal business. Who cares if I'm a virgin or if I am protective of my body?

The night was completely black. And stupid me, I was driving on the highway. No one was on the streets and the only thing I could see were a few street lamps across the side of the highway. I was listening to the 80s channel as I drove through the darkness. I looked at my cellphone, wondering when my mother would text me that it was safe to return home. That I could just turn around and come back to a warm bed. I wanted to hold my kitten. To rest my head against her stomach softly as she turned on her purring machine. My cats always made me happy. It was hard for me to believe what happened to them..

My drive lasted 12 minutes. Just...12.. It's amazing what could happen to you and your life within only 12 minutes. Within 12 minutes, I left my home in a mood of mixed emotions. In 12 minutes, I drove my car out into the abyss of darkness. In 12 minutes, my stereo fazed out into static and weird bleeping sounds. In 12 minutes, my car broke down in the middle of a small bridge.

I stepped out of my car after trying to get my car to start 6 times. I opened the lid of the engine, check the gas, oil anything. There were no problems. The only problem I could find was this constant ringing in my ears. Echoing back and forth. Getting louder in a hypnotizing rhythm. I groaned loudly and dug into my jeans for my cellphone. I tried turning it on but alas, that too would not start.

I glance around slowly, now noticing how there was no sound at all. Not even with the stream underneath the bridge I stood on. I watched the stream flow, reflecting the glow of the moon and the breeze of the chilled air to dance down the small rocks. No sound surrounded me. Only my hushed breath. No frog croaked. No lightning bugs twirled above the grass. It was as if time had stopped. That life was turned on pause for a moment. Could natural life sense danger and hide from it like this? Is that what I was standing on?

I only took 4 steps toward my car before I felt like I was being watched. That single pined shiver running down my spine. I bit my lip, held onto my cellphone tightly in my pocket, and glanced above my head, toward the endless sea of stars. Above, all I saw was a single circle of light. The light got brighter and closer to me. I knew at this moment that my life had changed. It was only later just how much my life had changed.

It's ironic, however. The light itself posed no harm to me. Yes, it hurt to stare at, but my body felt warm as I basked in the light. My body hovered about 2, maybe 3 inches above the concrete of the street before I instantly vanished, along with the circle of light.

Normal victims of alien abduction would be called insane or overly imaginative. Some have even been blamed for how they lost their children. No one....ever believed them. It was the same for me. Unfortunately, most of those people would either kill themselves for remembering the constant fear of their abduction. Others would hold it in and never speak again. I was rare, as the one alien who spoke to me said. I will never forget him. After everything he put me through....although...I suppose I should thank him. If he never let me see the truth...I'd never would have left.

I have no idea what happened to my car after I got 'beamed' into the light. I blacked out immediately. All I remember was waking up to darkness. I remember feeling wet. I was sweating. Cold sweat dripped from my chin. I remember just lying there. Against the hard, cold floor. The floor was made of metal. Some sort of metal, I don't know what kind. There were markings carved into the metal. I felt them against my skin. Some of them were deep, while others were like little scrapes. By touch, I could only make out that they were letters. Not American letters. Not human letters. More like undiscovered symbols.

I believe the only positive thing about this single moment in the darkness was that I wasn't alone. There were others. By sound, I guessed about 4 other humans were with me. A few were crying while others would grumble to them to shut up and keep quiet before 'they' would come back. I didn't notice that there were more humans than just the ones I've heard until the one next to me spoke to me.

"Hey..miss.." He spoke.

I remember opening my eyes and closing them tightly before re-opening them to glance around the darkness. I groaned and turned my head towards the voice. It was at that moment I noticed that my whole body was chained to the metal floor. My neck, wrists, ankles and waist line were all connected to a large chain which held me down in place to the floor. I gasped and stumbled weakly as I tried to sit up. "Don't even try, lady. You just got here. Your body will be too weak until they allow the gravity to come back." The voice beside me said. "Shut UP already, Kevin!" Another voice growled in a hushed anger in the other corner of the darkness. We ignored him.

" I?" I finally spoke. My throat hurt. As did my head. This was just great. I bask in warm light, wake up to darkness. My body is heavy, my head has a growing migraine, my throat is dry and my eyes hurt as I tried to focus in the darkness. The guy next to me chuckled weakly. "Just relax, chick. The big guys will be here to 'greet' you shortly." I grumbled lightly and, finally able to sit up against the wall, pulled my knees to my chest. I felt tubes connected to the wall. Tubes and pipes, maybe? "My name isn't 'chick', guy. And right now, I have no intention of giving you my name." The guy chuckled once more. "Oh? Well maybe you can give me something more than a name. Oh and lady? You better find yourself some new 'intentions' because I highly doubt you're going to like what we all have in store here."

A soft beeping sound above us roamed through our ears, causing me to stop our conversation and look around cluelessly. "Close your eyes. Quickly and hard, chick. Their lights are bright the first few times before they dim down." I gulped and quickly did as the guy beside me said. Instantly the bright white light from before returned. Flashed once. Then again. Held on for a long time and then finally dimmed down. I waited a moment or two before re-opening my eyes.

I quickly took in my surroundings. There were probably about 20 other humans in this single room. Everything in the room looked like a mix of metallic greens and purples. All 'passengers' were chained to the floor, or walls, just like me. I looked over to the guy next to me. He looked a little over my age, wore dirty jeans, a white T-shirt, a red plaid shirt over that and muddy work shoes. Must be a farmer. The guy, Kevin, placed a finger to his lips and shook his head. No talking, I'm guessing. I followed his gaze which lead to a wall.

Streams of colorful lights danced from all over that wall. Twirling and encircling each other before colliding to a single spot, instantly causing a door-shaped hole to appear. I must admit, that was actually pretty cool. I continued watching the changes of the 'door', noticing a few figures enter from the hole. It's hard to describe them.

When a human thinks of the word 'alien', they think of little green men, a person with miniature antlers, a tail even. Something completely different from what a natural human would look like. All I saw were suits. Masks, body armor, suits. Two of them were really tall. Like ten feet tall. One of them looked probably around 5'6" and another was close to 6 feet. Each one wore similar suits, just different colors. One of the two ten footers wore red while the other was green. The 6 foot being wore a deep blue suit. The last one, the 5'6" suit, wore dark purple.

They communed together by the 'exit' in their own language. One, of course, none of us humans understood. All we could do was sit and gawk at these supernatural creatures. Listen, read their movements, and wait. But wait for what? Death? Experiments? Horror? Why must I be right in these situations?...

The purple suit looked over at me for a long moment before speaking something to the twin ten's. They nodded and pointed at me. Instantly my bondage broke free and I gasped in complete surprise. "Don't run. Don't move." Kevin's strained, yet still hushed, voice whispered next to me. "Just stay still. They will help you up and move you somewhere else." He continued. "Shut up, Kevin.." The same grumpy voice from before growled at him. Again, I ignored him. "Where are they taking me...w-....what'll they..." Kevin gave me a pained look, forcing me to become silent. Those eyes told me all of my answers.

Those aliens were going to use me. Break me. Make me wish I was dead. I knew then that I had no hope. I knew then that my fate was decided. It was either death or suffer and beg for death. I knew then...that I was never going to see my mom ever again..

I gulped back a painful sob as I felt a presence above me. I glanced up, coming face to face with the purple suit. I gasped softly as I looked into the suit's mask. The eyes were covered with a black glass, but I focused upon it. The suit's eyes....were purple. A light...neon...purple. The color itself moved! As if the color was nothing but mist of color for the eyes! Damn it...if I wasn't mesmerized by the purple suit's amazing eyes, I'd probably make a fool of myself by making some sort of scene. Instead, all I did was hold my hand up, accepting the suit's hand. It lifted me up and lead me to the hole with ease. I didn't even recognize that the gravity was easier to move in now. I never looked back from this point on.

I stepped through the hole and after the other suits followed me and the purple suit, I was led to a weird crooked table. Or what looked like a table. It was red and moved. It kind of looked more like a tongue than a table. They didn't really want me to sit on this...thing....did they? Unfortunately, they did. I gulped once more before lying down on the living table.

It was actually soft, strange as that may be. Yes, it moved. It did seem scary at first, but it actually felt good. It relaxed against my body, forming against my shape. It held me in place with ease and comfort. My kidnappers apparently wanted me to be comfy while I would be violated. How sweet...

I don't know why he took pity on me, or even favored me for that matter.... But I earned the purple suit's trust the most. I gained even more trust after having him speak to me. "Relax." That...was all I heard from him before I blacked out once more. I don't remember feeling anything, waking up in pain or anything like that. All they did, was open a 'door', pick me up, and move me in here to sleep. Or at least that's what I thought.



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