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Post by Rayn-Hellfire on Tue Nov 19, 2013 2:50 pm

Stalkershipping is a pairing between Valerie and I. Stalkershipping is basically our main characters here on the site and us in RL
Yes, this is Yuri. Don't like it? Don't follow it, it's that simple.
This has no real plot to it...but I think we'll be okay. I think we'll be able to make the story as we go along.

Name: Rayn Sepentra
Nickname: Rayn-Hellfire
Height/Weight:5'2" 120 pounds
Age: 14 or 15
Lives: In a small apartment with her mother.
Even if Rayn lacks many things in age; she makes up for it by following her dreams. She may look young and dainty; but she is strong and independent. She would rather spend her time writing or reading a good book then speaking with anyone. She however is well aware of everything around her; as well as her stalker. She seems to have no problem with the stalker. Maybe, it's the thought of knowing someone cares.

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