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Photons of the Abyss: Journey through the Dark Worlds RP

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Re: Photons of the Abyss: Journey through the Dark Worlds RP

Post by Chris Rupel Arclight on Sat Jan 11, 2014 12:35 am

[Collab with Salvation]

- Breeder's Keep -

Chris had no idea how many days had gone by. But he was now back in the Facility, and - well, a lot had changed. For starters, he was very female down, and rather pregnant. Enough where, at any moment, he would give birth to the creation that his skillful brother, had fucked into him. His brother, who now stood over him, running his fingers through the boy's hair, observing the very female body, he was cursed into having. Salvation's red eyes would only dim, and flicker, from time to time, as they thought to each other - even then, their voices taking lower tones. Almost like, whispering.

"W....Where am I Sal....?" Chris asked, his blurred vision only picking up the long blue hair, and red eyes of his hovering brother. He could feel Salvation's fingers atop his stomach, that was rather huge now. He blinked, and shivered, looking up at his brother in fear of some kind.

"You are back here, in the Facility. You were carted off to another place a bit far from here, blacked out and aged per say. Time in those other areas is different from here. You've been gone a day, but out there - far longer." He explained, his voice slithering from his mouth.

Chris whimpered and reached out weakly to grasp onto his brother's hand. "Are we ever going to get out of here?" He whispered, their thought-speak no longer taking place.

Salvation had spent the last passing day thinking, and planning out and escape. He had made a few exchanges with some Lower Leaders, offering them information on some of the others being held within the Facility, that, if they knew of and told about - would get them respect. And possibly into a better pay grade.

"I think I might have a way out of here. Unfortunately though, our child will be forced to stay behind. I rather not speak of it again. Sacrifices must be made. And I am not attached to it anyhow. But what a bright force he will be at birth...." Salvation started to grind his fangs together angrily, and Chris seemed to become more and more upset with each word.

"H-How could you? Sal no, please! Don't give him up... please don't..." Chris pleaded.

"Silence yourself! If I give them the child, they will give us a ship. And we can leave and start a-new. We've lost a child before yes, but, this is nothing like it. He will grow up and turn into a Leader - the enemy!" He snarled, his eyes glowing violently. Do what the fuck I say Chris, or I'll leave you behind. Sal thought, narrowing his eyes at his brother.

Chris didn't know it, but when Doxy had been making experiments, he'd also been fucking up and letting his Lower Servant Leaders get fucked over. Sal was able to convince them to let him leave, if he offered them a child that would be able to later defeat Doxy and all his stupidity. Also, he gave them intel on every important being in the Facility. Well, on most of them. Like that King with the tail. And about Project RA connecting to him, which only the Highest knew of. Somehow, Sal just had all the intel. And it had paid off greatly...

Chris sobbed as his brother leaned over him and whispered into his ear. "Get. Over. It. Now. Because in two minutes, you're going to give them that brat, and we're outta here."

Salvation backed off from Chris, and two doors slid open. Two Lower Leads walked in, and began to undo the machines and holds around Chris's legs and arms. His silver hair fell down his chest as the moved his bed up, so that he was sitting forwards. Well. She was.

The two men spoke to Salvation, and he nodded, then everyone prepared for the birthing of this creature deep inside Chris's womb. Carefully, Salvation moved the kid's legs, which were numb from drugs and not moving while he had been at the other Facility in some cryo-like sleep. He leaned back and stared up at the ceiling, trying not to watch Salvation. Slowly, and steadily, Salvation reached forwards, extending his first two fingers, which ended in rather lengthy claws. He pushed into his brother, who still remained in his feminine formation, going deep into 'her' body, to puncture the sac that the child was locked inside.

Soon the fluid began to flow, and not long after that, Chris was forced to push out another Angelic being. Salvation had tore off a piece of his robe to wrap Christopher's eyes with, so that he would never see the child, and so he wouldn't fight to try and keep it. Through all the stress and tears however, Chris could still feel a distant connection, that would never truly be learned...

Hours later-

"Get the fuck out of here, fast. Otherwise, I'll just alert them all. You have one hour here." One of the Leaders said over the sobbing that was coming from the girl on the table, dripping with blood and gore.

"As you wish." Salvation hissed, cutting the cord, and allowing the other male to take away the baby with the small wings and bright blue eyes. Salvation cleared his throat - no tears would be allowed to fall from such raging red eyes. No tears.

Carefully wrapping the girl (that was still his brother) up, Salvation, lifted Chris into his arms, and carried him from the table, out the door, left, headed down the halls. He had a map, and had memorized pass codes for about 47 hours now. His brother's head was completely covered, and though red stains were visible from the bleeding that took place, Salvation looked like he was carrying nothing but a figure wrapped in tons of white sheets. He quickly walked down the hall, his large wings keeping his balance. Slowly but surely he came to a door, then another door, and then two sets of doors, and a pair of double-doors. Sliding a card that he'd stolen and killed a Leader for, and then punching in numbers.... Salvation had made it to the jet bay.

"Whew. At last, we are going to be free, my brother...." Salvation said, ripping off one of those trackers just located on the right wing of the jet ship. Chris said nothing, and had only fallen weak against his brother, sleeping against him softly, crying in his sleep if he'd made sound at all. His brother's warm grasp made him feel safe, Sal was his savior, and he loved him so deeply for that.

Christopher remained knocked out as Salvation carried him onto the ship. He sat him in his lap as he punched codes and other shit into the Jet's Computerized system, forcing one of the Facility bay doors to open. A Voice asked for a Clearance Code, so Salvation gave out the Code, that the man with the child, had given him. After that, they were cleared to take off. Salvation then cradled his brother, as the jet fired off, and kept on picking up speed. Where they would go he had no idea, but it would be somewhere far the fuck away from there. At least, until they were strong enough to hold their own against the Leaders. (If they even came back at this point.) For now, the only thing that mattered to Salvation, setting aside one of his greatest of Obsessions, was getting he and his brother away from that Facility.

They would return though... hopefully - with a fuckin army.

The jet ship sailed through space, Salvation deactivating all of it's connections to the Leaders, so that they would never be able to reach them again.

"Sal.... Sal I don't feel good..." Chris said, waking up planets later.

"I know... I know. That's why I have you hooked up to all this shit in here. It'll pass soon." Salvation said, softly leaning down to kiss his brother's forehead. "You should be okay soon. The stuff running into your veins will make you stronger, and you'll be an Angel once more, 'stead of this pathetic human-like female." He moved some of the hair from his brother's face, Chris sighing sadly, and leaning up against his big brother's collar bone.

"What will we do.....?"

"Relax, sleep. I have a plan. And I'll left behind all the right intel, to all the right people to do it..." He said with a wicked smirk, eyes a glow. Salvation had always played for both sides in secret. And after learning that that old King's Queen had gotten her memory erased, he had offered him a bit of a challenge. One that involved his help later, if he were to escape and get to the Twin Angels, that is. A challenge that presented a rise to warfare against the Leaders. One that would stand the tests of Time, done right, with the right materials and right people....

For now though, Salvation would hum to his weakened brother, and fall asleep with him.

Chris Rupel Arclight
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Re: Photons of the Abyss: Journey through the Dark Worlds RP

Post by Fenrir on Sun Feb 16, 2014 1:45 pm

Raal awoke bound to an operating table. His head felt heavy. They must have overdosed him, he thought. Not that it mattered he and his race had been genetically engineered to survive. His body worked tirelessly to rid itself of any toxins, developing immunities to them within hours of prolonged exposure. The advantages of a mortal body. He had always thought to himself. With the greatest of ease Raal sat up. His body phasing through the straps as if they were but an illusion, or at least that's how it appeared. In truth Raal couldn't phase through objects he merely made it appear that way, lest anyone learn the truth of his abilities.

Pushing off the table Raal found himself standing in a pool of blood, not his of course, he after all was completely unharmed. The composition was too thin anyways and the colour was too dark. Human. There was no doubt. From the years he arrived on earth to its fabled destruction, Raal had killed countless humans. It was likely that a member of the operating team had made the error of assuming their captive was less dangerous in his unconscious state.  

The gurgling screams of a scientist at his feet awoke him from his thoughts. The man's throat lay gashed open by an operating knife. “Sorry old chap,” Raal smiled with mixed glee, pulling the man's bloody knife out of his throat, “But you should always buy a girl dinner before taking her home.”

A bullet passed harmlessly through Raal's head ricocheting of the wall behind him. “Especially,” Raal snickered as he crushed the man's throat with his foot. “if you've never met her parents.” The drugs had worn off and Raal found himself completely aware of his surroundings. There was an alarm blaring over his head, he had woken up early it seemed. Soldiers filed into the room weapons raised. A toast. Raal thought to himself. Good I was getting hungry.


“So that could have gone better,” the man  winced watching a recording of Raal tear apart his victims with his bare hands. Using the knife only when needed to keep them from bunching together. 12 soldiers were brutally slaughtered before command decided to lock the room. “He's an impressive specimen to be sure. Have you looked at his file?”

His partner stared attentively at her monitor, “Destroyed two vassals and crippled a third in under 15 minutes. Then appeared on the command deck completely unharmed and unsoiled, as if nothing had happened. It's an impressive resumé. Almost too impressive. So I ran a check on his prints and appearance. Turns out he served at start of war under a different name. Which explains how he knew where to target our ships and more importantly how to get to the command deck without detection, but we still can't figure out how he moved between ships so effortlessly. If there's a problem with security we need to find it quickly we can't have him wandering about the facility unchecked.”

“Are his ID tags still active?” the man shook his head, no they wouldn't be if they had, they wouldn't have needed the background check. Scans would have identified him immediately. Meaning whatever method he had used to get past their shields could not have been due to him being a 'friendly'.  Turning to his attention to his monitor the scientist groaned, “He seems to have adapted to the drugs. We'll need to find something else to keep him sedated.”
“I wonder if there's even a point to it," the woman smiled, “He doesn't appear hostile. I wonder how he'll react to conversation.”

“Conversation? You want to talk to that monster? I understand the temptation but have you seen what he's doing to the bodies in there? He strung them up like meat and has become to bleed them out. Not to mention that he now has full access to whatever gear those men had with them.”

“And yet he has made no attempt to escape. Right now he's harvesting his enemies for food,” the woman picked up a clipboard and a pen. “If I'm right and he's only concerned with surviving I should be safer in his company then anywhere else in the ship.”

She couldn't be more wrong.
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Re: Photons of the Abyss: Journey through the Dark Worlds RP

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