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Post by Guest on Sat Sep 21, 2013 11:10 pm

In a world where humanity has taken reign, where there is no magic, only science. Where the world is ruled by paper and materialistic gain versus the companionship of another, those that obey by conformity and the laws of man kind prevail. Those that are privileged stand on the shoulders of the weak. If you are not born into royalty, into money, into greatness, you are doomed to suffer in a world where you only work to make someone elses paycheck.

This is Earth.

However, deep below the streets cities and hidden within mountains lay ones who do not conform to society. They do not fit in, not at all. In fact they are unique in their own way. Some have special abilities, others body parts that do not belong on a human, such as wings or tails. Most of these people are outcasts, strays and are hunted down for what they are, forced to hard labor or to breed, to be humiliated and used for their abilities, or just tortured and killed.

On the opposite side, there was a powerful corporation, internationally known and the most wealthy of all. This corporation was a military standing operation, raised from the rubble to simply create better and futuristic weapons and armor for soldiers in war. However, the secret operation, there was a small force of this corporation, no more than a handful of creatures, raised and bred for the soul purpose of finding others who were unique, finding the outcasts and forcing them back to the corporation where they were tortured or brainwashed into becoming one of the many slaves of society. Or just killed off.

One of the outcasts, however was a female, a shade of hair so bright it seemed to illuminate on its own, so she covered it with a hood nearly at all times. Sapphire eyes that shinned even in the darkest of nights. Her special ability, well she was known as "RA" that is what everyone called her, for she took all the attributes of a Phoenix. Aside from the regeneration, the rebirth...that was one thing she hadn't necessarily wanted to try out.

Roaming the desert on the outskirts of a city, she snuck between two large boulders and into the small opening of a cave where, after walking down a narrow tunnel, opened up to that of a bar where other outcasts, though few in number, lay scattered about drinking. Some injured from battles with the Corporation, some exhausted from traveling so far on so little. RA's intentions? To grab a drink and relax for a night before she dared to head into the city.


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