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Post by Guest on Thu Sep 19, 2013 11:53 pm

What does it take for a God to fall? To go against everything it had thought it was meant for? Love? Loyalty? Hatred? Revenge? It could be many things, but this wasn't exactly the case.

This God, the God of RA. God of Gods, above most all save for a few. Her birthplace, the Scale, she lived in the region of Light. Among the angels, the long-wings, the king, but would leave a lot of times and walk the lands in her humanoid form, a form that was a disgrace to her kind but a form she took a lot of times, unless she were to do her job. Long red hair, vibrant sapphire eyes, most of the times she were alone, no one to speak to, no one to do anything with. From the age of a child to the age of an adult and over again with every death she were resurrected from.

The God Phoenix would walk the lands, learning and meeting every one she came across, friend a foe. She gathered information, discovered things she weren't necessarily to know about, or things just interesting to her. If she were to fly the skies and protect this kingdom of her king, of her summoner, she would want to know all the creatures that lay within it.

For now though, she was young, the first time she had taken a female form, a form she would remain in for a few several eons, or remain stuck in for an undetermined amount of time. A form, she didn't necessarily pick, but a form she were stuck in. Either way, she didn't mind it and rather enjoyed the form for the time being. Still, she were young from her last death, a rather horrible one at that, but not one meant for this story.

To the kingdom, to the scale, she roams.


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Re: SummonShipping

Post by Melvin Louie-Leon on Fri Sep 20, 2013 12:09 am

Melvin's CS:

Name: Melvin Louie-Leon Wolf

Title: King Melvin the Sinner of Shadows

Age: Ancient

Type: ShadowCaster King from the Past, Summoner 13

Humanoid form height: 5' 9''

Humanoid form weight: 156 pounds

Alternative Form(s): Yes, he's a Shadow-Shifter Expert

*Click Spoiler to see Forms*

Lives: Inside the Castle of Death

Kingdom: The Kingdom of Proper Oblivion

About: In-story.


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