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Post by Melvin Louie-Leon on Thu Sep 19, 2013 7:26 pm

Rise of the Gifted OOC ~ ForbiddenShipping 1 x 1

"Sometimes questions are more powerful than answers..." [-Quote from Heros]

You're just a normal person right? Like you go to school, work, or the store every day... and do what everyone else does. If you trip and fall you bleed, if you get emotionally hurt, you cry. You're human..... or so you think.

One day everything changes. No, I mean everything. I'm only telling you this because I'm a lot like you. But it's up to you to find me. It's up to you, to learn the truth about yourself, and where you came from - who you truly are.

And who are you? Well. You're just an experiment gone wrong. Something cut loose into society, that wasn't supposed to exist. You're like a sub-human thing with amazing power, that was released into the human race, completely by chance. Before the Lab was blown up, you were sent away to parents. Yes that means all of you were adopted by totally random people. All of you.

One of the scientists took you when you were an infant, and just sent you into Foster Care. Some of you were adopted, and have wonderful, loving families. But others... were adopted... and belong to harsh, unruly ones. So tell us who you are. And tell us just how you hide that secret. Tell us... how you manage to survive.

Everyone knows that if you get caught, you'll just be exterminated. It's common-brainary. So tell us how you managed to thrive on, and have a life. Tell us where you're at, and who you are. Tell us, we really want to know. I'll even start, and tell you who I am....


My name is Melvin. I'm 26 years old, and about 5' 9'' in height. I only weigh 156 pounds, but I assure you, there's more to me than meets the eye. Speaking of eyes. Mine are blue, like radiant blue. Super rare in color, to the point where people often ask me if they're contacts or not. Sometimes I wish I had the money to just buy "naturally-colored" contacts, but I work at a bar, and literally do nothing but deal drugs from that bar, on the low for money. I've lived on the streets my entire life, and I don't really "get along" with anyone. Well there is one person, but I'll let him introduce himself shortly.

Oh one more thing. I have this really weird or strange ability. Okay, so maybe that's putting it lightly. I have this insanely awesome power that allows me to infect and warp things. For some reason, the blood that I have coursing through my veins, is black. I can use this power to defend myself, and also to attack others. You probably think I'm crazy, and well I am - but trust me. I'm very, very good at this. And I'm even better at hiding it. After all, who the fuck's going to think that a drug-dealing adrenaline junkie, is some supernatural "thing"?

It's fun... most of it. The power, the rush I get diving off buildings... the fear in other people's eyes...

But is it really really worth it? All the hiding, all the covering your tracks... Sometimes I just wonder if it will all go away someday. Maybe it will - maybe it won't. I don't think it will anytime soon though. Probably won't for you either. Anyways ...step forward and tell me about yourself.


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Melvin Louie-Leon
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Post by Ryou Half-Wit Wolf on Thu Sep 19, 2013 7:50 pm

My name, well it's Ryou. Age? 15.  Who am I exactly? To be honest I don't even know, all I know is that I'm not like others, I also have almost no memory.... And I know a lot of people say that, but it's true, and I don't mean I'm different like i'm super intelligent or have some amazing ability that is rare, I mean, I don't even feel human half the time. I do normal human things, like go to school, and when needed I'll leave my house, though I usually just stay to myself and hideout in my basement and freak out when I need to shut the lights out.... Okay so that life description isn't exactly normal for a teen boy, I don't go out and party, I don't talk to girls, and thats not just because I'm gay, infact I don't talk to anyone! I get freaked out in the dark, because I always feel like eyes are on me, watching me. And for some fucked up reason that people I have never met before have pointed out to me, whenever I enter a room, it either gets brighter or dimmer, more shadow like. And it doesn't just happen either or, it happens based on my mood, which is the really strange part.

Though the strangest part would have to be my appearance, pure white hair, that I keep long, and I actually have a red eye. No not bloodshot, the iris in my right eye, is red while the other is blue. I have to wear contacts to cover it, because people freak out, it's not even harmful to my health either. Guess i'm just a freak.

Anything else I should mention? Well, if I feel like you're better than me in anyway, I'll follow you, and obey you. Which is usually everyone I meet and it annoys them to the point of being ditched or being told to fuck off. I enjoy high places way to much, or being whipped around in the air, like flying. If I'm ever at a fair, or some sort of amusement park, I always just stick with the roller coaster or the rides that make you feel like it will whip you right out of your seat and send you flying, well everyone else is screaming, i'm completely calm, at peace almost ...

I guess that's all for now, i have never told anyone about what happens, but... It's hard keeping t a secret....


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Ryou Half-Wit Wolf
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