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Welcome Sprilly... Finally Someone Famous Among Your Ranks

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Welcome Sprilly... Finally Someone Famous Among Your Ranks

Post by Guest on Sun Aug 18, 2013 3:45 am

Life for me was never easy. I spent almost five years of it on the streets of London… begging for money… I’d grown accustomed to life like this, and it really was no bother to me at all to steal money from people, or as my friends used to call it, “borrowing forever.” When I reached the age of eight I was almost a master pick-pocket, and at the age of sixteen, I’d soon moved from the streets, and I’d bought my own little home. It wasn’t anything large… It was just something simple… something… that would do for then…

After I got adjusted in this new home, I’d began to miss stealing… and soon, I was stealing constantly, over and over again, just to satisfy my lust. I would spend hours on the streets picking pockets, robbing stalls, and basically just causing trouble. I had no parents.

When I was nineteen, I’d killed my first victim… she was such a nice girl… a prostitute… I didn’t know why I’d done it… just something came over me, and I felt the need to take her down. I remember cutting her flesh open and even eating some of it for some giggles. It was then that my old name died, and my new name that the people have given me was created. They called me “Jack the Ripper.” They’d questioned me twice, but every time I had a perfect alibi… But I’ll leave that for later… For now, you’ll all refer to me as… Sprilly. That’s the name I came to my host with… and that’s the one that shall remain. Unfortunately for safety purposes, I’ll remain inside of Chris at most times… Thanks for taking the time to read, and have a pleasant day…


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