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Angelics: Demension Overruled [Story]

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Angelics: Demension Overruled [Story]

Post by Raphiella Blu Azure on Sun Jun 23, 2013 8:51 pm

Angelics: Demension Overruled
[Written by Blu, Salvation, Chris and the Tyrant]

The Hybrid with the Blue Fur

Blu was alone for many, many years. For her kind, it was natural, to be left alone when one was old enough to fend for themselves. For her, she was left behind around what appeared to have been age ten. Her parents had abandoned her, and she remembered nothing of them soon after she made her way on her own. A single hutch in the center of the clearing was her chosen home, a nearby path to the underground not far from the backside of the house. The hutch was made of sod, sticks and animal skins, collected by the girl herself, over a period of several years. Constantly patching up her home, the hybrid female thrived on - without the help of another.

Hybrid were hated by almost every other race. In fact, if one was wandering through the forest in their most humanoid of formations, it was said that they would be killed off without hesitation. Though hybrids were considered the most powerful beings for their time (as one-on-one they were able to take out any creature they were made from), they were at a strong disadvantage when up against a small army. Hybrids came in many shapes, sizes, and formations. But the rarest female hybrid, came in the form of a vampire, demon, lycan mixture. With long blue hair, against her pale prefect frame, her strange mixture, suited her rather well. Her eyes were a frosty blue in color, which matched up with that cold tone of hers. Claws and feet created for shredding any possible enemies, the girl was indeed lethal, to many.

The most profound part of the hybrid (in her humanoid-mix formation) was her wings in fact. They were covered with a thin amount of bluish fur, and lined with thick leathery skin underneath. Her muscles gave her quite a large amount of raw power, but the girl herself, looked rather beautiful, verses deadly. Her long blue tail was carefully hidden beneath an all-black cloak, one she wore daily, to hide all of her misfortunes. Living just outside the Kingdom of Truth, she needed to make sure she kept what she was - a secret. Her wings, which were rather hard to hide most days, were folded neatly beneath the cloak, or simply retracted, by the pulling back, of her form.

Perhaps the most amazing thing about this creature, was her ability to shift. Within seconds of running, the girl was able to explode with massive amounts of flank, power, and magic ability, and then roll over - into an entirely different form. The true hybrid form - which was the animal that the hybrid was inside. In this female's case it was a massive orange-eyed wolf, with huge leathery wings, and completely blue fur. The power that came from this beast was that of a God, just without the title, and power to change and influence events that came from Gods. Though, strangely enough, the female would come into contact with tons of other beings, and politically change the way things were - forever. But let's not get too far ahead of ourselves.

The Angelic Twins of Light

Working for the Kingdom of Truth wasn't fun. At least, not for these two Angels. They fucking hated it. The older one, who's name was Salvation, was absolutely against everything that the Angels stood for. He was the Abomination of the bunch, and would surely leave the other Angels, on account of his High Form, being rather strange. 

Salvation was made of eyes of red, like blood. His navy-blue hair gave him a ghastly appearance, and his power, was through the fucking roof. Salvation was equal to that of a God, but pronounced an "Angelics Abomination", because he wasn't "perfect" in the stereotypical Angelic look, and well, he didn't think like a real Angel either. This male was tall, and had pale-blue wings, and a rather well-matched tail to go with them. His hands were that of claws, and his feet were that to match beneath those white shoes of his. His attitude was dark, and jealously had claimed him for years, twisting this glorious being, into that of a hateful, spiteful deviant. The Kingdom was onto this one, and surely would be seeking out ways to be rid of him.

Christopher, Salvation's younger twin, was the direct opposite of his brother. The male was labeled a "boy" by everyone that had ever came into contact with him, simply because of his behavior. This Angel was made of soft skin, and deep blue eyes, that were sadly, usually filled with tears or suffering. The boy was an inch shorter than his brother, and so much nicer, and a very gentle soul. He rarely spoke out against anyone or anything, and it was soon discovered, that he had a problem saying "No" to people. This would later cause him a great amount of agony, but we'll discuss that later. Chris had long wings like his brother, coated with white-silver feathering, to match that silvery hair of his. The boy was pure and innocent, and would remain so, even after his brother removed his innocence.

Unlike Salvation however, Christopher had a nifty ability, that he hated. The boy was both genders, and therefore completely able to breed, and have kin. Unfortunately, if he did reproduce, it was incredibly painful, and the boy would quickly learn, that his body hated him more than the Kingdom hated his older twin brother.

The To-Be Tyrant King

Melvin, Melvin, Melvin.... Where to start with this lad. There was a word for this kid, that lingered on about the Underground. And it was "Evil". Everything that this kid was, was deviance, power, force, and hatred - turned into pride, and lust, and twisted into violence. It was believed, that if anyone were to lead an army of darkness into Truth, that it would be this creature, a Shadow Fiend so powerful, that he made others suffer just by looking upon him.
The lad often was seen alone, much like the hybrid. He had no brother like the twin Angels, and he had no family that he dared remember. He wasn't as tall as the twins, or the hybrid, who were all somewhere over 6 feet. He stood just beneath them, but his raw power, out-massed them three times when he was angry. 

A very lonely being, this male was humanoid-looking, minus two jet-black dragon wings, and a long fucking tail that ended in a silver spear (shaped like the base of a harpoon meant for killing sharks). His black tail was always elevated, much like his head, ears, and eyes. This was the alpha male of the underground, and he would prove it when the moment was right. His strange shooting hair often melted into the shadows when his blue eyes became white, turning into dancing shadowy flames, that blended in with his Onyx Crown, that would later, always be atop his head.

Claws like fucking daggers, and feet to match, this fiend was built unlike any other being in existence. He was made to kill, and meant for the elimination of Gods. Though, that was, for the moment, yet to be determined. His powerful tail was often seen dripping a thick black, tarry substance, something that came with the worst infection ever brought into existence surely. Melvin also had a rather large fin at the left-side base of his powerful tail, which was said to somehow, be his only known weakness. As a ShadowCaster, Melvin was permitted the ability to shift into a cloud of black smoke, and then take the form of whatever was before him. His most common form, was that of a deadly black Dragon. Never a real dragon though, not one born a dragon. Simply a perfected carbon-copy, that made real dragons look like pussies.

And now that you are made aware of our four characters, please continue.

Chapter One: Within the Kingdom?

Christopher sat at the edge of his bed, fingering his beautiful silver hair. It was long to his waist, and carefully fell down his shoulders, and chest. The boy seemed rather relaxed for now, or at least deep in thought. That is, until there was a sudden and loud knock, at his door.


Chris jumped and turned to face the door, instinctively backing up onto the bed, and moving over closer to the pillows that lined the headboard. His room was rather beautiful like him - everything laced and made of silk, or soft feathering. Such was the rooms of the Angels, that lived within the Castle, their jobs only to protect the King. And the Kingdom outside the Castle.

The doorknob turned and the boy bit his lower lip. He didn't say a word, and just waited.

"Christopher, where are you - oh there you are." Salvation smirked and ran his fingers through his navy hair, and walked into the room. Closing the door behind him, and then locking it, he turned to face his brother, who was now sitting there curiously. "What? Can't I come to say 'hello' to my dearest brother?" He asked with an even larger smirk.

"Sal... you're not supposed to be here... if they find you... they'll kill you..." Chris whispered. He quickly got out of bed, and drew his curtains, then ran over to his brother, and hugged him so tightly, Salvation had to groan and shove him off of him. "I missed you... I was so worried they'd found you..." He whimpered and looked up at Salvation, whose red eyes looked right back down at him.

"I am the most powerful Angel, and a Long-Wing, with the wings of a God Chris, they couldn't catch me if their very lives depended on it." Salvation lifted his brother's chin with his fingers, and then gently kissed his brother on the lips. 

Chris felt a familiar twinge as power surged through his pale body, his wings seeming to almost light up. He closed his eyes and allowed his brother to kiss him, feeling his brother's hands at either side of his face. He wrapped his arms around his brother and slowly kissed him back, still somewhat whining, as it was his only serious form of communication. Salvation pulled away and he sadly looked up at him, but then closed his eyes, as Sal suddenly kissed the top of his forehead.

"I wish you could stay with me." Chris said still holding the stronger twin.

"There is no other way. I look different then you, and I have other motives. Which, speaking of such deviances, I have located the underground. Considering staying there as well." Salvation said boldly.

"Sal no! You can't - please don't! They will kill you! Or sell you off to someone... you'll become a slave..." Chris began to cry, and begged his brother to stop speaking of the underground. There was no safe place there. How could his brother dare to suggest such a thing?
Outside the Kingdom, just past the Forest, and into the Clearing.

Blu looked around carefully, and then sighed. She had just gotten back from the Kingdom of Truth, luckily, without having been caught this time. But when one needed to survive, risks also needed to be made. And stealing from the merchants, was one of the few things Blu did, skillfully and efficiently. She had successfully distracted a few merchants by pile-driving them into a haystack, in the form of a blue wolf no larger than an actual wolf. Thankfully, she was able to change her size, or this might have never worked. After she'd knocked them over she snatched up a large sack, which was littered with fruits, veggies, and bread. This would feed her for a week, no counting any hunting she also did in the forest later.

Which was just what Blu had in mind actually. The hybrid quickly organized everything in her home, and set everything aside. With her catches placed into her wooden alcoves, she gathered her arrows, a dagger, and her bow. Hunting was imminent, and it would be dark enough soon. Which was perfect for her. She didn't really need to hunt as a humanoid creature, but she thought it foolish to roll over into her massive form and hunt that way, if it weren't needed. That, and shifting back and fourth, was a lot of work - and it required a rather large amount of energy. Which she didn't have, because she'd been dry on food for the past week or two. 

This hunt would probably take everything out of her, if she weren't careful.

Blu tossed a single fish on the fire, which she usually kept going as the sun set each night. She quickly cooked it, while attending to her bow, and lining her back pack with arrows. She was traveling light tonight, her tunic on, cloak just over that. Her long blue tail swayed back and fourth as she curiously waited for the fish to be done, her wolfish ears listening just in case anything was nearby. When Blu was absolutely sure that the food was done she inhaled it, then strapped herself down, and started walking through the forest.

"Hmm, I'm really going to need to make this time count..." She thought to herself.

The hybrid girl vanished into the forest, headed further away from the Kingdom of Truth, to avoid any possible trackers, or other beings that would want to hunt her down. A hybrid was worth almost as much as an Angel down in the Underground, and well, they were worth more than an Angel, when they were almost extinct. And, Blu, of course, was the last-known-of, living hybrid, that was "pure" and laced with three breeds. Half-wits (A hybrid cross with only two lineages, or partly human, or half-light and half-dark), weren't worth as much as either. There were plenty of them in existence, and no hybrid considered a half-wit, a real hybrid. In fact, that was a racial slur, for a non-hybrid. Though to Blu, she'd never come across one, and had no opinion on them at all. She was of neutrality, and never truly judged anyone just for being whomever they were. She had a rather open-mind, considering what she was.
Oh just in the Underground nearest the Pits and Blazes...

Melvin cracked his fists, and tilted his head to one side. This wasn't going to be easy, but then again, nothing ever was. Positioning himself cautiously, the fiend began to climb the side of a fucking cliff, to avoid the multitudes of Black Knights, that were attempting to kill him again. Strapped with Angelics Dust Bracers, this male was now unable to shift, and get away. Matter of fact they burned worse than the fires of the 9 Hells, and just moving was a motherfucker. But nevertheless, this kid was climbing, and attempting to keep his wings from being hit with all the spears they were throwing at him. 

"FUCK OFF ASSHOLES!!" Melvin yelled, snarling, and baring his large upper fangs. The Black Knights would surely respond with someone equally offensive, while hurling flaming spears now. Thankfully, none of the Flyers (Demons with wings that serve the Knights) were on their ways yet.
Sinking his powerful talons into the rock, the male continued to pull himself higher, attempting to get to a cliff-edge, which really wasn't all that close. He was scaling the side of a fucking wall, which was a rock slide just waiting to happen. And, what was worse, was that the ceiling was glaring down at him, with splits in the rock that showed lava, and stalagmites that wanted to just fall and impale the fool. Melvin's blue eyes began to glow, and then his strangely shooting hair, began to pick up the same hues. 

Unable to shift, the boy looked upwards, and hissed, hoping to catch the ledge right above him. Without even giving his mind another moment to properly plan this out he pulled himself upwards, flaring out his wings, which came slamming into the walls, and almost causing him to fall downwards to where the Knights stood below about twenty or so feet. Cursing and pulling himself up with everything he had, Melvin made it to the ledge, and sat there, huffing heavily.

Melvin's wings were obscenely large, even larger than the Long-Wings that lived within the Kingdom of Truth. They weren't seriously larger than theirs, only by a foot or so, but they were surely built for speed and aerodynamics. However, in the condition they were in now - they were both completely useless. They were almost unmoveable, since they were just coated in that Angelics Dust and shit. Melvin was rather pissed, and started to crawl across the rocky ledge, attempting to get closer to the cliff. He was about five feet away now.

"Ugh, how the fuck could my luck possibly be this bad?" He wondered, stopping to actually face-claw. He winced and felt a long stream of blood still dripping from an injury he'd suffered to the side of his face. Obviously, getting hit with blunt objects, would never stop the To-Be Tyrant. 

Nor would the spear that just flung itself through his right wing.
Wait, wait, no - that stopped him.

Melvin fell from the ledge screaming and well - he was headed downwards, straight into the Black Knights below him. Good times. Not.


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