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Is the Title more important than the words written within?

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Is the Title more important than the words written within?

Post by Aita Angelis on Tue Jun 18, 2013 6:26 pm

People are writing things about who they are, what their story is, where they came from and all that lovely bullshit. So, I figured I do the same.

I don't know exactly where to begin, seeing as most of my memories are nothing but holes. As of recently, I have begun to learn more and more about myself, who I am, where I came from, my parents. All of that. Every day, as I learn something new, it doesn't truly change a thing about who I am. I am still the loveable bitch you all have come to know. 

Well, the important ones have come to know. If you don't me, you're pretty much useless as a being. 

I suppose I should begin. 

I was born of two creatures. The God RA, and well. My father. Heh. Who my father is, isn't important. I've never seen him as my father, never will, will never care too, and since he denounces me as his own child and refuses to admit it who he is, isn't important. 

My mother gave birth to me, before she realized I was going to be used as a sacrifice and I think that's what pisses me off most. My mother, a very kind, loving individual, who at the time, did her best to bring light to everyone, to never harm anyone, trust someone she shouldn't have, loved someone she shouldn't have, and like every other man in her life, she was used and betrayed; but that's not my story to tell. The only lucky thing was, I was born alive so I couldn't be sacrificed, instead I was placed in Heaven as an angel. 

For a time, at least. I was an abomination, no thanks to my father. My tail, my hair, my wings, my eyes, I was different, I was unpure, so I fell from heaven, to Oblivion where I became known as a fallen. I had discovered I had a pre-evolved sinner form and no memory of who my parents were, where I was meant to go, what I was meant to do, or anything. So I trusted my instinct, my heart and did what I wanted to with my life, and nothing more.

Aita Angelis
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