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Ryou and Keffie 1x1

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Ryou and Keffie 1x1

Post by Ryou Half-Wit Wolf on Sat Jun 08, 2013 11:49 pm

Ryou, was usually seen-wait wait wait, cut that- usually not seen. Anywhere. He liked to be by himself, unless for some strange reason he decided human, or non-human, interaction was necessary. Which wasn't often, but today he was out wondering around the streets, looking for something to do. Perhaps he would run into someone interesting.

Wearing dark jeans and an electric blue long sleeve with black stripes on it, his long white hair was rather fluffy today and for some reason instead of his eyes being their usual red and blue, they were both blue. This was something that only happened if he was tired, being overly innocent or just really calm, which was rare. So, despite his efforts, he looked cuter than he should, which raised un-wanted attention. "Why do they have to stare?.." he rolled his eyes and kept walking, turning to take some back roads.

He kept his true form hidden, keeping his wings bottled up, keeping is already pale skin form becoming and ivory color, and of course keeping his powers in check. It was uncomfortable, but necessary when not in the main part of oblivion, where people knew of other creatures, unlike where he was now, where he would surely be attacked by the military or some other bullshit. "This sucks....keeping my wings hidden is really uncomfortable.."


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