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[ Writers Theme: 1 x 1 Romance ]

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[ Writers Theme: 1 x 1 Romance ]

Post by Raphiella Blu Azure on Sun Jun 02, 2013 6:35 pm

Hello everyone, due to the requests that I've gotten to host this theme, I present to you this! The Dark Romance Theme. I will be allowing you to pair up with ONE other person, in order to fully collaborate for this event. There is no contest, however writers should feel the need to do their best whenever possible.

Here's what we're looking for this week:

-Collaborative posting (either with another person, or you adding in another character)
-Feelings (good explanation of what yourself and the other feels in the fic)
-Spelling and Grammar (DECENTLY PEOPLE)
-Optional vocal communication with both involved (use of quotes here and there vs just a story with a narrator)
-The theme is romantic, loving, and affectionate

Have fun with this one guys. I smell a lot of in-coming shippings and new-found pairings!


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Re: [ Writers Theme: 1 x 1 Romance ]

Post by Salvation Arclight on Sun Jun 02, 2013 8:07 pm


Writers: Myself and Bluey

The sun was setting in the distance, and a hybrid was doing nothing other than sitting atop a hutch in her clearing. The clearing was vast and surrounded with a forest, and just beyond the forest to the North, was a Kingdom. Such a place wasn't for creatures like herself. She was an outcast by all races, though they might come to find out, she truly was a unique being - for a reason. At least, one single person would, for now.

Flying around, high into the clouds for better or worse, was an Angel. And what a wretched Angel this Abomination was. With eyes of red, and long, navy-colored hair, this being was truly anything but Truth's creation. His long claws sliced through flesh, the same way that his wings sliced through the clouds on such a day. He was a ruthless creation, nothing one would ever consider to love. At least, so said everyone else, but her. How such a tragedy had came to be was a myth untold - until this moment, here and now.

Salvation landed in the clearly, and flared out his majestic godly-sized wings. He was the single Angel aside from his twin brother, who had the "wings of a God" no less. Though his wings, were still, inches longer than even his brother's. Wings were a symbol of power, pride, and beauty. Such a glorious creature would have have something important to do, if he were outside his own Kingdom, like now. The hybrid sitting atop the hutch watched him carefully, her own wings going backwards behind her in warning. Her ears curled high atop her head, her fangs naturally growing within her mouth due to the sudden threat. She watched closely as the Angel dusted himself off, then started to walk over to her. Blu knew this Angel to be truly wretched, what he wanted with her she did not know. Caution, was something she would take into direct consideration, as she did not have wings of a God, nor was she close to being one.

He however, was an entirely different story.

But Salvation would have no urge to harm her. In fact when he glided over her and only sat beside her, he said nothing, only hung his head. Flattening her ears the hybrid would look over at the saddened Angel, wondering what to do with him. Asking him what was wrong didn't seem enough, so she gently placed a hand on his shoulder, and whispered it would be alright. The wretched Angel explained he was an Outcast, that the other Angels would see him as nothing, but imperfect. He held up his hands to reveal claws, and his blood-red eyes dripped with tears. He explained that his King, lived elsewhere now, deep within the Pits of Oblivion, where Salvation could not go without permission. He mentioned that even his King was angry with him, that he had no one to turn to any longer. His brother was leading the Heavenly Ruins now, and Salvation wanted nothing more than to take his head off for being too "pure".

Blu did nothing other than speak truth to the Angel. He seemed to be as deserted as she was over time, and about as lost too. Siding off of the hutch she told him to follow, together they would spend their days, beneath a roof where they were unique - together. Salvation agreed to this, perhaps it was something more than just having another around who understood him. He knew this one person to be the one the King was after, he knew that the King had her, a time before he would. With a heavy sigh he followed her into the small house, and sat on the floor before the fireplace. The hybrid female wagged her tail slightly, and went over to the table to bring the Angel some tea. She sat before him as what she was. A humanoid mixture of human, and wolf, with nothing covering her, other than sash around her waist, and her long blue hair down over her chest. Light blue fur to match, covered her ears, legs, feet, tail, wings, and claws. For such a magnificent being, she was truly as alone as he was. The Angel looked her over curiously, asking her from time to time what things were like, as her.

The girl obliged him willingly, having nothing to hide. There were things she just couldn't quite remember however. And the Angel did nothing to help her remember either. He had seen the Future, but he would not tell it. Such were the ways of the higher powers. Instead he just nodded and drank his tea, until fatigue hit them both. The girl would wash the cups and then lead the Angel into the side room, telling him he was welcome to stay, as long as he brought no trouble with him. And so he would thank her, and ask her for her company.

The girl seemed to look around for a moment, almost as if she were confused.

She had been alone for so long, she forgot what it was like to have another interested in her. She began to take note of everything in her house. All of the wooden chairs, tables, the sod walls, and then the sod-and-wooden rooftop that was slanted upwards to the peak. Feeling the wooden floors beneath her padded feet, Blu looked over at Salvation, and asked him just what he meant for her to do. Especially since, giving someone company in her race's terms, meant several outlandish things. Salvation would only smirk and shake his head, then walk over to her, and slowly put his arms around her, lightly holding onto her. She did her best to hold him back, she was about the same height as he was, somewhere just beneath 7 feet tall. He played with the long hair that fell down her back, her long ears curling outwards feeling the hair touch them. A clawed hand went to his back slowly, and then she ran her hand through his hair gently in response. Before she could say anything, the Angel's lips were softly pressed to one side of her face, her cheek tingling, and sending shocks through her body to her tail.

The wretched Abomination looked into her crystal blue eyes, with his raging red eyes. Smiling at her in the form of his usual smirk, he reached for her hand, and slowly lead her into the side room with him. She could smell the scent of love on him, it was strong to someone who was created with the form of a large wolf hidden inside of them. Such a lonely girl would follow this being, designed for Purity, one who rejected every last aspect of such a thing. She laid with him on the bed, which was covered in soft animal skins and ragged materials.

For a long time, the Angel just laid there atop the girl, running his fingers through her bright glowing hair. Every so often he would lean forwards to kiss her, his face flush with a red tint. The girl's tail naturally flicked from side to side as she allowed him to do this, but it would eventually curl up and around him, to find something rather interesting about this being. He had a tail as well. Salvation's expression went to that of embarrassed, and he looked down, his long blue hair falling into his eyes, as Blu's tail rubbed up against his tail. He seemed to shy away at the gesture, almost as if it were rather bothersome to him. The girl slowly reached out to touch his face, and when his eyes found hers, she arched her back upwards, so that her body was firmly pressed against his. She laid back down and reached down to pull up the Angel's robes, so that his long white tail was forced to be exposed behind him. The Angel frowned for a moment, then looked behind him, to see that her tail was slowly wrapping itself in his. Familiarizing this feeling with that feeling of what the King's sometimes did with him, he immediately became rather aroused, and kissed her harder this time.

The girl laughed and would kiss him back, passionately and lovingly. Her long blue hair would continue to glow as they touched and their energies rubbed together, fighting each other, while the two steadily wrapped their-selves into each other. The Angel's tail was long, and white, but it turned pastel blue as soon as it were out in the open. No Angels had tails, leaving this one a true misfortune of existence that was Salvation's life. The Angel nuzzled the girl's neck, slightly biting at her throat, until he got her to moan, then he would do it harder. Sal was rather familiar with being rough, but he remained rather cautious with the girl, as she was the King's mark, and surely he would come for her with time. He reached down and slipped between her legs, watching her as he arched forwards and pushed into her. The hybrid moaned with pleasure, feeling the Angel move in and out of her as she steadily rubbed her bushy tail up against his.

The Angel flared his wings out and upwards, rocking and flaring them as he did his best to make the female feel as he did. As he kissed her, he could feel their fangs rub up against each other, as their tongues fought to go deeper into the other's mouth. The girl playfully laughed and grabbed the Angel's hips, guiding him while he wagged his long tail behind him, his long hair lighting up and dimming out again. His rage-red eyes seemed to peer into her soul as he studied her, enjoying the manner in which she reacted. Salvation laughed and flicked his tail just too far to the left, and then the two fell over and off of the bed, with the girl now atop the Angel.

A nice change of pace, the Angel laughed and howled along with the hybrid, who moved atop him with her strong back and legs. She teasingly danced while she rode him, her tail swaying behind her as she arched her body, sliding down on him harder. Tensing up she tightened her grasp on him, a useless ability that seemed to pleasure the other more than herself. She howled and leaned down to bite down on his shoulder, leaving a rather deep marking where she bit. The Angel, sent into extreme euphoria, began to release a strange cry, that for her kind, was a form of becoming intoxicated by the feeling of love. The girl leaned over and brushed her hair to one side, exposing her perfectly pale chest, and a rather strange necklace. Ignoring it for now, Sal reached up and allowed his fingers to touch her, softly so. He looked up at her and then reached up to pull her closer, the hybrid leaning down and softly kissing his lips. Never before had he experienced such gentle behavior.

After a time had passed and the two had grown used to the feel of each other, the two vigilantly made love to each other, feeling some strange connection that was never supposed to exist. Rolling around on the floor, the Angel and hybrid got closer, and closer.. and closer. Salvation was the second to let off and fall through the euphoria. The hybrid had only climaxed a moment before, her howls sending vibrations through her form to his, sending him over the edge. The wretched Abomination held the girl tightly, their completely naked forms wrapped in each other's, the Angel's long hair splayed out everywhere within hers. Their hair was actually strangely twisted together, making them shrug and laugh while playfully nuzzling one another.

Salvation would hold Blu for a long time. Eventually they would sleep, but his would be lighter than hers. He would feel a rather strange urge to protect her, and hope that his urge was righteous, when the time came for him to serve his King once again. For he was most bound to the King verses any other soul out there (and perhaps his brother would be a close second to this), but for whatever reason, nothing other than that, seemed to matter right then. As he watched her sleep he only hugged her tighter, wrapping his long tail around hers, remembering that she hadn't shunned him for his being different. Eventually he would close his eyes, and have dreams of the near-Future once again.


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Re: [ Writers Theme: 1 x 1 Romance ]

Post by Melvin Louie-Leon on Thu Aug 29, 2013 7:46 am

Fandom: Godshipping [With Sal & Chris temp in-Fic]

Pairing: Melvin x Blu

Story: -Castle of Oblivion-

The Sapphire God, was that of a female, with pale flesh, and perfect blue hair. She was thin, and gorgeous, and perfect to the eyes of her devious King. There wasn't a part of her that he didn't worship, and now that she'd recently ascended, he felt drawn to her in the strangest of ways. For the moment, the great King, seemed to sit on his throne, pondering what he would do, about the lust he felt for his God. Not too long after that, the King was approached by one of his twin Angels, another of the creatures he'd picked for the object of his love. But for the moment, this Angel was vile, and felt a strong hatred towards the King for his passing mistakes. With their God out of the Castle for the moment, Salvation could make his move, and opt to pick a fight, with his beloved mate, the King. And so he did.

The fight was that of forms, and flying - blood was shed, and markings were left deep in the flesh. Melvin seemed to sit in his Original Formation, the Scale of Balance, rendering him in such a way he were weaker than his older Angel. Salvation mercilessly unleashed his rage upon the King, the two tearing each other apart, and clawing at each other with powerful formations, that were better left un-described. After the Angel was done with the King, he dragged him into the dungeon, and chained him up inside. Slamming the door and leaving him there to endure the remainder of his punishment, Salvation abandoned his King, and continued to pace through the Castle, until he'd found his younger twin brother Christopher. The sweet Angel, the one that Melvin used for a great many things...

The great King, did not appear so great, badly wounded and slashed up. He had a thick gash in his lip, and one just over his eye, along with many other slashes, over his back, chest, and arms. He laid there cursing for a time, then eventually drifted off into a strange sleep. Nightmares seemed to torment him for the time being, but that would soon come to an end. Hours later, the King would awaken, to the soft hands of the one person he idolized more than any other being in existence. And that was his Sapphire God.

The hybrid girl with the ice-colored hair, and the frozen voice, approached her King hours later. Slowly stroking his head, the God crouched down beside him, and ran a finger down the side of his face, waking him from his tormenting nightmares. The King lifted his head slightly, then his eyelids slid open, hollow blue eyes flaring to life, to view the arrival of his favored love. He did nothing but allowed a slight smile to come over his injured face, then sighed deeply. He did not wish for her to view him in such a state, but the fact she was there, was truly, all he could think about now. The Tyrant rolled over onto his side, and faced her, a thick collar around his neck, with a chain attached to it, that went to the dungeon floor. Never before had he expected to wind up there, but his mistakes, deserved to be righted.

The Goddess looked down upon her King, not because he was lower than she, but because he was laid there on the ground. Carefully, she reached beneath his chin and lifted his head, the strange sandy hair of his, falling everywhere in random directions. She watched his eyes close slowly, and then they opened moments later. A glowing blue in color now, her favorite aspect of her King aside from his hair. His eyes began to glow stronger, and moments later, his hair seemed to pulse with life. The mysterious energy of the King was magnificent, and the fact he glowed the color of her desires, only made the notion intensify. The hybrid leaned down, and softly pressed her lips to the King's forehead, she kissed him again softly, this time on the cheek over a large bruise. The King's eyes slowly widened, and a second later, her lips were to his. Though hers frozen as though she were dead, never before did the God feel so alive.

The King forced himself upwards, laying there still, but dragging himself over to her. With a strange smirk over his lips he looked at her, his hair still shooting in all directions. Some of it fell into his strange eyes as he came nose-to-nose with her, dazed, and almost non-existent in any world but the world inside her matching eyes. It was rumored that those two could share thoughts, and perhaps they did. For when both of their eyes locked with the other's they glowed at the same time, and an unknown understanding was made between the two. The Tyrant King's fanged teeth hung over his lower teeth as he smiled, a lost, and powerful "in-love" kind of thing. The Goddess would only laugh at him, playfully kissing his face, and running her hands through his messy hair. In reaction Melvin would force his hair to glow, vibrating with power, that he specifically turned blue, each time for her. His Goddess seemed to like this, and wrapped her fingers in it, getting it caught up in her long nails a few times. And, whenever a lock got stuck, she pulled it, and Melvin twitched somewhat pleasurably.

The Sapphire God reached out and grabbed the chain, that hung from the King's neck as he somewhat laid there, aside from holding himself up by pushing back against the ground with his hands. She pulled him closer and flicked her bushy tail, it swaying side to side playfully. Pulling the chains she brought the King closer to her, so that her lips could meet his again. As they kissed this time their tongues met, Blu's stopping to run along the King's lip, that was sliced open from Sal having slashed him across the face. The King moaned softly, the pain from his lip bothering him. He watched the God pull back softly, and panted, and almost whimpered. His pointed ears seemed to fold backwards as he inched forwards to her, desperate to kiss her again. And the girl giggled and curled her wolfish ears, high atop her head. Such a display would not have been welcomed, had it been done by any other being then her. It was a sign of dominance, and by that single gesture the God had demanded control. Without any signs of power-play the King lowered his head to her, then nuzzled the side of her face, until she turned and kissed him so passionately again.

Carefully, as the God kissed her King, she pushed up against him, her chest to his. He backed up slowly, laying down on his back as she climbed atop him. The King kept his Original Form and laid there, watching her, as she unbuttoned his shirt. She looked down at his perfectly-formed chest, which rose and fell with each breath the beast took. Several open gashes covered the King, the girl tending to them with her tongue, and soft kisses.

The King watched the hybrid, she was so affectionate, but so powerful. Her fears didn't seem to exist when they were together, and the fact she weren't afraid of him, and openly challenged him, turned him on. Unable to hide the arousal for much longer, the King arched upwards, and made sure that his tail, did not appear. He stayed in his lowest of forms, not even having a pair of wings to lay back upon. Other than the strange eyes and hair, Melvin looked rather humanoid. Whereas his love, that was Blu, was humanoid, with a large bushy tail, and a pair of ears that moved as she did. Her claws, were rather noticeable too however, not that he was complaining. Despite the God being a powerful being that could smite a whole city, she was gentle, and loving to her King.

The Goddess grinned at the King, and revealed a large set of teeth better left for the world's deadliest canine. She slowly slid back, and her hands went to the King's pants, which were unzipped slowly as she flicked her tail. The King watched the God run her fingers up and down his waist, them wandering, where they were wanted to go. The God's tail became stiffer, and stopped moving so frequently, stroking the King stiff, until he just pulled down his pants for her completely. The hybrid began to find this fun, more of a game to her, than anything now. She lifted the skirt that she was wearing, and tore off the bloomers beneath it. Curling her ears high over her head she sat on the King, rubbing him, and stroking him until he was even harder. The King sat up against the wall, and reached around his chains to pull his shirt off. Now face-to-face with his Goddess, he curiously, watched her, as the pain seared into him from the many injuries.

The hybrid kissed the side of Melvin's face, gently, and lovingly. She seemed to enjoy the fact he was chained up and vulnerable, though she'd never admit to it nor make it obvious. Though, she didn't have to, because Melvin knew it, and he welcomed her, much as he always had before. She reached up and placed her hands at either side of his face, kissing him and occasionally stopping to lick over one of the scratches on the side of his face and neck. Gently she ran her tongue down the side of his throat, easing her way onto him, while he guided himself into her. The King winced in agony as he felt his frame tense up, the pulling of his flesh, tearing a few of his wounds. Determined to please his Goddess he denied he was in pain, and allowed his tongue to hang from his mouth as he panted for her.

Blu grinned and arched her back, allowing the powerful King to sit there, and be pleased. She forced herself down harder on him and he arched upwards in a natural response, moaning out as she moved. Her large tail flicked up and down beneath her skirt, as she grasped onto the Tyrant's shoulders lightly, to keep her balance. And, of course, since hybrid legs were not built the same as a human's, it was easy for her to go lower down on him, and not hurt herself doing so in that position. Her feet were longer and bent more like a werewolf's, as that was a part of what she was. Melvin seemed to enjoy the fact that she was strong, and beautiful, built by some of the most powerful creatures, to still exist on the day in age. The girl watched as her King arched upwards and moaned out for her, his black onyx Crown atop his head, releasing some of the dark energy as he fell into the feel of her love.

Melvin leaned forwards and reached up, bringing the God closer to him. Her perfect body pressed to his, he panted, and stiffened more still. Each time he moved he seemed to wince however, or yip depending on how far into her he went. Eventually his God picked up on this, and pushed him up against the wall with her hand. She told him to sit still, and to enjoy her work, and that he didn't need to move, or hurt himself. The King smirked and lowered his head in response, allowing the God to do her worst to him. She grasped onto his hair and bucked her hips, her perfect body riding his. The King's hands slowly traveled up her strong legs, finding her sides, and her hips. He lightly gripped her enough to keep her close, turning his head, so that he could rest against her chest as she moved. When the feeling began to intensify he turned to her, and reached up to pull her close and kiss her. Still fighting the urge to buck and arch, he gasped and moaned for her to continue and dominate him.

The hybrid God grinned and kissed her King, harder, and deeper now. She could feel that he was ready, and she wanted to make him endure every bit of pleasure he could. She backed off of him and told him to lay down, and when he was on his back she climbed onto him, and began to ride him again. The Tyrant seemed more than pleased with this, and reached downwards towards where she was riding him, not to touch anything, but her pale hands. He took them softly as she gripped him, her powerful talons resting on his abdomen so that she could ride him harder, and so that he could go deeper into her without even trying. The King could feel the God's warmth inside, and her body tensed and tightened around him as she moved. He panted hard and looked up at her, whining, until she leaned over and met him with a kiss. She placed her hands on either side of his chest and gripped him, arching her back and giving it to him harder now. The King seemed to moan for a while, until he panted, and began to howl slightly.

The God's ears shifted into a thicker curl, the King's moaning growing louder as she satisfied him. She yanked the chain around his neck and gripped him harder, keeping her claws out of his flesh as much as possible. Melvin was near his end, and reached up to wrap his arms around his God. He pulled her down on him, and rolled over, the chain tugging as his throat. The wolfish fiend shook his head and snapped his jaws, shoving the chain outwards, so that it when down his back. The Goddess now beneath him, he began to fuck her hard with everything he had, forgetting about his injuries completely.

Blu lovingly ran her claws through the King's hair, growling and nuzzling his throat as he moved in and out of her. She pressed her pale thighs up against either side of him as he did, and panted as he returned her earlier favors. She could feel his teeth at her throat, him biting her, and deviously licking her up and down slowly. The female with the radiant blue hair seemed to enjoy this, and reached up to touch her King. Cautiously she allowed her finger to run down the side of his face, the King slowing, and not moving so much. Time seemed to go into slow motion, and she dragged her claw over his lower lip. The King's hair fell into his face, and he stopped for a moment, panting hard, shaking, and watching her. Strangely, he seemed more interested in her eyes, which seemed to see the entire world. He huffed and slowly pushed himself deep into her, her eyes only flaring to life with his. The King's tongue slipped from between his fangs, and just barely touched her finger. The Goddess giggled once again, and looked up at him - her ears still very much curled.

Grinning the King lowered his head and bit down on the side of her face, then her throat, holding the bite as if he didn't wish her to move. She moaned ever so softly, and then closed her eyes and whispered his name. The King's eyes widened almost instantly, and he bucked his hips, and slid deeper inside her. Their delightful bond seemed to take hold, and the King pulled her close to him, arching, panting. He kissed the side of his God's face, closing his eyes, and telling her that he loved her. A moment later he pushed hard into her, throbbing, and releasing his wrath inside her. The girl beneath him climaxed at the same moment he did, the playful banter having reached it's end. She thumped her tail against the ground as he let off inside her, the feeling causing her to let off so much harder.

Melvin backed off of his Goddess, and weakly fell over onto his side. Panting hard, he remembered he was hurt, and winced as the pain seemed to backlash at him for his activities. He reached out and touch his God's hand, her panting just as hard. She rolled over and got to her feet vigilantly, her tail twitching as she dripped with the King's wrath. Shaking herself like a dog, the goddess wandered over to the ground where the chains were connected, then used the rest of her might, to rip them from the ground. Angrily she turned back to the King, and knelt beside him and pulled him into her arms.

A while later Salvation would wander into the dungeons, to check on the King that he so feverishly punished. But he would enter a hybrid's lair, and find the King safely in her arms. The God shamed the Angel with harsh words, making him unlock the collar clasped around the Tyrant's neck. When that was done she forced the Angel to carry the King upstairs, so that he may be laid down to rest. Angrily she'd ban him from the area, and lock the bedroom doors. Crawling into bed with her King, the hybrid wrapped her arms around him, protectively. For the first time in nights the shadowy fiend would sleep sound, nightmares pushed away, with the holding of his treasured God.


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Re: [ Writers Theme: 1 x 1 Romance ]

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