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Birth of a God

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Birth of a God

Post by Guest on Fri May 31, 2013 12:53 am

I have been asked and many have wondered many things about how a God is born. How one becomes a God. Truth is, it is different for every one. Depending on what God you are, what region you are from, what you are meant to do.

This story, is my story. The story of the original RA. Of how I was born and my life. This story, will probably never be finished, for I am not dead there will be holes in the story, when you have lived for as long as I have it is quite hard to remember every little detail.

There will be many people you know and people you do not know in this story. Names will not be changed, things will be said how they are, from the perspective of the God RA.

To begin, I cannot tell you how old I am. I am an ageless God. I spend my time in many different regions where time is different in every one. I could count on how many lives I have lived, but truly I can not tell you how old I truly am. So, I will start from the very beginning and hope those who have taken the time to read it, enjoys it.

I cannot say that I was born. Because, I wasn't. I have no parents, no family, no friends. Nothing. I was created for a specific purpose that grew and change over time. I came to life because there were very few Gods, few in all regions. I do not mean the Draconic Gods, they are above all, I speak of Gods much like myself. These Gods needed a single being to bow too. A being who was powerful and could be resurrected with ease. A being who stood as a symbol for peace and love, honesty and courage, but also a symbol of fear to those who stood against what was right. This, the Phoenix God was created, RA. The God of Gods. The God who all other Gods bowed too.

This was at a time before man, a time were very few were even in existence at all. In fact, at the time of my creation there were less than a hundred beings in existence at all. Though, the number greatly increased day by day after. There were few long-wings, there were few Shadows, there were even fewer Gods, a decent amount of Hybrids and there were three kings. A King of Heaven. A King of Hell. A King of Kings, a King of all, the King of the Scale. There might have been some turmoil debating whether the Gods fell under the rule of the King of the Scale, or if they minded their own. So a class system was made. Those who fell to the title of demi-God or Guardian fell under the rule of the King of all. Anything considered a Scalen God sat at the same level of the King of Kings, though their power was far greater.

Though, power isn't everything.

With that knowledge in place, my story begins.


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Re: Birth of a God

Post by Guest on Tue Jun 04, 2013 10:23 pm

I will start, at the beginning of beginning, the site I first remember. My first memory.

I was but a child, small, frail. There was nothing but woodland around me, probably a mountain side. Around me had looked like I had fallen into a small crater, most everything around had been burnt away. I glanced and looked around, confused and disoriented, there was nothing around me other than the trees and land. No creatures...nothing.

I remember looking up towards the sky and frowning, trying to figure everything out, how I had got here, why I was here, anything. I closed my eyes then and I heard a voice, I know now, this day who spoke to me, but for now I will remain silent.

The voice said to me of who I was, of what I was meant to do. That I was the first God to be created and the God who will rule all the false Gods. My name was RA and I was the God of Gods, the God of the Sun.

I have changed genders throughout time and always came before man as a male, as it was the form of power and rule, never would they listen to a female so a male I chose. Despite that, I had remained in the body of a female when I didn't have to be in a seat of power, and in that of a human.

Time passed and as I grew up, more Gods, more creatures came into existence. I knew the King of Heaven, the King of Hell and the King of the Scale, rarely did I ever come to them in a form other than that of a God. I was only doing my job when I had and in doing my job, I stayed as a Phoenix.

I was rather close to the Kingdom of Heaven and could be found around in that kingdom, with the King or the other angels and creatures.

Not long after my body had finally taken the form of a young adult and remained such, I stumbled across a battling duo. A man who would later become a God and a man who was a Seraph, the first Seraph and a man who would later become King of Heaven. APEP and Cain.


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Re: Birth of a God

Post by Guest on Tue Jun 04, 2013 10:43 pm

I had known for some time, APEP was soon to become a God, he had a massive amount of power and led a faction of minor demons that would, over time, amass into an army, he would have no kingdom but he would serve a king. But I digress.

APEP, a male tall with snow white hair, emerald eyes that were deadly to gaze into and a lean body. Held two fang like swords in his hands and used incredible speed despite his size to attack his opponent, Cain.

Cain was a Seraph, a male with six huge golden wings, long golden hair and golden eyes. His entire being seemed to radiate a golden shade. He was far more beautiful than any other and his heart was just as golden. In his hand, a long golden spear with a deadly rotating spike. With his massive wings spread, he was far faster than APEP and zipped around him in golden streams of light, nearly disappearing and reappearing around his opponent.

That was when I had stepped in. The two had been fighting in the sky, above a mountain top when I had. I had fallen from the sky and just as the two crossed blades a vortex of fire slammed down between them and shot them back, slamming them to the ground. From the sky, I hoovered. The two managed to their feet and glanced upwards at me, getting to a knee to show respect. A respect rarely shown now a day.

"This fighting has gone too far. The two of you must cease immediately, there is no reason for your squabble, if it will not cease I will take appropriate action."

"Appropriate action? What this punishment you speak of and how do you plan on exacting such?" he asked with a wicked smirk and I glared for but a moment before I lowered. Before my talons hit the ground, I erupted into flame and my barefeet touched the ground as a human. My long red hair flutttered down around me and sat down to my waist, sapphire eyes laced with fire opened and looked over at the soon to be Snake God.

"Are you questioning me, APEP? If you expect your title, I expect you to obey and listen to me."

His smirk darkened, "I had heard the mighty RA was a female, but hadn't expected to be as beautiful as you are." he said stepping closer and rose his hand to touch my cheek, a hand suddenly grabbed his wrist.

"I suggest you refrain from touching her. She is still a God the king of them all as it is, you would be wise to show respect."

"You would be wise to listen to your brother."

"You know we're brothers?"

I let out a soft chuckle, "Dear Cain, I am RA, I know and see all. Now, I will be watching the two of you closely if you two so much as look at each other wrong, I will take action, is that clean?"

Cain bowed, "As you wish."

APEP said nothing until he got a sharp glare from myself, his head bowed, "Of course, my dear God RA."


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Re: Birth of a God

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