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Songtheftshipping OOC [Rinny x Bakura]

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Songtheftshipping OOC [Rinny x Bakura]

Post by Queen of Randomness on Thu May 30, 2013 8:36 pm

So... Pretty much, this will just be a RP between YB and I that may eventually develop into smut or something. XD

Name: Kagamine Rin.

Nickname: Rinny, or Rinny-Chan.

Age: Around fifteen or sixteen years old.

Gender: Female.

Species: Human.

Height/Weight: 5'5" and about 135 lbs.

Occupation: Vocaloid, a singer/songwriter.

Lives: In a small apartment with Len, her twin brother.

About: Pretty much, Rin is just a hyperactive and spontaneous teenage girl who acts friendly and outgoing to everyone she meets. She likes to call herself the 'Queen of Randomness' since she is unpredictable, though most doubt that she's even the queen of anything. She is a vocalist in a group of musicians called the Vocaloids, and she has a twin brother named Len that she often sings with. She is the older of the two, yet seems to be less mature and more clumsy than him. [more to come later in the story]
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