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What the HELL is going here?!!!1

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What the HELL is going here?!!!1

Post by Melvin Louie-Leon on Sat Mar 30, 2013 1:00 pm

Here lies the region of the King. I have no idea just what the fuck this area will entail so just shut the fuck up and wait. One area is going to be for the Hideout, where people can come IN CHARACTER and hang out. The other Lair will be OBLIVION, where you're in the 9 Rings of Hell. The King is NORMALLY hanging at the Hideout Bar, but if he's in Oblivion he'll be there in Sin Form and also a total dick. Don't bother him when he's on the Throne of Death or you might get eaten.

In Character ONLY. If you irritate the fuck out of me I'll delete your comments.

No OOC required. It will just be like playing yourself as you see yourself in anime. Or some shit like that. Lmao.

UPDATE: Edit* I lied, there will be an OOC lmfao.


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