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Vampire Land

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Vampire Land

Post by Hellhound4ever on Wed May 29, 2013 3:47 pm

Vampire Land ~ By Antisocial Kaiba aka: The Hellhound

“Done!” Samantha said as she finished typing the last letter and hit the print button listening as the hum of the machine started and the page came out. Grabbing it, she put it in the file folder it belonged to and went to file it. Walking back to her desk to get her stuff, she glanced up at the clock. Stopping in place she realized the time. It was already 7 PM which meant it was dark. Damn, she knew she might be in trouble.

Since the vampires had taken over 11 years ago, everyone that was still human made sure to be in their homes by dark. Samantha would have been there too if she had not been given the last minute account to do. Now she would have to hurry to get home and hope she made it. The elder vampires were not the worst ones, the had their pets to keep them happy. It was the pets that had been turned that were the scourge of the city. They did not care who they fed on or what shape they left them in. they seemed to think they were scavengers, the way they carried on. She made sure to turn her computer and printer off before picking up her notebook and heading toward the door.

A shadow of movement to the left of her caught her eyes. Turning her head that way, Samantha saw, to her horror, two of the newbies stalking her. Theses scavengers even had the audacity to walk into a company to feed, they were getting more and more bold. As she look to the door, Samantha knew that she would never make it so she made a bee-line for a nearby supply closet. Slamming the door, she locked it and waited in terror as they tried to break in. looking around, she could not find any other weapon, except for the broom by her. Grabbing it she prepared to fight when they finally got through.

The noise outside the door stopped suddenly and she knew they were coming in. bracing herself, Samantha told herself that she would die she let them turn her. It was a few moment before she saw the knob turning. Raising the broom, she waiting as the door opened and a figure cane in front of it. Since the light was behind them, she could only see the outline. Running toward it she let out a little battle cry knowing that it would be her last. The figure stepped back and she made it past before she felt the arms around her waist snatch her back to them.

“No!” She yelled as she fought trying to get loose so she could swing at them. “Leave me alone, you will never get me you stupid disgusting creatures. I will kill myself first.” Samantha said as she continued to wiggle hoping to get loose enough to run or stab one of them with the broom.

It was at this time that she heard a deep voice in her ear. “You would call me a vile creature after breaking in my company.”
Samantha realized who had her and stopped fighting. When she was put down on the floor, she turned to apologize to her boss. “Sir I am sorry, I am Samantha, one of you day secretaries. I was just finishing up a new account when I saw the other two stalking me. I could not make it to the exit so I ran for the supply closet and was going to try to fight my way out.”

Stephan looked at her face to see if she was being honest but found no tells that she was being dishonest, so he relaxed. Looking at her, he noticed her emerald green eyes with a fire in them. He also watched as her breast moved up and down with her heavy breathing. He could smell the fear and anger in her body and it excited him. All he wanted to do now was take her body and pleasure himself with her.

“It is okay but you do know that you should be off the streets at dark right?” he asked her.

“Yes sir, I just had to get it done and did not realize the time. I was just finishing and about to head home when I saw them. I thank you for saving me and I will be on my way now.” She told him as she turned to go.

“And you are going to walk home in the dark now that it is already dark knowing what is out there after you?” he asked her waiting as her predicament dawned on her.

“Crap” was all she could say.
“Allow me to walk you home, it will be my pleasure for such a dedicated employee. “ He told her offering her a safe way to get home.

“If you are sure that it will be no trouble for your sir, I would be even more thankful to you.”

Samantha got her stuff that she had dropped while ago and let her boss lead her out of the building. Walking down the road, they said nothing to each other, each in their own thoughts. She was thinking how much the world had changed. Human were no longer allowed to drive, they had to walk everywhere now. They also were not allowed to own anything, no one had their own houses anymore, they had been done away with. The only places that the living were allowed to live now were these little suburbia efficiency places, kind of like apartments but they were not touching.
As they got to her living villa, she turned to thank him. Stephan said that he would see her in just to make sure she was safe so she would be at work the next day. Thinking how sweet he was being for a vampire, she unlocked her door and stepped inside then turned to invite him in. that was the only way he could come in and he had done so much for her she would have been rude not to. That was never allowed, you had to respect the vampires and show them respect, so she would.

Hearing the door close behind her, Samantha walked on into the kitchen to get her a glass of wine after the night she had just been through. She got a glass out and ask Stephan if he would like some. When he said yes she grabbed him one and opened the fridge to get the wine out. Pouring two glasses she handed him his before downing the other one quickly to settle her nerves. She had just poured another glass and opened the fridge again to grab something to snack on when she felt her boss grab from behind and pull her body to his.

At first, Samantha thought that someone may have been in her house so she stayed still as he held her. It was not until she felt his hand in her pants that she realized that there was something else going on. She began to fight him immediately as he inserted his finger in her and started moving it in and out of her womanhood.

“Stephan what are you doing? I want you to stop this now, please.” She begged as he began moving faster in her and she felt him getting bigger against her back. Samantha was still struggling as he pushed her into the fridge to pin her body to his.

“I am just taking my payment for saving you, this is my right and I want it now.” he told her as he moved his body up against her in a sexual motion, growing even more larger against her butt.

“No don’t do this, I don’t want this.” she began to whimper.

“I don’t care what you want, it is what I want.” He told her as he pulled her pants down and left them where they fell.

“God no, please do not let this happened.” She cried as she felt his now naked body. When the hell had he had time to take his clothes off, she wondered like an idiot.

“ I am your god now, and I am going to let them happen so just let it and it will be done.” He told her as he picked her up and carried her to the back room of her villa.

Turning her to face him he lay her down on her bed and began to suck on her breast while he kept playing in her with his finger. Samantha still tried to fight him off as he gripped and sucked and explored every part of her body. Her crying got worse as he pulled his finger out of her and pushed his enlarged dick into her body.

This made her fight him more but it did not have any effect, he only seemed to go deeper into her. Stephan started thrusting into her body as she cried openly now and cursed him pounding on his chest. The more she fought him, the faster he got since her fight excited him greatly. When he released himself into her he grabbed a breast and pulled it up to him biting into her soft flesh. When the blood flowed out into his mouth he was in heaven.

When he had bitten into her Samantha knew that she was going to die tonight anyway so she just stopped fighting and cried as she felt him sucking the blood out of her body and it growing weaker by the minute. When the darkness took over her mind she welcomed it, knowing that it mean that it was finally over.

Stephan had never tasted blood that sweet before so he did not realize how much he was drinking until he heard her heartbeat slowing down. He was draining her to death, so he stopped immediately. Cursing himself, he bit into his arm and put it up to her mouth so she could drink some. When she did not take it, he drank some into his mouth and pulled hers open, before spitting it into her. It took about 20 minutes for his blood to work in her, and he was starting to worry that he had killed her.

Stephan knew he could not give her anymore blood or he would convert her and that was not allowed. He waited with high anxiety as her heartbeat slowly began to beat fast and strong again. He just lay there kissing all over her body as he waited for her to open her eyes again. He was still trying to figure out what it was about her blood that had been so great that he had not realized that he had been ending her life.

As Stephan felt her began to stir he pulled her body up to his and held her as she got her bearing back. When she opened her eyes and realized where she was, the fighting started again from her. Samantha pounded his chest and tried to slap him, so he would let her go. When she got a little bit of her free she went with it and got out of his arms. Turning away from him she began crawling across the bed to get off and run. It was not until she felt him grab her rump and pull it back to his penis that it dawned on her. She had not gotten free, he had let her so he could get her in this position.

Realizing that he was just playing with her, she cried as he took her from behind doggy style. She could hear him moaning as he thrust got faster and harder into her. She put her arms over her head as he rode her, she was ashamed that is was happening and she could do nothing about it. When she felt him finish and his seed emptying inside her, she also felt his teeth sink into her buttocks as he began to feed on her body again.

Wanting to be careful with her this time, he fed for only a short time before pulling her up to him and placing her back to his chest so that he would be able to hold her. When he had her snuggled up to his body, he began to play with her breast, kneading them as he felt the tears sliding down onto his arm. She was finally broke and this brought him a joy he could not describe, she could be submissive for him now. Stephan plan to use her body until he tired of it, and now she would not fight him anymore, she was his now.

“Now you are ready.” He told her as he lifted her up and carried her to the bath room. turning the water on, he placed her in his lap as the tub filled up with warm water. After the tub was full, he washed body then her hair. When this was done he used his finger to assault her body once again just to make sure that she was not going to fight him anymore. When she just sat there letting him do it, he knew that she was his to do with as he wanted. He took her back to her bad and laid her in it before climbing in with her and holding her until she slept from exhaustion.

When he heard her breathing go shallow and her body totally relax, Stephan knew she was finally asleep so he left after locking the door and putting her key in his pocket since he would be coming there a lot more now. he went back to work and did his job for the night. At one point he actually caught himself humming and he knew that it was because of that lady that he had taken and make his.

After work he went back to his mansion and got in his casket for sleep thinking of the night that would be coming. He could not wait to go take his new property so many more times and teach her what he wanted her to do for and to his body. Stephan would train her properly and the use her without prejudice, that was their right now. Vampires no longer had to hide, they just took what they wanted and no one said anything to them about it.

He had been to the farms where they bred the humans to be used as pets, but he had not found any of them to his liking. Someone else had broken them already so the victory over them mean nothing to him. He wanted his own pet that he had taken and broken. One that he could teach how to pleasure him and let him do whatever he wanted to them. Stephan had tried to train a few but none lasted very long with him. He either got bored with them or they wore out, he was a vampire after all and they were insatiable.

He did not sleep but lay there planning what he would do to her that night, and nurse the hardness he was experiencing as he thought of all of the stuff he was going to teach her that night. He was so excited he did not notice that he was slowly stroking himself as he picture him moving in and out of her soft body. Stephan also started thrusting his body back and forth as he had the night before into her, finally releasing into his hand and all over himself. He was so ready for his new pet. God was he ready.

When Stephan felt night outside he burst from his casket and shot over to her house to plow into her body. Using his stolen key, he let himself in and went to her bedroom only to find it empty. Looking around to figure where she might be, he finally noticed that something was wrong. None of her stuff was in the room anymore. Going to the kitchen, he slung open the cabinets and fridge only to find it all empty. His new pet was gone and he had no idea where she was. Looking in the trash for a clue he only saw the clothes that he had ripped off her the night before when he had made her his. Picking them up he inhaled the smell of her then put them in his pocket before walking out and locking the door.
Going to his company, Stephan went to human resources to find out if she had worked that day and get her new address. When he told the lady what he wanted, the sad new she had to report was the Samantha had come in and quite that day without leaving a forwarding address. Stephan was not sure how he felt about it. He was angry that she had not been as broken as he had let himself believe and actually left her job. And he was also hurt because he had not had enough time with her to satisfy himself.

The next week seemed to pass slow for him, he spent every night searching for any trace of her and the days trying to think of where he had not checked. After a week the lady in human resources let him know that she was coming the next day to pick her check up. Stephan was overjoyed, he would finally have her back. The last year had been hell on him and his body. Trying to convince himself that he could get another pet, he had tried to take another woman, but he had been so unhappy about it that he had not been able to get his body to cooperate. He had been all in the lady with his finger but he never got hard for her, so he had fed on her and then left her for dead.

It was at this time he had thought about the fact that he would be home when she came by and would never get to see her much less get to follow her back home. Going to see one of his employees, Stephan told him that he was to wait for her to come get her check then quietly follow her home, so he could tell him when he came out. With that taken care of he went home and waited for night when he would get his pet back.

As soon as night came he was out and calling the guy on the new cellphone he had purchase for this. When the man did answer, all Stephan could hear was someone yelling and cursing. His man did not say anything so Stephan followed the gps that was in the phone to find it and his employee. As he got closer to the phone, you could hear the yelling still going on but now you could hear the sound of someone being slapped.

Stephan came around the corner and saw five vampires surrounding two bodies that were on the ground. He did not know who the vampires were but he knew that people and he saw red. Going in the middle of them he took out three of them before they knew he was there. The other two were shortly dealt with as well. He made sure that they were gone before going to pick up the bloodiest body off the ground and holding it to him.

Feeling water on his hands he thought it was her crying in hopes that it was true, but as he looked down, he saw that the tears were blood, which meant that they were his own. Pulling her body to his so he could hold her one last time, Stephan heard a very faint heartbeat in her chest. Biting himself he shoved his finger into her mouth letting the blood drip down her throat. After seven drops he pulled her to him and waited while his blood healed her and brought her back to him.

Having lost so much blood, she was still weak as he shook his worker awake and had him follow as Stephan picker her body up and carry it all the way back to his house. He laid her in the bed he had with the silk sheets and got in with her as he held her to him. He had never brought one of his pets home before but she was different for him. She did not wake up the rest of the night or the next day either. Stephan was really starting to worry about her when he heard her little moan and saw her eyes flutter open.

Thinking she was still back in the alley, Samantha brought up her fist and slapped him. He did not allow her to do it again, he caught the hand in midair and pulled it to his lips. Kissing down her arm then her breast, Stephan heard a little moan from her. Wanting to take it easy with her this time, she slowly pulled her shirt up and over her head as he let his mouth gently have its way with her. When he got to the pants he used his teeth to pull them off of her before going back up to her vagina, already getting hot, and slowly inserted his tongue into her.

The moan this time was long and husky. Letting his tongue flicker in and out he felt her began to gently thrust her hip up to him. Grabbing her but he pulled her up and held it up to him as he used his tongue to bring her to a climax. Feeling her liquid coming out he sucked it up. He did not know he had accidently bitten her vagina until he tasted the blood mixed in with it. Stephan had never tasted it like this before and head himself moan as he drank her in.

After she stopped cuming for him, he lay there with his face on her stomach as they both caught their breathe. When he was ready for her, he laid back and brought her up to his swollen shaft. Samantha understood what he wanted from her and took him into her mouth. Moving her mouth up and down on his penis she brought him to his climax slowly. When he took her hand and put it to his balls underneath, she stroked them as she continued to suck him.

When he heard the new moan, Stephan could not understand how she was doing this with him in her mouth until he realized that it was him. He was not sure how long this went on before he exploded in her mouth and let her drink him. Long after he was done she stayed in between his legs with her head across him.

Stephan had not known that it would be this good with her but it was and he was ready to take her again, now that he knew he had to be gently with her, he was determined to do it and make her his. As he turned her over on her back, he kissed the inside of her legs up and down from toe to pussy, he licked every part of her body. He then moved to the top part of her body and took one of her breast into his mouth. Sucking it and rubbing the other he heard her moans turn to whimpers.

“Stephan, please make me yours now.” she begged him as she pulled on him.

He push her legs open wider and let his enlarged dick slide into her wetness. She was so ready to finish that she rose her hips to meet his and almost finished him early. “Slow down pet, I don’t want to finish with you yet. I have all night with your body and I want to enjoy it.” He said as he slid back out of her.

Samantha groaned and began to pull his chest down so she could suckle his nipples. She too, between her teeth and caressed the other one with her hand. Knowing that he could not hold off any longer, he slid himself back into her and they both plunged over the summit together.

Stephan held her as they rested and got their strength back. He was so happy to have her with him and safe. He wanted to keep her in his bed at all times, and he was going to do his best to achieve that as much as possible. He finally was ready to take on a new pet and he was going to let it be her. Now all he had to do was to train her in the ways of how to serve him and keep him happy.

As he felt her move, Stephan let her sit up. He was confused when she turned to put her clothes on. He thought that she might be shy about her body so he did not question her. Samantha got up and walked out of the bedroom so he decided to follow her. He did not bother with his robe since he loved to walk around without any garments on to restrain him.

He noticed that she was at the front door and about to turn the knob, but Stephan reached her before she could blocking her escape. “Where are you going? You will be staying here from now on.” He said as he pulled her back to his body. He could feel her warmth radiating out and was surprised to find his body responding yet again to her.

“I have paid my debt to you. The last time you saved me, you took two sexual favors from me so this time I gave them to you so you would not raped me again. Now I am done and can go back to my new villa now.” she told him as she reached for the door again.

Stephan was infuriated with her. She had only given herself to him not because she was really ready to be his pet but because he had save her and she thought this was her payment. He picked her up off the floor and took her to the back part of the basement. He did not like to use this room very much but when his pets were very hard to train he would bring them in here to use his torture devices on them until they were ready to behave.

He held her arms up and locked them into the chains hanging from the ceiling. He then went over and pulled the rack up where her body was just hanging there without touching the ground. Stephan took his knife off the shelf and went over to her. You could see her eyes go wide as she watch him approach her. Hoping to see the tears this time, he was very disappointed, she did not shed one tear.

Putting his blade into the top of her blouse, he sliced it open all the way down and let it fall to the floor. Doing the same with her pants, he had her just in her undergarments as she hand there. This was one of his favorite tools because it left her totally without any way to defend herself, and allowed him to have all access to her body. To prove to her even more that she was venerable, Stephan used his blade to take her last bit of dignity as he dispatched of her panties and bra leaving her totally naked. Watching her breast protruding upward he felt himself become aroused by control her had over her.

Going up to her he took on of her nipples in his mouth as she hung there and pleasured himself at her expense. He reached his massive hands around her back and gripped her buttocks pulling her to him and holding her as he fed on her. It was at this time he finally felt the tears coming from her. She was actually understanding her situation now and knew there was nothing she could do about it.

“Why are you doing this, I gave you your payment?” she asked him as he continued to feed.

Stephan ignored her cries as he pulled her legs up over his shoulder and pushed her vagina up to his face and plunged his tongue into her. As he sucked and tortured her body while he pleasured himself at her expense. As her body stiffened in his arms he bit into her and fed again as he drank her in. he had already figured out that the reason her blood was so good was when she orgasmd, her body release endorphins in the blood.

That is the reason that he always waiting until she was climaxing to feed on her so he always got the good stuff. When Samantha was finally his pet, he would be able to have her like that whenever he wanted with no argument from her. When she stopped discharging, he turned and left the room with her still hanging there for his next visit.

Samantha did not know what was going on just that she was so weak and on fire at the same time. she would never tell anyone that a vampire was bringing her to her summit but he was. No matter how hard she tried not to her body was not listening. Every time he touched her, it was like someone had light a match inside her. He had only to look at her body and she could not move, or breathe. A vampire was in no way civilized so why she found her body wanting him to take it she could not fathom. He proved this every time he was near her. Leaving her hanging from a ceiling naked was what a vampire would do. Her body actually letting him bring it to climax as he fed on her was not acceptable. Sleep overtook her as she did not have the strength to fight it any longer.

Samantha was still out when he came in to get her the next day. Lowering her body, he undid her chains and took her to the bath that he had drawn for her. Since she was had not come to yet he got in the water with her too so he could hold her up as he bathed her body. When he held the rag up to let the water roll down over her breast, he felt the desire in him make his dick swell.

Knowing that he had to wait on her to wake to pleasure himself he continued washing her as he became more erect against her butt. His errection pushed into her soft skin wanting it to take him in and please him. The soft moan coming from her brought his attention to her face as her body recognized him wanting her. Raising her up he laid her gently on the side of the tub as he spread her legs and brought his mouth down to her.

He felt her legs try to get around his neck when his tongue shoved its way in to her hot welcoming vagina. Pulling them up he let them go around him as he brought her to her peak so he could feed on her as she came in his mouth. Stephan welcomed her moans as he took her again and again with his mouth. He would not win this one with sheer strength, but by desire. Her body was already his but her mind kept wanting to fight him.

When he was satisfied he pulled her back in to keep her body warm until she woke. He ran some more hot water around them as he held her in his arms, and she let her head rest on his chest. Rubbing his arm down her side he felt her body reacting to him so he knew she was ready to take him in. laying her in her stomach over the side of the tub he got on his knees and slid his penis in her from the back. Riding her doggy style he hammered her body as he felt his release coming. Just before he released, Stephan stopped and waiting for him to easy back some. He then started in her again and held on to her back as he rode her hard letting her body take all he had to give her. As he climaxed into her body, he leaned his head down on her back and let him seed fill her body.

After he was done, she washed her body again and took her back to the torture room. after fastening her back up to the chains, he watched her breathing as she hung there so vunerable to her new master. It would not be long until she was ready to accept him or die. Stephan was hoping for the first one since he was enjoying her body so much. He may have to push more to the direction he wanted to go, even though that was something he had not done with any of the previous ones.

Walking out again he went on out for his nightly visit to his office to make sure that everything was running smoothly. He signed some documents but could not concentrate on anything else, he wanted to go home to play with her but knew he had to show restraint. Instead, he called some of his resources to located her new villa. As he went to it, he was surprised to learn how far she had moved to get away from him. Since she had invited him into her previous villa, he had no trouble walking into his one.

Stephan walked around for a while taking in her previous life, she would never be coming back here no matter what happened. He looked into her closet at her clothes but found them not to his liking. They were all too plain and drab, not fit for her body. He went through everything of hers and found nothing she needed anymore so he called someone to come clean it out for the next living soul. When asked what they wanted him to do with her stuff, he told them just to torch it, she would no longer be needing any of it.

Now that he had something he could do, he went to a store and bought her a whole new wardrobe. The design was the same for all of it but the fabric and colors were different. He showed the dressmaker the dress that he wanted for her. It was tight and shapely up at the top hugging every curve of her bodice, then long at flowing below the waist. Then there was the two splits going up each side where her legs would be seen. In the back and front he had her put two triangle openings the front to show off her belly button and the back up toward the top. When he approved the design, he told her that he only wanted the dresses in velvet, silk or satin.

After the dress shop, he went to the jewelers to get her bobbles. he was careful in his choice since she would be his only pet and represent him. When he had that done, he talked to the shop owner because he wanted one more thing and he wanted it done right. The man told Stephan that he would need to do it personally, he told the man to come with him to his mansion. Knowing that he could not argue, the owner closed his shop and followed the vampire lord to his home.

Stephan had him set everything up in the kitchen while he went for his pet. She was still out, so he carried Samantha to the table and laid her down. The man seemed to be uncomfortable looking at her naked body but Stephan was proud to see the desire on the face of the old man. He watched carefully as the man put his hands down on her stomach and pierced her beautiful flat belly. Looking at her he knew that she was going to be the perfect pet in the things he had chosen for her.

Stephan showed the man back out and then went back to the kitchen. There was still some blood where the bellybutton ring was, so he leaned over and slowly lapped it up, before letting his tongue go on up between her breast. He did not miss the fact that her back had arched them up to his, so he took her own back to his bed for a while. Taking time to suck both nipples evenly, he felt her body arch and move under him as he let his finger move in and out of her body. When he wanted to push her further he pulled her up to him and bit into her breast and fed. She made no effort to fight him as he kept her arched up to him so he could have all he wanted of her body.

Since she was inviting, he let her stay in bed with him as he held her. She was going to be okay and he had a new pet. If she ever fought him again, he would just put her back on the rack and she would be taught that she was not allowed to disagree with her master. He lay his head against hers softly rubbing her breast as she slept.

When he became erect, he began to rub it into her butt letting her body know that he was wanting it. This was another thing they had to be ready for. If at any time their master wanted their bodies, the pet had to make it available to them without question. Samantha turned onto her back and waited on him to take what he wanted from her. He picked her up and brought her body down on top of his large pulsating member.

She let out a moan as he slid her down until he was all the way in her. Moving her up and down on it she moaned arching as she rode him. Stephan pushed his hips up to her meet her taking him further in. he heard himself moan and was surprised by the action since it had been a while since he had done that. Sure he had grunted as he was taking his pets but for them to actually have him doing it. As she climaxed on him and began to spill out all over his penis he watched it as it went into her and come back out with her all over him. That was all it took for him to peak. Pulling her down to him he just held her to him as he leaned over and kissed her instead of feeding on her.

He pulled the cover over them and held her on him as she slept with his dick still in her body. He could feel her chest rise and fall with her breathing. Looking at her sweet Stephan knew that she would be with him awhile. As young as she was it would be years before she reached the age to retire her. Most vampires took their pets as children and used them until they were 30 years old. As soon as the age began to show on them, they were released from the masters and allowed out with the other humans. She was not a child anymore but she looked to be only 14 years old, he had some time to play with her. The fact that he had taken her virginity had made it sweeter for him.
When he felt her moving he put his arms around her tightly and held her as she got her bearings. He could tell that her body was very weak as he looked at her face, she could barely open her eyes and even then they had a little lost expression in them. He sat up and held her to him as he bit into his arm and let her have three drops. Then he kissed her as the blood took effect in her. She became more alert and he knew it was time to have his talk with her.

“Now Samantha, I am going to ask you if you are ready to be my pet. I will not take no for an answer but I have to let you know that you no longer have a villa or anything else. I have had it all destroyed and you are not going to stay here with me. You can stay in here with me in our bed or you can go back into the rack in the other room.” he asked her.

“Why do you want me I am almost too old to be a pet. I am not from the good stock.” She asked.

“Do you feel me inside you, that shows that I want you whether you are from their stock or not. I don’t care, I just want you to give yourself to me. Will you do that, my child?” Stephan asked indicating his swollen member in her.

She nodded her head and held on to him as Stephan began moving her up and down on him. Her eyes rolled back and her moans got louder as he grew inside her body with each time he brought her down. She started moving with his hands and he let her as he grabbed her breast and fondled them as she rode him. He could tell that she was still unsure of this but he could and would teach her to satisfy him. He felt her climax and he took over moving her again as her body was lost in her ecstasy. When he reached his summit he pulled her mouth to his and drove his tongue into her mouth. He wanted her to know that all of her belonged to him now.

He held her as he released into her and she came back down from her climax. When he pulled her breast to his mouth to feed she gave a gasp and a little cry of pain but let him feed anyway on her small breast. When he was done, he continued to hold her as she healed. Then he got up and took her to his kitchen so he could feed her, he did not need food but she did and he had brought her some the night before. Sitting down in the chair he went to get the food out of the fridge and put it in the microwave to heat.

After putting it on the table, he picked her up and sat her in his lap as she ate. “So why are you living alone? Don’t you have any parents?” he asked as she ate like she was starving which she probably was.
“My parents were killed by newbies so I went out and got myself a job, I got to eat and have a place to live.” She answered.

“And how old are you? You look about 14 but you have to be at least 15 to work so you are either 15 or 16.”

“If I tell you then I won’t have a job anymore.”

“You will not need to work anymore now, you are mine pet so your job is here now.” he told her as he let his hand touch her face.

“I have to work, what am I going to do when you get tired of me, I worked too hard to get this job.” She said and he could hear her panic as she spoke.

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Re: Vampire Land

Post by Hellhound4ever on Wed May 29, 2013 3:47 pm

Looking at her, Stephan gave in. “You can come in to work with me but you have to stay with me at all times. Do you understand me?”
She nodded and threw her arms around his neck as she hugged him, not realizing what it would do to him to have her naked body moving around on top of him. “ I am just turned 15 last week but the human resources lady thinks I am 17.” She told him hoping that he did not get mad at her lie.

“You are telling me that you are only 15 but you were 14 the first time I took you?” he asked totally amazed and happy.

“Yes but I did not like that time, it hurt so bad, I thought you were tearing me open down there but you would not stop.”

“If I had known how young you were I would have been slower but I just could not help wanting you. You are just so beautiful.” He told her as he turned her to face him and pulled her body to his and kissed her deeply.

When she finished eating her took her to the bath and held her as the tub filled then began to wash her body. He moved his finger in and out of her vagina and she started moving her body up and down on it as she had done for him in the room. it was not long before he felt her little body crest and he let her cum all over his finger as he watched it flow down his arm.

He then sat up on the side of the tub and opened his legs as he brought her in between them and put her mouth on his penis. He gently moved her head up and down until she got the hang of it and took over herself as he leaned back and let her please him. When he knew he was about to burst, he stopped her and swapped places with her.

Laying her back he put her legs over his shoulders and opened her up to suck her little mound. She di d not just moan when he did this she screamed and bucked as he would shove his tongue in her and pull it out for a few time then lick it up and down. He could feel her little muscles gripping and releasing in her legs as he took what he wanted from her. When she discharged again, Stephan gently bit her and fed on her insides as she filled him.
Realizing that he had exhausted her with the sex, he pulled her back into the tub and bathed her again. He had been going to let her bath him too but she was too tired to do anything this time so he let her watch him as he bathed himself.

Stephan then picked her up and took her back to their bed and lay down with her against his chest as she slept. He did not disturb her sleep this time he would have plenty of time to have her tonight. They had one stop to make before work though. He had to see of any of her new clothes were ready.
As he watched her sleep he could not believe his luck at finding her. Most living now were fornicating by the time they were 12 years old. They did not live very long so they started their lives as soon as they could. Not only had he found one that wanted to work, she had also been untouched and innocent. He had had to train her but it had only taken two days to teach her how to please him. Now Stephan had a pet that he had been the one to break her so she was truly his.

Feeling night getting closer he leaned over and kissed her head and rubbed his hand down her body slowly. Going back toward the top, he stopped at her vagina that was already getting hot to the touch. Massaging it he watched her start moving her hips up to his touch. As he slid his finger into her he began to move it in and out as she continued to move with him. Her moans were calling out to him to take her so he moved on top of her little body and slid his enlarged penis into her hot body and began moving with her. Her body kept up with his as he thrust into her and brought her to her summit and then took them both over into the abyss.

He lay there inside her as she caught her breathe, he kissed her deeply. Letting his tongue play inside hers Stephan caught hers and rolled it around in her mouth. She moaned again, letting him know that her body liked it. Pulling hers out with his, he takes it into his own and sucks on it. Getting brave Samantha let hers roll around in his mouth as he had done. This made Stephan moan and she seemed to like this.

“You bring me such pleasure my pet. Do you want to learn how to give me more?” he asked her.

“Yes my master.” Samantha says as he lifted her body up with his and took her to the bath. Putting her in on top of his body he turned the water on and held her as the tub filled. As this was happening he held her arms and began to rub them up and down his chest. He then pulled her mouth to his nipple and put it into her mouth. Catching the hint by what he wanted she sucked on it as he had done her before. She felt it grown hard in her mouth and began to get more brazen. Moving to the other side she sucked on it until it also was hard inside her mouth.
When she felt him growing larger down under the water she sat up to watch it enlarge before her eye and come up out of the water. “Do you want me to show you some things with that to make me happy?” he asked her as he looked into her eyes.

“I have one idea, you did it to me many times and I love it.” Samantha said as she lowered her head to it.

“Hold on, let me make it easier for you to get to it.” He said as he raised himself onto the side of the tub. When he opened his legs to her she moved in and took him into her mouth. Moving her head up and down on it, she felt him growing even larger in her mouth and his moans began to get louder as well. She could feel the muscles in his legs tighten as she did this and she loved having so much control over his body.

He pulled her up and sat her down on his penis and she gasped as he filled her. Moving her up and down he soon climaxed into her and she watched his face as he did then as his seed began to shot up into her. As his warmth fill her she lay down on his chest and watched his pleasure.

That was a pretty good job my pet, your master is very happy with you. “Tonight I have a surprise for you, I have had you a new wardrobe made for you and we will pick some of them up tonight.” He told her as he put her back in the tub and began to wash her body
“I get some new clothes” she asked as she waited for him to answer. When he nodded his head yes, she jumped up in his lap and hugged him deeply. “Yeah thank you so much mater” she said as she pushed her body to his.

She caught him by surprise when she did and his dick grew so hard so fast that he could only let her fall onto it. She let out a squeal as she did and her eyes grew wide. “Oh Stephan” she said as he stared moving her up and down on him. Samantha wrapped her arms around his neck and helped him as she moaned loudly.

When he felt her body convulsed into her climax, Stephan pulled her close and held her as she came down from her summit. Kissing her neck, he began to suck on them and put a hickey on it marking her yet again as his. As she was laying in his arms exhausted, he finished bathing her then say her on the side of the tub as she bathed his own body in front of her. He saw the way she looked at him and enjoyed it immensely, the want in her eyes was what he wanted there.

When her moans started he let his finger go deeper into her as her breath became labored and she started moving her head back and forth. Her body stretched out as it stiffened and he quickly put his mouth down there to drink her in as he slid his fangs into her lip and drank in her blood with the sweet essence. Putting his hands under her but he pulled her as far into his face as he could wanting to be inside her as he took all of her.

As her orgasm tapered off he pulled her into his arms and held her while she came back down. Loving the feel of her in his arms made him so happy. Stephan knew that he would not have been pleased with a grown human that the others were because they were broken before you got them unless you had gotten then as a baby and he did not want to raise his. He wanted to be totally in charge of her training and the breaking of her spirit so she was only loyal to her one master.

When he felt her breathing normal, he got up and lifted her up. He went to his closet and got one of his shirts and asked her to put it on while he went prepared for going out. Coming back in the room he saw her confused look and asked her what was wrong.

“I don’t have any underclothes anymore sir, you cut them off of me. I can’t go out like this, it is not appropriate.” She said as she looked to him.

“Just put it on I will be carrying you for not so don’t worry no one will see you.” He told her as he came over to her. As soon as she had the shirt on, he picked her up in his arms and held her close. Walking out the door she pushed her head into his chest. Moving as a blur he had he was at the dress makers shop in no time.

He did not put her down as the man opened his door to them. Walking in he asked the man to show him the dresses were so she could dress. The man was clearly embarrassed to see her with only a shirt on but said nothing as he had been trained to. Stephan took her in the dressing room with them and told her to pick one out. It was then that he sat her down on.

Looking at all the clothes, she was speechless. To have a new dress in one week was a stretch for her but to have six of them was unheard of. Samantha chose the dark blue one, and put it on. Looking at it she blushed very badly, she felt like a harlot in it. The top was tight leather that showed all of her curves and left nothing to the imagination. The bottom of the dress was a beautiful navy blue and flowing but the splits up the sides left her nether regions exposed if she moved much. She like getting new clothes but did not like the way they made her look.
Turning to Stephan she saw a big smile on his face as he made her turn around for him to model the dress. As she did this, Samantha kept her head down she was not used to stared at with so much lust. That is why her clothes were always so loose, so she showed nothing off or attracted attention to herself. When she felt him her back, she did know what to expect but soon found out when his hands went in the side and touched her mound.

“This is mine and only mine, do you understand this my pet?” he asked her in a very deep voice dripping with desire.

“Yes sir” she stammered as she felt her body respond to his touch. Samantha leaned into him as he let her, and began to caress her. She wanted to fight him because she did not want the man in the other room to know what was going on in his shop.

Stephan let her go and picked up her other dresses as he led her out of the room. he told the dress maker to put them in a box before paying him and leading her out onto the street. She felt very self-conscious walking down the street but Stephan was very proud of his new pet and her beauty. He wanted the world to see her and what he had tamed and made his.

When he got to the office he opened the door and led her inside, turning on the lights as he went. Samantha walked to her desk to see what she was to do for the night. As she began her work, Stephan looked over at her and was once again struck by her innocent beauty. Watching her for a few minutes, he finally got to his own. After they had done about 30 minutes of work the phone rang and since she was the only one in the office with him, Samantha answered it.

“Yes sir, may I tell him who is calling?” she ask before putting the call on hold. “Sir you have a call on line two but he would not leave his name.” she says before going back to her job.

Pet I have company coming so could you get the papers in the file out for me?” he told her as he watched her move getting hard with desire every step she took. When she bent down to get the file he could stand it no longer.

Getting up he went over to her and stood behind her as he pulled her up and shoved his hand beneath her dress. She tried to pull away from him but he jerked her back to his chest. “You are never to do that again, understand me?” he asked her sternly.

Samantha could only shake her head before his fingers found their mark and went in her. As he began trusting them into her body, she went faint and fell into his body. Stephan grabbed her and shoved everything off her desk as he laid her down across it. As he climbed up on top of her he pushed her dress up and exposed her to him.
He dropped his head into her hair and began to suck on her as she moaned and open her legs to his hot tongue. As he had his way with her she could only fall into the paradise he was creating for her madly. She began moving her hot wet place up to him and he went deeper into her as she got ready to go over the edge. When she screamed, he began to drink her in as he fed from her. She was lost in his arms as he did what he wanted to her body. When he was done he got up and pushed his enlarged penis inside her and brought her to the peak again as she cried for him. When they had both gone over he held her to him as she let her body relax.
As her whimpers and moans began to calm he kissed her all over her neck. It was at this point that someone walked into the office and stood stating at them. Samantha started trying to get up and was blushing by the position they had been caught in, while Stephan just acted like it was normal to be seen like this. He got up and lifted her up letting her slowly slide down him as he put her feet on the floor, her dress staying up so that she could be seen by them all.

As soon as she got down, she pulled her dress down and tried to go back to her desk but he held firm to her. “Mark, so nice to see you again. I have the papers right here.” Stephan said as he moved forward with Samantha to shake his hand.

Samantha did not know who the new person was but was still blushing, for the way they had first seen them. She just kept her head down as the two vampires talked as they were old friends. When Stephan introduced her, she just could not bring herself to look up. Mark introduced his pet and then went to sit down with Stephan on the couch. Stephan told her to step out of the room but not to leave the building so she walked out to the hallway with Mark’s pet behind her.

“My name is Johnny what’s yours?” he asked her as he fell in with her.

“My name is Samantha, how long have you been a pet?”

“Forever why do you ask we all are raised as a pet and Mark got me when I was five years, how about you?”

“Stephan took me about three weeks ago, then made me his a couple of days ago.” She said as she went to the window to look out.

“Wait, do you mean that you were a free pet until a couple of days ago. That means you are not a pure bred, hey that is cool.” He said as his face lit up.

“What is a pure bred and why is that good?” she asked as she look at his face that was starting to give her a nervous feeling.

He put his arm around her shoulder. “Nothing, do not worry about it lets go up to the roof and enjoy the air.”

“Stephan said to stay in so I had better just stay here the office. He would be mad if I did not obey him.” Samantha said as she pulled back and tried to get out from under his arm.

Johnny reached into his pocket and pulled something out as he stuffed it into her mouth and pulled her too his body. “Well then I will have to do it here since I can’t get you to let me talk to onto the roof for this.” he said as he pushed her over to the desk.

Trying to fight him Samantha tried to free her arms but he held them tight as he got her to the desk then bent her over it. When her head hit the desk, Samantha saw bright lights in her head as the pain started. She felt him snatch the back part of her dress up as he began to feel all over her down there.

Samantha had liked the way Stephan did these things to her body but not what Johnny was doing. Johnny was finally going to get to so to someone what his mater had been doing to him since he had been ten. Remembering the first time Mark had done it, he noisily licked his fingers and spread her butt cheeks. She felt a wet finger rubbing her backside and going slightly into her back end before horrible pain. Trying to get away she kept trying to get the cloth out of her mouth as she screamed as loud as she could.

Stephan had never done this to her and she did not want anyone else to either. When he leaned down to kiss her Samantha had felt his penis in her crack and she knew that he was going to be too big to get in her body. She kept trying to move her but away from it but he grabbed her hips and held her he positioned it to invade her body. She felt him pushing his way in and started to feel faint. All of the sudden she could not feel anything anymore as her legs went weak and she fell to the floor.
Johnny flew across the room where Stephan had thrown him. “No one fucking touches my pet, least of all a damn human animal.” He said walking over to finish killing him. “Who the hell do you think you are touching my property, you die now.” he said as he grabbed his neck and yanked him up and slammed him against the wall.

Mark grabbed Stephan and tried to stop him. “Stephan no, he is my pet and I will deal with this. You go get your pet up off the floor and see if she needs anything.”

That was all Stephan needed to hear, he dropped Johnny and was by her side in a second. Picking her up he carried her out to his office and sat in his chair with her in his arms. “Samantha, pet look at me, I need to know you are okay baby.” He said as he rubbed her face and tried to get her to open her eyes. Pulling her to his chest he tells Mark that they can reschedule so he can take her home and put her to bed.

Mark noded getting up and heading out the door with his pet as Stephan locked the door and rusheed her home. Taking her straight to the tub he ran warm water before undressing her body and undressing himself. He held her ever so gently as he stepped into the tub with her and sat down to let the water engulf them.

He did not wash her, he was just trying to remove any trace of the memories that were etched in his mind. Stephan hated what could have happened to her if he had not heard her faint mewling sounds. If he had been a human he would not have and his pet would have been deflowered and taken from that fast. Pulling her unconscious body tighter to him he swore that he was going to kill Mark’s pet. The only reason he had not done it today was out of fear for her health, but he would demand retribution after he knew that she was going to be okay.

Leaning back he listened to her heart beating & shallow breathing as she slept. Stephan fought the urge to wake her up, there would be time for that later. He needed to know what happened, he had not been paying attention to the other room until he heard her whimpers for him. With everything that had occurred, he still found himself growing hard for her with just the fact of touching her. He knew he was getting to close with this pet but did not want to back off, this was his soul pet.

When his phone rang, he carefully answered it so he did not jostle her. “Hello”.

“Stephan, it is Mark, friend I talked to my pet and punished him but he swears that she is the one that started this. He is saying that she made advances to him saying that she had only become your pet in the last couple of weeks. You know better than to take a wild pet, they never come out right. I can’t tell you how to raise your pet, but I am letting you know that I have punished mine and the dealing with your pet is up to you. Just call my office when you are ready to reschedule our meeting”

After hanging up the phone Stephan was fuming. He did could not believe that she had done this to him. She had said that she was ready to be her pet then the first chance she got, she went back to a human. Well he would teach her, she liked to be sexed in the rear, that is what she would get, until she could not walk at all. He would break her will, or her body.

Getting up he carried her to the bed room, not even bothering to dress. He laid her out on the bed with her ass facing up. Trying not to think about her fine firm ass, he handcuffed her arms and legs to the bed posts and went to get the oils to apply to her. He also got one of his toys for her. Going back to her body, he put the straps over her head and fit the ball in the middle in her mouth where she could not be heard when she screamed. Once Stephan had everything as he wanted it for her next lesson, he called her name harshly.

When her eyes finally fluttered open, she looked grateful to see him at first and he almost stopped. As soon as he thought again of what Mark had said, Stephan got his mind back on track. “So I found out some things about you today. Apparently you are not totally mine yet, since you beg any flea bitten human to defile your body which belongs to me. Since I know now what turns you on, I will make sure that you get your fill of it.” With that he climbed on top of his bed and grabbed his oils. Putting a generous amount on his penis, he stroked it on well making himself hard and enlarged.

When he felt he was big enough to start, he spread her lovely check and forced himself into her body. Her whimpers started immediately, but he shut them out as he thrust into her over and over watching her bleed from his size. He saw the tears coming out of her eyes and slowed some, wondering if this was the way he should handle this. Stephan was not sure but he did now that he like the feeling of her tight ass on his manhood. When he felt himself about to cum in her he got faster again, gripping her cheeks with his fingers, as he climaxed into her body. Remaining inside her body, he lay down on her back, listening to her cries as he emptied his seed into her.

Stephan rubbed Samantha’s hair while he bit into her shoulder and fed from her. Having so thoroughly satisfied his desire on her he slept as she continued to cry, her tears making him love her more and the vampire in him wanting so much to see more of them.

Samantha laid there with the tears still in her eyes from his onslaught. She had no idea what had happened. The last thing she remembered was the other vampires pet getting ready to rape her. The next thing was Stephan doing the same thing and succeeding. She had been ready to accept him as her master, but now she was wondering if she had made a terrible mistake. She knew he was resting but could not herself since he was still inside her body with his massive dick. Sighing she lay there waiting on him to wake, almost scared of what he would do when he woke.

Stephan woke up and felt great, until he realized she was under him and why she was there. He wondered if she had learned her lesson, so he thought he would see. Leaning down to her ear he spoke. “I am going to take the gag ball out but if you make any noise, I will put it back and you will be punished more. Do you understand me?” he asked her.

Samantha nodded her head, so he pulled the ball out of her mouth and took it off her head. Rubbing his hand across her face slowly he brought his fingers across her lips. Feeling a sharp searing pain, he snatched his hand back, a finger was bleeding. He saw red when he realized she had dared to bite him. Pulling back out he pushed her head down in the pillow to the side and warned her not to make a sound as he shove his enlargement back into her as hard as he could.

She gave a whimper and wanted to scream but her fear of him robbed her voice. She lay there with her tear flooding out of her eyes trying to catch her breath as he slammed into her body repeatedly, tearing her even more.

“I am only going to tell you this once. You will never offer my property to anyone else do you understand me?” he asked her punctuating every word with a thrust into her. He did not even care that she was unconscious now, he just slid his arms under her chest and pulled them up to grab her shoulders. This allowed him to pull deeper into her soft body as he finished satisfying himself with her limp body. After Stephan was done and shooting his sperm into her he bit into her neck from the back and fed as he drifted into blissful sleep.

Feeling night approaching, Stephan woke and looked down at his pet. He was surprised that she had not moved at all the whole time he had slept but figured that she was sleeping so he got off her and sadly look at the damage. She was still bleeding from her rear and he could actually see the tearing he had done to her body. Wanting to cry, he turned to walk to the bathroom so he could shower. Stephan knew that he could not show mercy to her until she was trained not to do anything like that again. He had not expected her to be like that but it had to be true, he had not told anyone else that she was a new pet, and now Mark knew it.

Getting out and then getting dressed, he walk back to the bedroom to see her still laying there not moving. Worry showing its head he went over to her and checked her pulse to make sure she was still alive. She was, and so he removed the handcuffs and put a chain on her. It was around her waist and hooked to the wall giving her enough room to go to the bathroom and then to the kitchen but no further. She would be allowed to take care of the basic need but would not be allowed to do anymore. He made sure she was on her back before he kissed her softly and left her to go to work alone.

When he got to the office he sat down at his desk to work, but kept looking at hers. She had been so gorgeous on the day, he had held out as long as he could before going to ravish her body. She had enjoyed it my her moans and responses that he had assumed they were together on this, he had been wrong. Stephan was so lost in the memory and his own misery that he did not notice Jake enter. He was the janitor for the office but now he had a red face as he stood in front of him now.

“What is up Jake I have never seen you like this before?” he asked him

“Sir I am sorry about what happened and I hope she is okay since she is nice and purdy. I brought you the tape so no one else would see what happened to her.” Jake said before putting tape on his desk.

Stephan picked up the tape with a confused look on his face. “What are you talking about and what is this Jake?”

“About a month ago they had someone in the next office stealing office stuff so they put some cameras in there to catch the thief. This morning when I came in I found the tape and checked it to see if we had anyone on it. I saw it sire but I wont tell anyone about it. She deserves respect for being a fine lady and so I brought it to you so you may dispose of it. I would not want anyone seeing my lady like that.” Jake said before walking to the door and leaving for the day.

Picking up the tape Stephan was wrestling with the decision to watch it or not. He wanted to know what had happened, to see if he could figure out why she had done it but he was not sure if he could watch her betray him. Making a choice, he got up and went to put the tape in the TV and turned it on. He knew he wanted and needed to know why, so he pushed play as the next door office came on the screen. Feeling a knot in his stomach when he saw them enter the room, he watched as they walked over to the window. After hearing a little of the conversation between them a sick feeling came over him. He listened as the pet tried to lure her up the roof and her turn him down because Stephan had told her not to. By the time Johnny was pushing her down across the table Stephan was ready for blood. How could he have so stupid believing them without even asking her. He had not even gave her a chance to defend herself, he had been so ready to think the worst of her.

Taking the tape out of the TV, he locked his office up for the night and went to Mark’s house. When Mark greeted him, Stephan gave nothing away on his face as he looked from Mark to his pet. Walking into the den, he asked Mark how they were doing. Mark said they were fine and asked about him and Samantha.

“She is at home bleeding from her punishment, how is Johnny from his?” looking over at him. The fact that he was walking around fine made Stephan even more angry.

“He knows that he was wrong and has assured me that he will never let himself be enticed again.” Mark said.

Stephan walked over to the TV and put the tape in before stepping back for them all to see what was on it. He turned the volume up as loud as he could knowing that it would hurt his and Mark’s ears but not caring anymore.

When the show had finished, Stephan went to the door. Mark walked over “Oh God Stephan I am so sorry, I will deal with him again and this time it will be much more extreme. Do you want the tape back?”

“No just keep it as reminder that your pet almost defiled mine then lied about it to save his own ass. If he ever tries anything like this again, I will kill him, never doubt that .” Stephan opened the door and walked out slamming it behind him.

Walking to a florist he bought four dozen roses for Samantha, then stopped by the jewlry store to pick up a diamond onyx ring for her. He stopped by a diner on the way home and pick her up some dinner before heading to the house. When he walked up to the bed he could see that her eyes were open but that something was not right with her. She was looking at him but did not seem to see him. He had the feeling that she did not see him but was looking through him.

When he dropped to his knees, her eyes did not follow him. Even as he turned her head to him she still had that blank expression on her face. He laid the flowers across her telling her that they were for her, she made no expression to show she had heard him. Pulling the ring out, he slid it on her finger, wanting to cheer her and show how much he did love her but again nothing. Samantha just lay there expressionless like she was dead.

Stephan got scared now so he picked her up to and put her into his lap. Kissing her he tried to provoke something but it was like kissing a cold fish. Red tears fell down his face as he tried talking to her as he held her tightly to his chest. “Samantha, I am so sorry. Please speak to me or hit me or something, even if it is just to cry. Baby I do not want to let you go, I need you and I am so sorry I did not ask you what happened. I would kill myself if I was not already dead if you would just come back to me.” He begged.

Standing with her, he walked to the kitchen and sat down at the table. When he tried to feed her he thought her hunger would bring her around but she just sat there not even trying to eat. His mind started racing to find anything that might work for her. He took her to the tub and ran some water bathing her do see if the water helped but no. when he became aroused washing her body, he put her up on the side of the tub and giving her oral sex to stimulate her but she just lay there.

Stephan picked her up and took her back to the bed. He dressed her, and carried her out to see if it would bring her around. Not feeling anything from her he carried her own to the hospital. He walked in with red tear on his face and her in his arms.

“Please, help me.” He begged the doctors.

When he was shown back to the room the doctor asked him to lay her down but Stephan did not want to let her go. The doctor convinced him that it was necessary to get a correct exam. The doctor became nervous during the exam because he felt the vampire watch his every move. He got the feeling that one wrong move and he would be a dead man.

After the exam the doctor ordered some fluids brought to put in her. She was very dehydrated, but he had no idea what had caused her to go into shock. When he told the vampire what he knew, he asked if he could give the fluids from his house so he could take her home.

The doctor said yes and showed him how to make sure he got it in her vein correctly, then got him a box of fluids IV bags for him to purchase. Stephan paid for the doctor and the IV’s before carefully picking Samantha up and taking her home with the box of fluids. After he had left the hospital, everyone there breathed a sigh of relief. They way that the vampire had been with the woman, they just knew that he would kill them if he was not happy.

When he got home, Stephan laid her in bed and hung up her bag to the post until he could go tomorrow for the other stuff he would need. He went to bathroom to shower, before coming back to lay by her and talk to her hoping to bring her around. Pulling her mouth open carefully he cut his hand and lets some blood drop into her mouth so her insides would heal. He knew that the outside would take time but he swore to her that he would give her the time she needed. Kicking himself for being so rough with her he rubbed her face some before pulling her into his arms and holding her all during her sleep.

Upon waking the next day he called into the office and told them he would not be in for a few days, hoping that she would be better in that time. He did not know how long a person could stay in shock but he knew that the look in her eyes scared him to death. He had spent so much time and money looking for her after the first time that he never wanted to lose her again, especially not this soon. He took her to the tub and sat in there with her holding and rocking her. Stephan would talk to her all day telling her that he loved her and why he loved her and would describe ever thing that she did he loved.

He kept trying to feed her during the day but she would not even try to eat, it got to the point that he started chewing up the food and putting it in her mouth then making it go down her throat. Everyday he got more and more brave with ways to bring her out of her shock and he hoped that one day soon he would come up with the right one. He even got desperate enough one time to try to engage her in sex, but when he looked down and saw the blank face still his desire died and he lost errection.

During the fourth day of this she was laying on the bed when he came in to change her IV bad. When he dropped the bag behind the headboard he reached over to pick it up from behind her. He did not think about it and was not prepared for what happened next.

Samantha scream a high pitch scream and started hitting him and scratching him trying to get out from under his body. “Don’t you fucking touch me again, you never will get that chance again I will kill myself.” She said with tears overflowing out of her eyes. She tried to get out from under him while still fighting but he was too big for her.

Stephan was so shocked by the outburst but as upset as he should have been by what she said, he was just so happy that she had said anything. Grabbing her into his arms he dance around the room kissing her all over. He continued to dance all around the house then back to the room before he remembered that she still had the needle in her arm. Sitting down on the bed he reached back behind the bed post and grabbed the new bag. Still holding her, he hung the new bag up and inserted the plastic needle into it.

Samantha stopped crying and fighting to see what he was up to. “What is that and why are you putting it in me?”

“These are IV fluid because you refused to eat or drink and got dehydrated. I had to take you to the hospital and they had put you on them, you have been like this for four and a half days now. God my pet, I missed you so much and am glad that you have come back to me.”

She looked at him and saw sincerity in his eyes so she believed him. She threw her arms around his neck and hugged him crying again. “ Oh Stephan I had such an awful dream. You had this fried named Mark that came to your office and caught me and you fornicating then you sent me and his pet in the next room and he tried to rape me, then I think I passed out and when I came to, you were doing the same thing to me that he had tried to do. It was so bad he tried to put himself in my backside, which I have never done and you were doing it too but hard and I it hurt so bad but you would not stop being mean and hurting me. I don’t know why you were doing it, I thought I was being a good pet.” She finished telling him out of breath and put her head back down on his shoulder crying.

Holding her he rubbed his hand up and down her back, not wanting to tell her that it had not been a dream but knew he had to and hoped she forgave him for being stupid. He decided to see if he could get her to eat first so she could get her strength back, since she had not had any when she was trying to get away from him while ago. He carried her to the table and fed her as if she were a baby, and she let him taking time to chew each piece as he held her tightly.

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