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[ Writers Theme: Violence ]

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[ Writers Theme: Violence ]

Post by Raphiella Blu Azure on Wed May 29, 2013 2:20 pm

Your Intel:

Welcome to the Writer's theme of violence. Today you will be submitting you work to me, under the term, as you define it. Please label the top of your script, and let us know if it's going to mentally scar us. Obviously, you should not submit your work here, if you can not handle it.

The post may range from anywhere to 2 paragraphs, to 15.

Please note: You are allowed to collab-post (write with more than one person)

What we're looking for:

-Attention to detail
-Correct and Proper spelling and grammar
-The fact it must be a story (sorry no poetry at this time)
-There must be feeling within the story
-Clear imagery (people are able to visualize this writing)
-No quotes (he said/ she said), only straight writing
-May be 1st person, or 3rd (if you are telling the story, it will be like a short journal)

Okay everyone submit your writing here!

It's 5/29/2013 here today. You have one week to post back.

This is a test entry, so everyone may participate.

I will personally judge, and stay out of the writing of this section. Melvin is automatically excluded, because we all know he romps ass when it comes to writing. Also, detail will be important. I want to see and FEEL what's going on. Gore is all in, violence, sex, whatever. Please be considerate of yourself, and do NOT read here, if you get sick over shit like this. I will not hold these submissions if people can't mind themselves! Also, Mel you can still enter, hell you can judge, you just can't win lmfao.

~The Sapphire God of Oblivion


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Re: [ Writers Theme: Violence ]

Post by Chris Rupel Arclight on Wed May 29, 2013 11:19 pm

A story of the Hurt~

Rated R for graphic violence.

"I won't lie. The first time it happened, I cried like a baby. It hurt, burned, and felt like my insides were just melting.

I remember it like it was yesterday. Oh so very clearly...."

The boy with the silver hair trembled, and panted, bracing himself for what was about to happen. He felt like he was going to throw up, and the stress wracking his body really wasn't slowing that process any. He huffed, and tried to slow his breathing, but he was so terrified that it was next to near impossible. The boy licked his lips and winced, feeling something slide up his back.

Long silver hair hung over his face, and flowed from his head onto the sheets. He was hunched over in fear, covering his eyes, crying really hard. He whimpered softly as the other person grabbed onto his hair, and forced him down roughly on the cold bed. He could feel the sheets against parts of his face, not hidden in his long hair. He pretty much was curled up, with his back completely exposed from the other. He was stripped naked, and bleeding, from rather visible wounds, which were inflicted upon him over and over, via a whip. Shaking and balling, the weaker male laid there, completely at the mercy of the other behind him.

A soft and steady hand slipped down between the boy's backside, and smoothly ran down his rear, and in between his legs. The boy gasped and cried, begging for the other to refrain from violating him. But deep down inside, he knew that the other would never stop. The boy sobbed as the other's fingers slid up and down against his flesh. He felt the others fingers pressing on him, preparing to enter him without care. The boy hid beneath his silver hair and tried to remain very still, worried that the other would harm him yet again.

The other breathed in faintly, but his breath was low, and raspy still. He shoved his fingers into the frightened boy, and reached into him and began to molest him from inside. Speaking loudly, and violently, he shoved the boy down onto the bed, and pulled his fingers out for a moment. Grabbing the boy by the hips, he forced him to his knees, so that his ass was in the air and rather easy to get to. The boy begged and pleaded, and then cried out loudly, as he was fingered again, harder this time. The other could feel him tremble as he snatched up his longer bits of hair.

He continued to stroke the boy from inside, holding him in place though the boy struggled and begged for him to let him get away. The older male laughed and then pushed his two fingers deeper, feeling the boy's muscles tense up in reaction to him. Seeking out the boy's get-off spot he reached in even further, until he felt a particular area of flesh, that made the other forcibly arch his back. The boy cried out louder, and say that he didn't want to get off at the other's touch, he said that it was wrong, which only made it more right for this male. He loved the feeling of a fight, or of fear, and right then, he was stiff and throbbing himself.

The boy's breathing sped up, and everything began to feel strange to him. He grabbed onto the sheets and cried harder, but soon the cries became painful moans and gasps. He felt the other's fingers leave him, and then a few moments later he was on his back, naked, and exposed before the other male. Covering his face, the boy cried hard, still whimpering and pleading with the other. When the other sat there and stared at him, not touching him, the boy peered between his fingers curiously, to see if the other had left. But he was wrong. The male before him was slowly taking his pants off, and a few minutes later, he was masturbating before the boy.

The boy fearfully closed his eyes and hid his face, but it wouldn't last. His safe haven of hiding was surely to come to an end. The other male reached down and grabbed the boy with one hand, still openly stroking his hard member with the other. The silver-haired boy with the blue eyes looked up in terror, afraid of what was going to happen next. The male dragged him off of the bed by his hair, and then sat on the bed, holding his hair tightly, it wrapped in his arm. Pulling the boy closer, he let go of his hair, and immediately grabbed onto his throat, as the boy tried to flee. He had a firm, and tight grasp, that forced the boy to gasp for air. Now on his knees, the boy opened his mouth, crying, clawing at the male's hand, trying to breathe.

Using his left hand, and forcing the boy's face down with his right, he pushed his hard cock into the boy's mouth, until it went far down his throat. The crying boy screamed and cried, using his hands to shove the other away, while clawing that the male's thighs. The man could feel the boy gag, and shoved his head down harder, gripping onto his hair so tight, that he was unable to pull back his head. He jerked the boy's head up, and then forced him down again, doing it faster, and moving his hips harder, with his cock in the boy's mouth. He moaned and violently gasped, feeling the saliva and tongue of the boy up against his throbbing dick. The boy continued to cry and groan softer, but after about ten minutes, he seemed to just give in and take it.

The man thought about cumming hard in the boy's face, and watching him swallow his load, but decided that he had more plans for the kid. He loosen his grasp each time the boy moved his head on his own, and each time he sucked his dick harder. Eventually he kept a light hand on the boy's shoulder, occasionally squeezing it with pleasure. The boy seemed to remain quiet, naked, and shivering. He slowly got closer to the man, desperate for some warmth in the frozen house. The boy rested his hands on either side of the male's thighs, just for leverage. He left bloody paw prints all over the other male, who moaned louder and with pleasure. Just before the moment however, he reached down, and gently pushed up beneath the boy's jaw, and lifted his head to face him.

The boy's eyes streamed with tears, and he stared into the other's for only a moment before he swallowed in fear. The man went to move the silvery hair from the boy's eyes, and the boy immediately flinched and turned away, thinking he did something wrong, and would be hit in the face again. His already bruised and cut face was even seen in the moonlight, that poured through the windows during this particular winter month. But the other only softly touched the boy's face, running his fingers beneath the boy's eye, that was blackened and slowly bleeding. The boy closed his eyes in fear and looked down, then feeling a gentle touch at his neck, which had thick red markings - from a rope that had once been around it.

The other male softly traced the markings, and left his fingers slide down the boy's left shoulder as he sat there and shivered between his legs. Softly the other male gave the boy instructions, and told the boy what he wanted him to do. The boy immediately freaked out and began to cry harder, covering his face and shaking his head. He begged the other not to harm him, and the man grabbed him by the hair and demanded that he quiet down. The boy swallowed and instantly fell silent, his heart slamming up against his chest. The boy whined softly, and then nodded in agreement. The man smirked and released him, and then watched the boy carry out what he'd asked for.

Slowly but surely, the boy got to his feet, and shamefully walked across the room. He sobbed and opened a dresser drawer, and reached around, until he felt something soft, and silky. Sniffling, and trying to hide the pain between his legs, the boy slowly pulled out the pink skirt, and then slowly slipped it on, over his badly bruised and cut-up legs. His long silvery hair fell down all over his shoulders, messy, and against his chest and back as he turned around. He was so beautiful, even beaten-up, and such an awfully sad story. Slowly, he walked over to the other male, and lowered his gaze, and looked at the floor. The male said that he was satisfied, and then gestured with a finger for the boy to come closer.

The boy tried not to open his eyes, but the sensation was just too much. The other's hands were so warm as he stood there frozen. The male's hands were soon beneath the boy's skirt, one pulling out the boy's manhood, and the other then slowly stroking it softly. The boy reached up to his face and fingered his hair, putting some of it in his mouth as he squeaked and moaned ever so softly. He looked down to see the other male smirking up at him evilly, knowing just what the boy liked after harming him for so very long now. The boy panted softly and continued to chew on his hair, his sad eyes dripping with burning-hot tears.

When the boy was good and hard, the male told him soothingly that he would be gentle with the boy, if the boy listened to his requests. The boy nodded softly and let the hair fall from his mouth, and then watched the other move his hands to his legs. The boy slowly and shakily climbed onto the bed, and laid on his back. Reaching backwards the boy grasped onto the sheets, and turned his head, waiting for the other male to do his worst to him. The other male licked his hand, and then stroked himself, until he was nice and wet, making the violation rather easy and effortless - at least for himself anyways.

The boy gasped when he felt the other's hands on his knees. He opened his legs slowly, and then the other pulled down on the boy's thighs, so that his rear was notably up against the other male's hard dick. The boy squeaked again, and breathed out faster now, in fear. The other grasped onto his hips and then suddenly shoved his cock into the boy's ass, making the boy arch with shock, groaning loudly and gabbing onto the sheets harder. He cried and sobbed hard, the feeling of his insides widening by the force of the other's large dominance, opening him up. The boy shivered and froze from the pain, closing his eyes hard and crying so hard his chest visibly went up and down with each breath.

The other male told the boy to relax, and then began to move in and out of his rear with pristine practice. For years he had been fucking this boy, and for years, the boy had been unable to handle his throbbing dick. He pulled the boy's legs up, as he were standing at the edge of the bed. Plowing the boy harder, he panted, and roughly moved his erect member into the boy deeper, seeking out that spot. He reached down with his right hand, and began to stroke the moaning and crying boy, who gasped, and began to drip with semen each time the male touched the tip of his prefect cock. The male stroked him and grasped onto the boy hard, until the boy arched again, allowing the male to fuck him deeper, and harder.

By now the boy would know that there was no way out, the only choice was to satisfy the other, and let off showing the other that he was good at his sexual urges. If he didn't get off, the other male would likely beat him, frustrated and angry that he wasn't good enough at sex or something. The boy breathed out and let the feeling take over him, moaning loudly and gasping as the other male fucked him faster. Before he could control himself he cried the male's name, in between breathing out excessively hard. He felt the man jerk out of him and looked up, then the other climbed onto him, and looked down into his eyes. The boy afraid and shocked looked away, but the male grabbed the side of his face, and forced him to face the deviant.

The boy closed his eyes and moaned softly in fear, but then opened them a second later. The other kissed him - passionately. He felt the other's long tongue go into his mouth, and then he felt the other force his way back into him harder. When the other was certain that he was all the way into the boy, he reached down and grabbed his thighs, keeping them bent, so that he could fuck the hell into the boy while kissing him. The boy seemed confused but LOVED the kissing, and wrapped his tongue around the other males. He felt sharp teeth and a tongue tongue greet his, and instantly became fully aroused. The older male panted and kissed the boy deeper, sucking on his tongue. He could feel the boy throbbing and oozing out between them, which made him smirk even through the kiss.

The boy reached out and grasped the other's hair - it was long, and fired out seemingly in all directions now. The other male was strong, and powerful, and his perfectly-carved everything was now pressed to the boy's beautiful chest. The male broke the kiss for only a moment, then leaned down and moaned, as he softly kissed the side of the boy's injured face. The silvery-haired male wiped some of the tears in his eyes, confused, and afraid. Did this other love... love him? Was it possible? He was so... so loving now... but how?

The other male continued to rock into the boy, kneeling over him on the bed fucking the boy as hard as he could. The boy cried out and grabbed onto his skirt, blushing deeply as he climaxed all over the inside of it. He gasped loudly and moaned the other's name, looking up with his deep blue eyes, to see the crown atop the other's head. It seemed to stand out to him as he trembled and continued to explode inside and out. The other pushed into the boy hard, and forced his way into the boy, rubbing his insides hard as he did so. The boy cried out in sheer extascy as the other let off inside him, the other male deep inside the boy's body.

The Alpha pulled off the boy's skirt, after he slowly pulled out of the boy. He looked down to see that his dick dripped with semen, as well as blood from fucking his boy so hard. The boy laid there blushing and warm, trying to cover himself with the sheets as he lay there naked, and still hard. Grinning and narrowing his demonic gaze, the other male licked his lower lip, then reached down to clean himself off with the end of the bedding. He then climbed into bed, the boy moving out of fear, and laid there on his side. The boy seemed horrified, and rather shocked, but slowly... very slowly... moved over to his owner. He winced fearfully, and reached out very slowly, with his hand.

The stronger male reached out and ran his fingers down the boy's chest, passing over his beating heart as it raced. He slipped one hand beneath the heavily-injured other, and then pulled him closer. The boy's chest pressed up against his, along with the side of the boy's face, the other used his right hand, as he laid on his left side, to stroke the boy's head. The boy whispered softly that he was afraid, and sniffled as he fought the urge to tremble any harder than he was now. The other male brushed the long blood-stained hair from the kid's eyes and shoulders, looking into the boy's teary eyes and hissing at him.

The boy flinched and whimpered softly, his fingers to his busted lip, up against his Keeper's strong chest. He could feel and hear the strong heart throbbing deep within the male. He panted softly and closed his eyes, feeling the gentle touch of the constantly-violent other, against his head. The stronger male embraced what belonged to him, as the boy had always - belonged to him. He pulled a sheet over them, and then cradled the kid in his arms, then kissing the top of the boy's head. The boy cried in his arms and begged the other to never give him up. He said that he loved his King, and that even though he got hurt, he wanted him to keep him forever and never let him go to anyone else.

The King smiled and growled faintly, and tightened his grasp on the kid. With a bit of a strangeness to the male's voice, he spoke, and told the boy, that the boy belonged to him for the rest of forever.

The boy trembled a while longer then calmed down, somehow pleased with such an answer. He fell asleep a bit later, the powerful King still holding him. The Tyrant rested his head atop the boy's, against the pillow a time later, then drifted into a slumber, breathing roughly and snoring - which sounded more like low growling. The boy occasionally smiled in his sleep, and the two remained that way until dawn.

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Re: [ Writers Theme: Violence ]

Post by Salvation Arclight on Wed May 29, 2013 11:21 pm

And a Devious Male He was.

Rated F for FUCK YOU.

Salvation truly had a knack for being a devious bastard with a bad attitude. And truly, tonight was surely no exception. He had something rather special planned for his beloved other - specifically a violent Tyrant King, with glowing blue eyes.

The obsessive and predatory Angelic that Salvation was, snuck into his King's bedroom in the middle of the night. Swiftly, and in complete silence, he was able to tie up his younger twin brother, who slept in the arms of the King. Well, he slept nearest him. The lazy King had a habit of passing out and then rolling over onto his back, with his long 6-foot black tail, wrapped over his body and the lesser Angel Christopher. Salvation carefully placed duct tape over his brother's face, and then woke him, and demanded that he be silent. Using his own claws and tail to prove he'd back up the threat, Salvation forced his brother to move away from the King, to avoid them both becoming dreadfully harmed.

Christopher laid to the side as he were told, trembling, and afraid. He retracted his wings and laid there totally human, watching his brother move and tie up their great King. With tears in his eyes he laid still, hoping that Salvation wouldn't harm them enough to kill them. He knew his brother rather well, which scared him - since his older brother was fucking insane. Once the King was tied up and his ropes were strung up around the bedposts, Salvation sneered, smirked, and turned to face the boy who laid there silently, horrified, and awake.

Gently and softly, Salvation ran his fingers down the side of Chris's face. He grinned down at the boy with the silvery hair and blue eyes, and then moved his hand to his chest. The boy laid rather still, well aware of his brother's nasty habits when they were more than vulnerable. Salvation put his fingers to his soft lips and told the boy to be quiet, then moved the King's tail slowly. The Big Bad Wolf seemed to continue sleeping, which was normal for their tired Shadow Aeon. The Angel with the navy hair then smiled at his brother, and lifted him off of the bed, and cradled him in his strong arms. Chris did nothing but rest his head up against his brother, keeping his gaze down, and looking at his bound wrists and ankles. He whimpered softly into his brother's ear, as he was carried from the King's room, down the hall, and into another room where Salvation normally slept when he wasn't with them.

Salvation used his own tail to close the door to the King's room, and completely left him there tied and taped up. The deviant Angel then set his brother down in his bed, and then slowly untied his brother's feet. Running his long fingers up the side of Chris's pants, he let them run all the way towards the inside of the boy's thigh, and stop there for only a moment - teasing the lesser Angel. The boy turned his head and whined softly, trying to breathe through the tape. Salvation leaned over and forced the boy to look at him, grasping onto his hair, until the other began to shed tears from the pain. The violent Angel's eyes glowed red as he spoke to his brother, daring him to make a sound. Chris remained totally silent, and closed his eyes - but then yelped after Sal ripped the tape off. His beautiful lips began to bleed from the removal, but were soon met by the older brother's soft lips, that strangely soothed his twin's.

The boy watched as Sal withdrew his tongue from his mouth, and then leaned back over him. He let his perfect hands slide up the boy's shirt, feeling his chest, and touching every sensitive region. He bucked his hips naturally and whined as his brother let his fingers fall to the boy's waist, then winced when Salvation began to slowly unzip his brother's pants. Chris reached up with his bound hands to cover his mouth, occasionally nervously biting one of his fingers, as Salvation slowly slipped his brother's pants off of him. He used his claws to slice up the side of Chris's plain white shirt, then wasted no time removing that as well.

His brother was beautiful without clothing on. He sneered deeply at the fail structure before him, that gasped at his every touch. Salvation leaned over his brother after removing his own attire, and pressed his body to the lesser Angel's letting his hard throbbing defiance, touch his brother's body. He could feel the warmth of his brother's manhood against his own, and he hissed slowly, and the kissed the side of the Angel's neck. Chris kept his fingers over his lips, and closed his eyes. He naturally shivered, and shuddered, each time Salvation bit him, or sucked on his neck. Before he was able to restrain himself he was moaning, and soon Salvation was gloating as his own power.

Sal was more than just a whore, he was an expert of properly molesting another. His soft lips fell over his brother's chest, and then the vile Angel began to kiss the boy lower, at his waist and hips now. Forcing Chris's legs down and apart, Salvation allowed his tongue to slip from his mouth, as he found what made his twin a male. He used a had to hold the other down, whilst taking the other into his mouth, and sucking hard on the boy, and moaning as he did so. The lesser Angel gasped and arched his back, looking up at the ceiling, then down at his brother, who's long hair fell over his shoulders and back as he gave the boy head. The boy moaned and begged his brother to free him, but the brother ignored him, and continued to lick the tip of the powerful muscle, that throbbed and hardened with each passing moment.

Salvation waited for Chris to give in, which didn't even take all that long. His brother was easy to please and satisfy, which is why he was Sal's first target. The boy was soon reaching down with his bound hands to grab Salvation's hair, urging him to stop, and come up to lay atop him. Salvation continued to preform the art of pleasuring his brother, but stopped for only a moment to lick two of his fingers. The lesser Angel arched backwards as Sal grasped onto him again, then moaned louder when his brother's long tongue wrapped around him as he sucked him harder now. A moment later he gasped and arched upwards, feeling the intrusion of Salvation's fingers.

The navy-haired Angel fingered his brother harder, moving in and out of him as he steadily proved that he was in control of how his lesser Angelic brother felt. Before he knew it Christopher had his wings again, them both flared out on the bed, while Sal's wings shot out directly behind him. Chris moaned and began to cry out, pulling his brother's hair and crying that he was going to let off soon. He pleaded with his brother to stop, so that Sal wouldn't have to taste his fury, but to a whore like Salvation, it was nothing. When the moment finally arrived, Salvation made it a point to rub his brother's spot deep inside him hard. He pushed his fingers into his ass and felt around until he found it, and refused to stop touching him. The boy moaned louder and began to whisper his brother's name, Salvation purposefully drooling onto his brother's rock-hard dick, licking him, and sucking him. The boy bucked his hips and Sal lowered his head, allowing the boy to go further down into his throat. Chris cried out and grasped onto his brother's hair hard, and froze up as he climaxed into Salvation's perfect mouth.

Laughing defiantly Salvation took the load, and swallowed it, drooling afterwards from his sharp fangs. He slowly pulled his two fingers from his brother and watched a bit of blood trickle down from between the boy's legs, the result of having two sharp claws in his ass. Christopher gasped and shivered now, still feeling the twinge from deep within his body. His brother licked his lower lip and looked over his naked twin, then smirked, and unbound the boy's wrists. Chris watched as Salvation licked his right hand, then began to stroke himself until he was fully erect and throbbing so hard it almost hurt.

The boy pulled at his hair and winced, feeling his brother's tip enter him. It was covered in his brother's saliva, so it went into him a bit easier. He looked up at his stronger twin, and eyed Sal's glorious, and perfect Angelic frame. His feathers were in perfect condition, and although he were an Abomination with red eyes, navy hair and talons - he was pure. Chris squeaked as Salvation pushed into his ass harder now, almost all the way inside of him. Reaching down, the boy grasped onto the bedding, and attempted to slow his breathing. Entry was more difficult since he was still tense from his own climax, but Salvation saw no problem with that, and waited for his brother to relax for a moment in between freezing up again, and then shoved himself into the boy hard.

Moving in and out of his twin harder with each passing second, Salvation fucked Christopher until he cried out and howled. Laughing and fucking the boy slowly, he took the time to enjoy this torment, that his brother shockingly seemed to enjoy after a while. He watched the boy arch and bend his legs, then he forced his way into him harder still. The boy's long hair seemed to glow and shimmer in the darkness, as he were truly a beautiful sight despite him being the one truly tainted with evil. Sal continued to plow the boy who laid on his back, until he decided he wanted a change of pace.

Being gentle wasn't one of Sal's strong points. He pulled out of his brother and forced him to get up, then dragged the boy into their bathroom, and locked their door. Flicking on the lights, the older twin was able to watch the younger one flinch and hide himself beneath his hair. Grinning madly, Salvation forced Christopher to lean over the sink, staring himself into the mirror so that he could watch their reflections. Chris seemed to be rather afraid of such a thing, and winced again and shut his eyes. The other twin then rammed himself deep into the younger one, fucking him so hard that the boy began to have trouble standing. Grabbing onto Chris's hips Salvation gave it to his brother, moving fast, and deep into the lesser Angel. He watched Chris's wings shift and twitch each time he went in too deep, and bent his knees to find a way to still get into his ass further.

Salvation reached out and grabbed Chris by the throat, reaching under the boy's right arm, and grabbing the boy's neck with a long talon. Chris whined and begged his brother to stop pushing into him so hard, but Salvation only slowed his pace, and forced his way into him hard with each thrust. Soon Christopher began to wail and cry, bleeding onto Salvation, while the evil Angel forcefully made love to his brother. He watched their reflections and smirked, then finally arched into his brother, bending him over so that he could fuck him as deep as his dick would allow. He remained deep into the boy and didn't pull out, enjoying the tight space, then rubbing up inside of Chris again. Chris began to uncontrollably moan and arch now, the feeling too much for him. Without warning he strangely let off a second time, along with Salvation, who went inside of his brother without care, yanking his silvery hair as he did so.

With a final gasp the older brother slowly backed out of the boy, then pulled his brother into his arms, and deeply kissed him as he trembled and hugged the deviant. Salvation's hands went to either side of Christopher's face as he kissed him, then slipped down over the nasty markings that now covered the weaker Angel's neck. Chris moaned as they kissed and hugged his brother hard, shaking at the knees and feeling weak from such raw power between them. Cold and naked the two wandered back to the room, where the King awoke to see the two.

The King smirked when he noticed that blood dripped freely between Chris's legs. The boy wailed out softly in a bit of fear, reaching for his brother's hand, as Salvation lead Chris back to the Tyrant's bed. The King growled at them and attempted to use his tail to free himself, but Sal had taken care to tie that down as well. The King was on his back with his legs and arms apart, his tail to the side and roped up off the edge of the bed to the dresser beside it. Grinning, Salvation shoved Chris onto Melvin, and told the boy to preform the same art to their King, that he had just experienced earlier. The King seemed to stop bitching about being tied up, and flicked his tongue at the boy who sat there shaking.

Salvation watched as Chris took the King into his mouth, such a fucking whore he was. Grinning with pride Sal wandered over to the King, and kissed him forcefully, while making sure he couldn't get away. He forced his brother's head down far into Mel's cock, gagging him, and making their King hiss with sheer pleasure. Laughing while his brother whined, Salvation continued to guide the lesser Angel through the process, being a bit more forgiving now. He allowed the King to get stiff, and when the Tyrant began to moan and arch, Salvation shoved Chris away, and sat atop their King. Sal leaned forwards and curled his tail up high, forcing Chris by threatening him, to guide their King into Salvation's rear. The boy made no objection, then did as he were told. Backing away and curling up in his own wings as he sat there, Chris began to watch Salvation ride the King fiercely and with power.

The King howled and constricted his tail, the ropes tightening and threatening to break from their holds. The massive wings of the Tyrant were soon flared out over the bed, also tied down thanks to the Angel riding his thick cock, which was so far into Sal, it was impossible to understand how Sal could even move his hips like that. The stronger Angel pulled Chris over to him, and grabbed him by the hair, kissing him and sucking on Chris's tongue, while he thrusted forwards and back atop their Sinner. He grabbed Chris's hands and forced the boy to touch him, knowing that the King was pleased with their sadistic games. Chris gently stroked Salvation and kissed him back, his cheeks rosy from too much sexual contact. He breathed out softly and kissed his brother lovingly, doing well to continue to rub his brother up and down steadily.

The King bucked his hips and Sal cried out as he kissed Chris, grasping onto his brother's hair as the King forcefully fucked him back. His strong back and tail continued to weigh him down as he moved, his muscles tightening, by the force of his own control. The King seemed rather satisfied by their actions, but the strength of his might soon tore the ropes from his tail and arms. The snapped and Salvation halted, his eyes wide with sudden worry. Chris shied away and hid beneath his hair, as the Tyrant's tail slid up his back, and wrapped around him. It wasn't painful however, more a sign of protective ownership. Chris's fingers went to the King's fin, which was sensitive, and closed over.

The King's claws went to Sal's waist and he held him down, fucking him hard, and fast as he laid there. Before he could even get off Sal was howling like a bitch, screaming Melvin's name and begging him to fuck him even harder. The King happily obliged, releasing his grasp over Chris, and then getting up to throw Sal on the bed on his stomach. He ripped the ropes from his ankles and then climbed atop his back, then fucked Salvation until he began to scream. Chris nervously fingered his hair trying not to watch, but soon became distracted, by the tail that slithered up between his legs and rested there. Chris slowly fingered the fin of Mel's tail until it began to drip with black ooze, which seemed to stimulate their King a whole lot faster. Their wings began to flare out as Melvin forced his way harder into the stronger Angelic, all of them feeling the massive energies flowing off of each other to each other.

When the King came he arched his back and grabbed Sal so hard he bled, pulling him up onto his knees, and plowing him as deep as he could. Sal yowled from his flesh tearing, blood dripping down onto Melvin's dick as he shook and screamed with pleasure. He came all over the sheets as Melvin let off deep within him, the boy beside them shaking and waiting for it all to come to a harsh end.

When the King was done mounting Salvation, he pulled out slowly, a string of semen and thick blood coming from Salvation's ass to Melvin's cock. Sal laid there motionless and breathing hard, retracting his wings, and going back into a more humanoid formation. Chris and Mel did the same moments later, and laid there trying to relax. Melvin took either Angel into an arm and they embraced their King fully, wrapping their arms around him, and even holding each other's hands as they did so. The King kept his claws around their waists and pulled them closer, then their tails vanished and drifted off to sleep. The sun would be rising in a few hours, so it was imperative that they passed the fuck out while the moon was still strangely full.

Not many would understand their strange relationship, but they never really cared what anyone thought anyways.


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Re: [ Writers Theme: Violence ]

Post by LY the Knife-Kid on Thu May 30, 2013 1:32 am

To Beat an Angelic Abomination

RATED EV for Extreme Violence (because fuck you with a knife that's why)

Written by myself, and Salvation~

Salvation woke up slowly, his vision blotted out with smears of red, and blur. His body immediately began to explode with pain and agony, as he came to and started to see where he was. His long navy-colored hair seemed to stick to his face, which was slashed up on the right side. His neck, and his cheek, and once just above the eye - was gashed up, like he'd been struck with a whip. Or something similar to one. For the life of him, he couldn't quite remember how he had gotten there, but he recognized the bowels of Old Oblivion. He was somewhere between the 8th and 9th Ring, a very dangerous place, for those who were trapped inside. He of course, was now one of them. As the Long-Winged Angelic lifted his head, he realized that there was a thick clasp around his neck, which went to the ground, a foot or two beneath him. He was propped up against the wall, on his right side, leaning against it, as if he'd been tossed there. Which he had.

The Angel's hands were bound, and so was his mouth. A thick fabric was pushed to the back of his throat, and tied around his head, while an even thicker rope, dug deep into his wrists. His ankles were strangely not chained, but with the chain around his neck there was no need really. His beautiful light-blue wings just flared out and down on either side of them, both damaged from whatever had happened to him earlier. Perhaps he had fought whomever had put him down there. Though it were rather clear, he had surely lost against whomever he had been fighting. His body was completely bare, and covered in scratches, welts, and tons of bruises. This Angel had taken quite a beating, but it seemed to burn him less as he were rather used to it, thanks to his Tyrant King. But still, when his eyes opened fully, fear had managed to snap at him, a fear, that was well-known to all 9 Rings of Oblivion.

He was located in Little Yami's Keep, and what a place it was. For torture, pain and suffering, this was the ultimate lair of death and destruction. The wretched Angel struggled to get up and to his feet, but that would not be tolerated. Plus now that he were awake, he was free - to play with.

"Salvation, come and play, you filthy little whore..." A child's voice, a singing, a tune of demise - would echo throughout a corridor nearby. One of the standing Black Knights must have slipped off, and told the Princess of Hell, that the Angel of Salvation (the abomination) had woken up once again.

The Angel of Light and Purity, though a filthy whore and cum factory, backed up against the wall. His bleeding back felt the cold of the stone-like bricks, that made his prison. The dank stench and humid air seemed to add to that rising feeling, and soon, he couldn't breathe. Guards would enter the area, and free him - temporarily.

Dragged into the darkness of Oblivion, the Angel would watch as a corridor came and went. Before he knew what was happening, he was chained up - but in a rather odd fashion this time. This strange contraption forced the Angel to stand, and have his wings flexed up and outwards. Hooks were ripped into his wings to hold them in place, allowing blood to drip freely like rain, from them. The male's body now fully exposed, he was able to look around and turn his head, though not far enough to see, the link that had chained his tail upwards as well. His pale-colored tail was forced upwards, and the chain around the center was so tight, it forced his tail to curl and hang in place. Everything coated in Angelic Dust, the being was unable to move, without burning himself. Salvation began to thrash, and screech bloody murder, but nothing would save him. His feet were chained down tightly, and then were his wrists. Twin chains hung from the stone ceiling, that kept his arms elevated, and far enough away from anyone who wished to attack the abomination.

Standing there Salvation was rather awkwardly bent over. His back was hunched because of the manner his wings were forcibly spread, and with his legs and arms apart from each other, well, it looked like he was asking for it. Little Yami skipped into view, the Black Knights now finished setting this strange being up for her.

"Oh I am going to have so much fun with you tonight, you don't even know how excited I am!" She giggled, bringing out her knife, and it glinting against the lava and torches hanging on the walls. Her small child voice was wretched, and felt like nails on the chalkboard times ten.

Little Yami would proceed to feverishly slice Salvation. She would start with his feet, just dragging the knife across them, occasionally stabbing him, just deep enough that they dripped her favorite shade of red. And though the creature thrashed, he was unable to move or escape without causing himself even more pain. She slashed the insides of his legs, and then carved deep into his thighs. The abomination's eyes were a bright red, and they glowed with a new-found hatred, and fear. The little one was so turned on by this, that it was hard for her to take her time with this. Wandering behind the Angel, where he couldn't see - was a bold move for anyone. Salvation struggled to get free, lifting his bloody feet, and screaming, when he felt her knife pressed against his back. Her long dagger dragged up and down his back as she flew there, hovering in place, her demon wings keeping here elevated, to best enjoy the situation at hand. Laughing and giggling she continued this, even occasionally slashing his rear.

For a while Sal just stood there, hanging, against his chains. His long, beautiful hair only dripped with his blood, as he raged, and cried. His pointed ears seemed to stay hidden, and his eyes slowly began to close, waiting for the moment of his death, that would seemingly never come. It wasn't until the next act that Salvation truly screamed. From behind him he could feel it, then a second later - SCREAMING. Little Yami and used the blood from the Angel as a lubricant, and without warning - had shoved the knife into his ass. Begging and pleading as the knife slashed him from inside, the abomination struggled, and shrieked until his lungs were about to collapse. He felt like his insides were on fire, a fire that was burning him inside so deep that the tears in his eyes felt like lava. The pain, the agony, and the sheer distress, caused his body to freeze and tense up. Which of course made it even worse. The demon child continued to forcibly fuck Sal with that knife, sliding the blade in and out of him slowly, giggling the entire time.

When the blade slipped out from Salvation's ass, the Angel heaved and violently vomited everywhere. A moment later he looked down - and his eyes went wide. A shriek that sounded like a harpy's bounced off of the walls, seeing Little Yami staring up at him and laughing. She smiled her evil toothy grin, then slipped the knife between his legs. Slashing his right inner thigh, she eared a whimper from the violent creature that normally was Salvation. He watched in horror as she tucked the knife into her sleeve, then reached outwards, to grab his dick. Breathing hard and hissing, he turned his head away and gave no indication that he was able to enjoy anything now that his ass was oozing blood. He trembled as he felt her wet hands stroking him, and fought the urge to vomit knowing the wetness was blood and probably from him. Panting now, his chest heaving, he snarled and tried to ignore her. But eventually he couldn't fight the feeling, not after she started massaging him and rubbing her tiny fingers up and down against his hard shaft. Panting harder he turned and looked at her with shocked eyes, to see her vigilantly working to get him off.

Angrily he growled at her, in another language better left unmentioned, but it wasn't enough to stop her. She continued to stroke him, slower, then faster, feeling him throb in her hands as she worked on him to get him to shoot off. Salvation began to arch his back, strangely starting to forget all of the agony he was in, falling into sheer euphoric rage. His abomination's tongue fell from his mouth, which bled through the gag still half-on him. He began to moan loudly, then even started to do something similar to a howl or cry. Little Yami snickered, rather pleased, then randomly stopped, and snapped her fingers.

Immediately, two guards, cut down Salvation's chains. They fell to the ground, and the Angel was free, though weighted down, because the hooks in his wings were heavy, and had snapped them. Salvation panted hard, and a few moments later got up, immediately grabbing Little Yami, and snapping his jaw around her throat. He bit down on her hard, and began to taste the blood that came from her neck, as he pulled her onto him, and flared out his wings around him for balance. He sat her down in his lap after letting go of her, grabbing onto her wings hard, and then turning her from him. Using his ragged claws he ripped the back of her dress, then lifted it, and shoved his dick as far into her as it would go. Now violently fucking the hell out of the small girl he moaned and feverishly howled, more than likely thinking of his Tyrant's asshole - or something close to it.

Salvation continued to be loud, and only got louder. Until he started to slow down upon railing the small demon child, and slamming his hips up against her harder. Little Yami waited until the moment when she knew he would cum, and turned and slapped him in the face, and then jumped off of his dick. Salvation, still completely there began to shoot off - until even more screaming happened.

Little Yami laughed and then grabbed Sal's dick, the moment right before he began to explode. She took her dagger and then shoved the very tip - into the hole of his rod, and as he shot off - he screamed. And bled. For a really, really long time. Laughing and giggling the little demon kid pushed the knife into his hard cock, and then withdrew it. Of course it hadn't gone in far enough to do more than shred his dick, but it was so excruciatingly painful - that Salvation blacked out a second and a half later.

Little Yami - had totally won that duel. Skipping out of the cavern happily as the Black Knights returned to their tasks, she had Salvation dumped off into the King's Quarters, so that he could personally see her great work.

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Re: [ Writers Theme: Violence ]

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