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Running through Hell, a tale of youth~ OOC

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Running through Hell, a tale of youth~ OOC

Post by Sora Trustinthedark on Mon May 27, 2013 8:35 pm

Sooo I'm hoping that this is okay. I haven't really RP'd much but from what I've read and what I know of the CF's this seems like a fun idea. I want to do something about my lineage with the King, and perhaps do the whole sneaking around aspect almost like how Melly did back in Angelics. So let's do this XD

Appearance: Well, he looks like Dark Sora. Which is close to how the King looks so this works.

His age: Sora is a few thousand years/eons old. Young, but smart I assure you.

Type: Shadow Shifter

Alternative form: None known so far.

Height/Weight: Sora is about 5 feet, and weights somewhere around 135-140 pounds.

Intel: Sora looks like a rather young boy. Appears to be somewhere around 13-14 years of age. He's rather kept to himself and rarely talks, but he's a good person. I does play with the darkness way too much for his own good however. Sometimes, that's his downfall.


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Re: Running through Hell, a tale of youth~ OOC

Post by Amunet Kisai on Mon May 27, 2013 8:41 pm

Appearance: An albino child, white hair, pale skin, white eyes. Wears a white dress, everything about her is white, except black ribbons she wears/

Age: Looks about 12-13 if actually a couple eons old.

Type: Rage Angel

Alternate form: none

Height/weight a little less than 5 feet, about 100 lbs

Intel: Born from a powerful mother and father she roams most of Oblivion until she is taken under the care of the Tyrant King himself. Very little is known about her, she speaks to almost no one and is afraid of everyone.

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