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Judal & Tiger [OOC]

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Judal & Tiger [OOC]

Post by Jack SnowChaos Frost on Sun May 26, 2013 10:48 pm

[Simply because this character is generally unknown, I'm putting a lot of detail into this. You don't have to read all of it if you don't want to.]
Name: Judal
Goes by: Judal, Ju
Age: Eighteen/nineteen-ish
Type: Magi [Specializes in Ice and Gravity Magic]
Personality: Wild and unpredictable, Judal loves to create fights, loves to engage several countries into a war simply because he finds the idea entertaining and he's bored. He is quite powerful and because of that, quite bored. He can never find something that truly entertains him completely- aside from war and chaos. Being arrogant and childish, Judal rarely listens to anyone even if they are higher than him. (Though he does feel that since he is a Magi, he is higher than pretty much everyone). He attacks anyone regardless if they're innocent or not and loves to trick/mock people. He also nicknames everyone.
Height/Weight: 5’7”, 110 pounds
About: Judal is a Magi, a being (from the anime that he's from) that can draw on as much power as he or she wants just from their surroundings. That power or energy is referred to as the Rukh (which is basically the anime's name for 'life force' and it's really confusing so I won't go into depth if that's alright.) Judal specializes in Ice Magic and Gravity Magic, however he is quite adept at many other types of magic as well. Judal is a Magi who has 'Fallen into Depravity', which means he draws power from the 'Black Ruhk' (which is basically the evil of the world represented).
Abilities: Judal was trained since infancy in magic by an organization known as Al-Thamen (basically a group that wants to through the world into chaos and shit). His most common abilities include: Borg (a force field), Ice Magic (specifically 'Sarg Arsarros' - udar orders water around, then freezes it into Ice Shards which then launch themselves at their target), and Gravity Magic (he defies gravity) as well as Lightning and Wind Magic (self explanatory).
Extras: Judal enjoys strolling in the air and wars and his weakness is vegetables. He’s proud of his extremely long hair, which he hasn’t cut even once since he was born.

Setting: The RP is set in a Saudi Arabia-like country and in ancient times as well.
Plot: Upon meeting Tiger, Judal decides to take her to a Dungeon- to see if she has what it takes to capture it of course.

What is Dungeon Capturing?: In the anime that Judal is from, there are structures that spring up randomly from the ground called Dungeons. Capturing a Dungeon is not an easy task and Dungeon Capturers are revered almost as highly as royalty. One who captures a Dungeon is praised with wealth and power- the power being the Djinn of the Dungeon. Djiinn are like genies, however they do not grant three wishes. Instead, they inhabit a Metal Vessel that is important to the person who captured the Dungeon and await to be called on, lending their powers to their 'master'.


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Re: Judal & Tiger [OOC]

Post by TiGz Moonstar on Mon May 27, 2013 1:13 pm

Name: Tiger
Age: Unknown but appears to be 21
Type: Human-tiger hybrid and part fallen angel
Personality: Serious, quiet, loyal, stubborn. She doesn't like to talk very much and she doesn't like to work with other people. She likes to spend most of her time alone where it is peaceful.
Height/Weight: 5’8”, 120 pounds; 280 with her wings (see sig)
Abilities: Controls any color fire but loves blue fire, can look into people's soul to see what's inside their heart, disappear at any time for no reason.
She loves her long, jet black hair and can grow hair back in seconds if it's cut off. She hates short hair and loves to eat meat and sweets.
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