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Rise of the Gifted: RP

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Re: Rise of the Gifted: RP

Post by Guest on Wed May 08, 2013 4:59 am

Now that the king was in his face, Leon lost his temper a little bit. "If you want respect, then give respect!" He barked at the king. He stood up and slammed the rest of his beer.

As he was walking towards the dartboard, he turned to look at Sal and Mel. They both had a look of confusion on their faces.

"I really don't have to deal with all of this." he said as he pulled his knife out of the dartboard and started walking for the door. "You can keep the other knife, I won't need it.

What fucking retards! Why would he just sit there and just let Sal act that way? And then yell at me because I tried to do something about it? I don't know, but whatever.


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Re: Rise of the Gifted: RP

Post by Melvin Louie-Leon on Thu May 09, 2013 9:03 pm

Melvin smirked and didn't even wait for anyone to say it. The truth was, that they didn't have to. The moment Leon was out the door, he growled, and followed. Everyone parted ways as he moved through the crowds - a true Wolf, on the hunt for a smaller one. With a deviant's grin, the Alpha reached out and grabbed the sweater's hood, that was attached to the man wearing it. Leon's face would never have known true shock, until this very moment in time.

"I don't give respect pup. Not to the undeserving. And for your words, I will teach you a lesson, much less show you." The Alpha hissed, and smashed the other over the head, only a moment later. Just the blunt force of his fist to the other's cranium, was enough to knock him out. Leon was fast, but he hadn't seen that coming, that much was very, very clear. "Maybe next time, you'll think twice, before improperly addressing a King."

Melvin the Tyrant was head laughing a few hours later. Laughing, and laughing... to the point where he was in tears, with sheer enjoyment. His other side, a split persona if you will - had come out full force this night. Grinning, like a madman, Bo Melly - snatched up a knife, and put it to Leon's face. This was all happening in one of the many back rooms, hidden within the Alpha's Underground Bar.

The King laughed, covered in blood. But it wasn't his blood. It was Leon's. For the King had removed his tongue, and showed it to him, while his mouth remained there, forced open, with some sort of strange contraption. Perhaps this person would be taught a lesson, though, with the amount of blood the strapped-down individual was loosing... he would probably die there - in a lot of pain.

"Haha, teach you to speak to me disrespectfully ever again, you'll die by your words, which have been carved into your tongue." The King shoved the tongue down the victim's throat, the words "DISRESPECT" carved into it, done to by the X-acto blade in his claws. Though the other had special ability, he would not survive this.

As Leon choked on his own tongue, he felt a massive amount of pain and pressure erupt within his stomach. For the Tyrant King, had summoned his ability - and it came in the form of a tail. A speared tail. And with the spear, it was able to plow straight through Leon's body.

Multiple times. Until his demise.


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